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Arizona Operator Pioneers 'Smart Fridge' 
Deborah DeMeritte
Deborah DeMeritte has found her 'smart fridge' a great solution for serving fresh food.

Deborah DeMeritte decided to go into the refreshment services business when she found she was not able to find the type of food in vending machines that she wanted to eat. She spent a couple years researching ways to provide fresh food conveniently in the workplace before launching Simply Pure Inc., a refreshment services provider in Tempe, Ariz.

DeMeritte liked the micro market concept, but she felt existing offerings were very expensive for many locations. So rather than offering a kiosk micro market solution, she opted to provide a mobile payment app that customers can use to pay for products from cabinets and glassfront coolers.

Customers simply download the Yoke Payments app and create an account on their mobile device.  Once they log into the system, they can search for a product using the "look up item" function, select the product and check out using the app. They can also pay with a credit card if they registered their payment card on the app.

Yoke, meanwhile, was working on a project to integrate its payment software with TriTeq's electronic lock. When DeMeritte learned about this integration, she recognized the benefit of having controlled access for her glassfront coolers.  Once the system accepts the payment, it automatically unlocks the cooler door, giving the customer 15 seconds to take the product from the cooler.

365 Retail Markets
Parlevel _ Lightspeed
Parlevel Systems has integrated with Lightspeed Auto mation, the warehouse automation provider. Warehouse, prekit, and inventory information generated by Parlevel's vending management system now syncs with Lightspeed's warehouse pick-to-light system.
The integration helps vending, micro market and office coffee operators save time, ensure prekit accuracy and streamline warehouse processes.
Parlevel's VMS uses remote monitoring and forecasting to track sales information for vending machines, micro markets and coffee stations. From this sales information, Parlevel can generate product lists, commonly known as prekits, for warehouse operations. Once the prekit is generated, detailed order information can be sent to the operator's Lightspeed system.

OptConnect Managed Wireless Solutions

AR Systems App Enables Remote Management
The ARS app gives immediate insight into all system functions.
AR Systems, a provider of automated retail technology, has introduced a mobile app to give operators of ARS automated retailing machines full control of their systems from their smartphones.
The ARS Kiosk Manager  provides instantaneous insight into all system functions, such sales reports and machine inventory levels. The app, available on the Apple App Store, enables control of system parameters, including service lock and unlock, perishable product detection settings and even temperature control.

The app uses data encryption via the ARS Cloud for optimum security. Panel access can be locked or unlocked remotely to make restocking more secure. The app can also activate the product delivery chute in the case of  a vending malfunction. 

On Track Innovations Ltd., a provider of near field communication and cashless payment technology, and Apriva, a provider of a platform for omnichannel payments, will focus on the growing unattended payments market with their integrated payment product offering EMV certified processing.

Shlomi Cohen, CEO of OTI, said the OTI/Apriva solution is easy to install, even for operators with no previous cashless payment experience.
Scott Dowty, Apriva's chief revenue officer, said operators of micro markets, vending machines and other self-service devices can improve their revenues by accepting more forms of cashless payments.
The solution is easily integrated via Windows or Linux SDK. The solution is available in the U.S. through Unattended Card Pa yments Inc., OTI's LasVegas-based distributor. 

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