Greetings and Happy Holidays! I hope you are experiencing the joys of the season and wish you the very best for a happy, healthy New Year. I am looking forward to 2019, making and fulfilling resolutions, and starting some new traditions that focus on District 4 and Howard County residents. My wish for the coming year is that we resolve to act as a community when making decisions, that we treat one another with respect and dignity, and that we reach out to those most in need. I look forward to seeing and meeting many of you in the coming year.

Council Updates
Pre-filed legislation has been posted online for the January session. Have a look .
BWI Noise Complaints   

The maddening rumbling of low-flying commercial planes over residential neighborhoods in District 4 negatively impacts our quality of life and our general health. Why are we hearing this constant plane noise? Satellite technology, known as Next Gen, enables a "super highway" of air traffic at lower altitudes than the previous radar systems that routed planes in a fan-like fashion over residential communities. This new system was activated approximately two years ago.

The County Council has been invited to have a representative on the DC Metroplex BWI Roundtable, which was established to find ways to address the noise pollution directly with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The Roundtable, consisting of officials and representatives from Howard and Anne Arundel counties, has requested the FAA to reinstate pre-Next Gen flight paths to better distribute noise and lessen impact on communities. I understand this issue all too well as the daily, early morning barrage awakens me every morning, thus I have decided to serve as the Council's representative knowing the deep personal stake we have in the outcome of this group's efforts for our community.

March 21, 2017: The Roundtable’s first meeting; the group issues a resolution that the FAA should revert to the pre-Next Gen flight paths and procedures.
April 24, 2018: The FAA responds with a technical report outlining minor procedure changes; the Roundtable requests an analysis of the report.
June & July 2018: Maryland files a petition in federal court and with the FAA to readjust flight paths to 2012 procedures. The FAA withdraws from participation in the Roundtable pending the court decision.
December 4, 2018: The Roundtable reviews the analysis of the FAA technical report. The analysis can be found   here. The group agrees to draft a letter stating the pros and cons of the FAA’s proposed changes. They will meet again in January.
Summary of FAA Proposed Changes:
In general the FAA proposed minor changes to departures by shifting some flight paths and making minor altitude adjustments. However flight paths would remain concentrated and would not revert to 2012 (pre-Next Gen) procedures. For arrivals, the FAA proposed only minor changes and no altitude changes.  
The proposed changes may decrease noise over north of Columbia and increase noise south of Columbia over Guilford. The FAA has not announced when these changes will take effect.

MDOT Roundtable webpage contains meeting notes and background info.
FY2020 HCPSS School Budget
HCPSS Superintendent Dr. Martirano has announced a $998.4 million total budget for FY2020. The county's portion is a requested $722.9 million , a 17% increase over FY2019.

Highlights include
  • $10.1 million for 126 new mental-health support positions
  • $4.9 million for general education positions for an increased enrollment of 850 students
  • $5.4 million for special education positions
  • $19.6 million for operations, building maintenance, and upgrades
  • $27 million one-time request to eliminate the Health Fund deficit. 
Pre-Submission Meetings & Public Hearings
Pre-submission meetings and public hearings in and around D-4 include
  • St. Louis Church, amend site development plan and conditional use for a bell tower, 1/9/19
  • Enterprise Homes, amend PDP & NT Zoning to add 300 units, 1/3/19
  • Resubdivision of Cherry Brae, Lot 1, 1/17/19
  • Highland Office Building, infill application, 1/25/19
  • Howard Research & Development Corp., administrative appeal, 1/25/19
  • Good Hope Presbyterian Church, conditional use, parking spaces, 2/11/19
Visit the county's interactive  Development Plans tool for dates and descriptions. 
County Executive's Listening Session

Wilde Lake High School
January 16, 7-8.30pm

Can’t Make it? Join in for a LIVE TWITTER CHAT
Thursday, January 10, 12-1pm, @HoCoGovExec | #FutureofHoCo
Bus Route Changes

Get around town faster, easier and with less hassle and delay. The RTA has announced the following service and route changes to meet ridership needs. Proposed changes incorporating public comment should go into effect in the spring of 2019.
EC press conference 12-2018
Ellicott City Safe & Sound
On December 27, 2018, the County Executive announced a multi-phase plan to support Ellicott City's public safety, local businesses, property owners, and the environment. 

Highlights include:
  • building acquisition
  • emergency public alert system
  • clearing the waterways
  • flood mitigation assistance
  • state funding partnerships
  • Main Street ombudsman 
  • alternatives to demolition on Lower Main.
Community Affairs