October 2011   News from Deborah Maris Lader   Issue No.10   


Hey People!! Welcome to Deb's World, volume 10. I really do try and spare ya'll too many of these cluttered missives, but that means I have to cram a lot in. Blame it on my little hoarding problem.

First up, this weekend!

Ravenswood ArtWalk

Sat, Oct 1, 11-7

Sun Oct 2, 11-6


Kim Laurel and I will be yukking it up over at  

1807 West Sunnyside (corner of Ravenswood and Sunnyside - the "airstream" building). This event is FREE! 

Enter through the back door and we're the first studio that you'll see. We'll be dishing up prints, paintings, mixed media work and gossip, plus really awesome snackage.

More info on the Artwalk HERE.  


Perhaps I'll show some of my new little prints, like this one:

   Huevo Nuevo

This image, "Nuevo Huevo",  will also appear in a portfolio and touring exhibition called "East-West", featuring 2 artists from each state (I've always wanted to be Ms. Illinois - woohoo. This is as close as I'm gonna get). The exhibition provides a snapshot or survey of printmaking being produced throughout the United States.  


Also this month:

I'll be exhibiting this new painting in a show called Element Flux at the Jackson Junge Gallery in Wicker Park, opening October 7, 6-9pm:

elemental flight

"Elemental Flight", 12 x 12 inches, mixed media painting, �2011

 What's cool is that my son, Evan Silver, and my mother, Carol Lader, will also be in this show, curated by Kim Laurel and Fletcher Hayes. Three generations! What that really means is that none of us will misbehave during the opening.  


Meanwhile, back at the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative, there's a ton of fun stuff happening, including a new show featuring members of the Chicago Printers Guild called Ink In the City. Come by October 15th, 12-5 for free demonstrations of screen printing and etching, and for delicious cookies by Hilary. Reception 5-8. We guarantee a circus of fine ink-slinging shenanigans, with brayer-jugglers, ink-knife swallowers, and a bearded screenprinter. We'll kick off the festivities by shooting a lithographer out of a cannon onto Western Avenue. I'll be showing the latest state of this print:

Working on Wings NEW

"Working On wings To Fly" etching, 24 x 18 inches, �2011  


And now for something completely weird...

A bunch of my work will be featured on a Billboard as part of the Chicago Billboard Project. So, if you happen to be traveling East Bound on Interstate 90 just after the highway crosses over Oakton Street on October 10-14, you just might see this image flash across your peripheral vision   

(please keep at least one eye on the road):


"Flying", mixed media painting on wood, 2 x 4 feet  

Here's a map of where you'll hopefully not get in an accident.  


In even WEIRDER news, I won the Grand Prize in the Art Category in a competition sponsored by Great Lakes Forever/Biodiversity Project, which teamed up with Budweiser to award me a new bicycle and feature my winning image on 120,000 beer coasters. I mean, can you REALLY see this image on a beer coaster????....

On thin Ice    

"On Thin Ice", etching, �2011 

I found this particularly funny because I have not had a Bud since the 1981 Super Bowl (although we did have a can that was hanging around our pantry for a record-breaking 18 years. I got it when beer batter bread was all the rage). As for the Great Lakes and keeping it safe and clean, this is of course a campaign I can really get behind, and I think my piece about nurturing this natural resource and it's diverse ecosystem definitely fits, and I'd chug a keg of Bud to keep the Great Lakes clean forever, even if it resulted in a wicked hangover. So, if you miss the Billboard and all the other shows, you still have a chance to get drunk over a beer coaster featuring my artwork.


Check out my website: 






Here's a link to the little book of etchings that I published. Just click HERE and it will take you to a magical place. Where you can buy the book.   

(after all, it's almost Christmas!!!) 


blurb book


I'm always posting unusual things on FACEBOOK. Sorry, but you might have to also become my FRIEND. We
also have some fun images up on the CPC Facebook page of the pretty new signage we installed on the ugly scaffolding outside our building. 

A is for Aborative

"A" is for "Aborative". And "Attack". 


And in MUSICAL News...
Sons has been finishing up a side project called "Church of the Never Wrong", and we've started recording a new CD to coincide with our 20th anniversary in 2012. Come see us at Davenports, SPACE, and Skokie Theatre this month!! Details below...

hauser photo
                                                          photo by Marc Hauser, �2010

Davenports Piano Bar and Cabaret

Thursdays, October 6, 13, 20
1383 N. Milwaukee Ave
in Wicker Park
showtime: 7:30pm
Tickets $10, 2 drink minimum
Reservations recommended! 773-278-1830 

Tickets and Information 

sons state coll PA 


SO FINE: An AmazinGrace Celebration of The Music of Steve Goodman and John Prine   

Friday, October 21st, 2 Shows!! 7pm is sold out, but there are still tx left for the 10pm show...   

Featuring Johnny Burns, Ed Holstein, Sons of the Never Wrong, Steve Dawson, Megon McDonough, Al Day, Ingrid Graudins, Liam Davis, Anne Heaton, Jim Craig, and Bubbly Creek.       

1245 Chicago Ave, Evanston, IL 60202  

Tickets and Information  


Skokie Theatre
Friday, October 28th
with Emily Hurd! 
7924 N. Lincoln Ave, Skokie, IL, 60077
Tickets $20 adv/$25 door.
Info: 847-677-7761 
Tickets and more Information 

While we love our latest CD, which you can BUY    
cd coverRight Here, We're also very excited to announce that our CHURCH OF THE NEVER WRONG
project is almost complete. Kind of a spiritually-themed hootenanny bound to make you cry, laugh, pray, dance or run for the  the hills in search of faith and awakening. Stay tuned...

sons with signs
Here we are lost on our journey to find solace and relief. 

Be our fan on FACEBOOK

It's full of photos and other incriminating folk evidence.
And, of course, you can always visit the  

Ok, if you are STILL reading this, you definitely earned yourself a free beer coaster! As the leaves begin to show their true colors and remnants of fall legumes start making their way into the  compost heap, I wish you all a healthy and productive Autumn full of art, music, and a bountiful harvest. Here's to clean lakes and an end to political bickering. 

Deborah Maris Lader

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