Rain, Wind and Loose Limbs
The good weather may becoming to an end. Currently, off and on, the Covington area is experiencing breezes around 15 mph with some higher gusts.

Ida left quite a few dangling limbs and loose debris in the tree canopy. If you're outside this week, be very aware of what's stuck in trees.

Along with rain, it will not take much wind for branches to start tumbling down.
Bulk Debris Pick-up
DEBRIS PICK-UP continues at a nice rate. We are in Pass #1 which is strictly pure green, all organic material. The site this is going to is an eco-friendly site similar to a wetlands mitigation bank. Pass #2 will be demolition debris. Very Important to keep the two piles separate. Pass #1 will free up curbside space so more yard debris may be moved to the street for Pass #3. Point being, there will be multiple passes for tree debris.
Do not bag green debris. If already bagged, leave it as is. It will get picked up later (but at a nominally higher cost to the city).
FEMA Assistance
Disaster Assistance
  • FEMA Assistance – FEMA has opened a 24-hour helpline to help Hurricane Ida survivors. The number is 1-800-621-3362 and is open 7 days a week. The deadline to apply for FEMA assistance is October 28. FEMA is providing grant money for damage and serious needs not covered by insurance, including:
  • Basic home repairs to a primary residence to help restore habitability (for homeowners)
  • Temporary rental assistance for people who need to relocate because a home is uninhabitable (for homeowners and renters)
  • Other needs, such as replacing essential personal property and other disaster expenses (homeowners and renters)

To apply, visit DisasterAssistance.gov or call 800-621-3362. The City is working with the Parish to have an in-person location approved by FEMA adjacent the Fuhrmann Auditorium. 
Expect regular garbage pick-up this Wednesday. If your cans are still blocked by low hanging wires, please move beyond the wires like we did last week. If you are missed, please report at: Coastal Customer Care by Thursday.
We (the city) are aware that much of our drainage system is currently blocked by debris and this is not good with the incoming rains. We will continue to remove debris as quickly as possible.

This will be household garbage only. No bulk items or bagged yard debris.
Two Worlds, One Community
Many of us were spared significant damage to our homes. Thankfully, there were no serious storm-related injuries or fatalities in our City. With streets clear, power restored, sewer and water functioning properly, many are able to somewhat return to their lives (lack of internet not withstanding).
However, many others did incur significant damage to their homes … living now with an infamous blue tarp atop their roof or displaced. The dealings of potential roof leaks, insurance companies, contractors and construction is certainly very stressful.
If so inclined, consider checking on a neighbor, perhaps preparing a meal for them or running an errand.

It's as if we're living in two separate worlds. But we are still one community.
Charter Spectrum / AT&T
I have often stated I have yet to find an accurate predictor as to when and where power will return after a storm. The same can be said for other utilities, including internet providers. Ida was a devastating storm to western St. Tammany. Per my contact with Charter regarding a timeline,

"There are just too many variables given the damage in some places. I know we are being proactive where we can be. We’ve got even more crew coming in today and tomorrow morning that will help."

This may not be the answer we wish to hear, but I prefer it to estimates that are not reliable.
Those Baptists … Always up to Good
Much Appreciation to the PIne Belt Baptist Association of Hattiesburg that coordinated with First Baptist Church of Covington which coordinated with the City Public Works Department which coordinated with Greater Starlight Baptist Church to get 8 pallets of supplies delivered for distribution to those in need.

That's a lot of coordination ; )
9/11 … Never Forget
Big Thanks to Lt. Lance Benjamin of CovPD and Assistant Chief Stephen Michel of CovFD for organizing a memorial march around the Justice Center in remembrance of all who gave all on September 11, 2001 and subsequently. Thanks also for the support of American Legion Post 16 for a strong turnout.
Return to Normalcy ...
When and Where We Can
For emotional and mental health, it is important that when and where we can, we return to those things that help make Covington one of the coolest cities in America. Our concerts are certainly one of those things.

This Thursday, 5:30pm, enjoy Bottoms Up at the Trailhead.

On Friday, 6:00pm, it's Jude Leblanc, followed by the NOLA String Kings - Don Vappie, John Rankin and Matt Rhody at Heritage Bank's Sunset at the Landing Concert Series. (Columbia Street Landing)

Let's get some endorphins flowing.
This stately home with beautiful grounds and majestic palm trees once graced one of our busiest streets.
It was the home of Edward Jacob "EJ" Frederick, 8th child of Jacob and Clara Frederick (born in Germany in 1805 and 1828).
All three are buried in Covington Cemetery #1 on Columbia Street.
The Fredericks eventually sold the home
to Winn-Dixie
Today We Know It As
Most cities have a grocery store with a wine department.
We have a wine store with a grocery department ; )
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