The past 10 days have been exciting as we have traveled to every corner of the district and triumphed in the first debate with our Democrat opponent. When each of us were asked about our number one priorities, we responded with jobs and economic growth. Jane responded with her desire to provide government funded internet as her primary platform agenda.

Building on our priority of job creation, we spent this week touring tobacco farms in the south-side, manufacturing plants in Bedford, and small businesses of all types throughout the Charlottesville region. We even managed to have some fun at the local fairs which are such amazing venues to bring communities together.

Below you will find media highlights from our travels this week as well as a mini gallery from some of the business tours we took. I want to especially thank Wally Hudson, Nate Boyer, and Elliott Harding for spending so much time introducing us to local businesses in your respective counties.
In the News
Garrett, Dittmar Meet with Voters at Fluvanna Fair

"Fifth District Democratic candidate Jane Dittmar and Republican candidate Tom Garrett were at the Fluvanna County Fair on Friday to share their policy positions with voters."

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5th District Candidate Visits Charlottesville Businesses

“Ironically we're asking all the job creators, 'what would you change if you could change it?' And without exception it’s the regulatory climate that sort of oppresses their ability to exercise initiative and create new jobs. So we're just listening to people who know what it means to create work here in the 5th District."

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Garrett Wins First Debate Against Dittmar

" One of the more controversial exchanges erupted over Deschutes Brewery opening in Roanoke after Jane Dittmar failed to secure their business during her tenure as Chairman of the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors..."

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(Photo courtesy of the Daily Progress)
Tom Garrett on Jobs Creator Tour

"He points to Lane Furniture in Altavista, which closed its doors because of the burden of meeting OHSA and EPA regulations for safety and health, according to Garrett..."

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Goodlatte and Garrett Swipe at Clinton

"Goodlatte united with 5th Congressional District candidate state Sen. Tom Garrett, R-Buckingham, in attacking Clinton and urging ground support for down-ticket races at a luncheon Wednesday in Bedford..."

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Pictures from the Campaign Trail This Week
Tom spoke with NRA members at the Fluvanna County Fair on August 19.
Senator Garrett addresses a crowd at the Greene County Fair on August 12.
Happy Coffee is one of the newest businesses in Bedford. This historic room is where the town gathered as news of the Bedford Boys came in on D-Day.
Tom speaks with Peoples Furniture owners in Bedford on August 17.
Pictured is Tom with Bedford County Republican Chairman Nate Boyer and staff from Fostek, Inc. as they walked Team Garrett through the process of engineering foam technology for cars, fitness centers, and more.
Blue Ridge Optics is one of the industry leaders in film coatings and precision optics for advanced laser systems. This business is managed by a father and son and is steadily growing and creating local jobs.
Tom also visited the facilities at Centra Bedford Memorial Hospital on August 17. The expansion through Centra has improved much needed care to local residents and created hundreds of jobs boosting the local economy in the process.
Pictured is Tom with Dixie Tobacco Warehouse owner on August 15 in Mecklenburg County. Mr. Hudson took time to walk Team Garrett through some of the regulation and immigration issues plaguing the tobacco industry.
Tom addresses a group of Mecklenburg County residents at the local American Legion in South Hill on August 15.
Photo in this week's Chatham Star-Tribune. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported Team Garrett.