Hurricane Ida Recovery
Order of Operations - Observations
1) Clear streets for emergency vehicles (Fire, Public Works, residents, city contractor (Ceres) and independent tree services.

2) Restore power grid (CLECO).

3) Re-establish garbage pick-up (Coastal).

4) Clear drainage ways near cross-roads (Public Works).

5) Re-establish communications (AT&T, Charter).
6) Remove vegetative debris, first pass (Ceres).

6a) Remove construction and demolition debris.

6c) Clear near schools, churches and businesses.

6d) Begin 2nd pass of vegetative where possible.

6e) 3rd pass of vegetative debris.
1) Each area of the city has its own characteristics. Some, like the newer areas of Oak Alley and Savannahs have few trees, looped street ways (think accessibility) and underground utilities. All six operations were / are fairly easy to complete.

2) The Division of New Covington (think St. Tammany Health System to Collins Blvd) is a grid system. Within a few days of the storm, the roads were partially cleared and one could zig-zag around the closed blocks. Within 3 - 4 days of the storm, CLECO had scores of trucks working this area. As the power grid was restored emanating from substations, it would be several days before CLECO would begin working in Old Landing / Cherokee Lane

3) Multi-tasking: I observed that the gridded areas could support multiple operations simultaneously. Electric crews, communication company crews and debris haulers could work in the same area albeit on different blocks. The dead-end areas could only handle one trade at a time. At one point CLECO kept Jahncke Avenue between 8th and 4th Ave for at least seven days, immediately followed by Charter and AT&T.

4) This all leads to some parts of the city getting electricity, internet and full garbage service sooner and being cleared of debris more quickly than other parts.

Second Pass Beginning
While First Pass Continues
Beginning next week, those areas north of 8th Avenue (think St. Paul's School towards Covington Point and River Forest) will begin the second pass for tree, limbs and vegetative matter. If you have additional yard debris please push it to the city right-of-way. Contractors are not allowed to pick up from private property. This pass will also involve debris that may have been missed on the first pass.

Those residents south of 8th Avenue to Old Landing, South Adams to the boat launch remain in their first pass. They, too, will have an opportunity to place more debris onto the street right-of-way for a second pass.

The end goal is that ALL debris will get picked up. It will take three passes. It is a tedious, time-consuming and dangerous task. When possible, please drive that extra block or three around crews that are working. It's helpful.
Hazardous Waste Collection
10/23/21 … Slidell
Wait, You've Never Been to
One of the oldest community theaters in America! Sometimes supporting the community simply means buying the ticket and attending the show. This is one of those times. Plus, the play is funny.
The Yat Pak Croons on October 21st
Rockin' Dopsie "Zydecos" on October 28th
For the Adults ...
For the Kiddos!
Doing Motown Together Since 1972
They were doing Motown when Motown was Motown.
September 30th Concert
Dedicated to Larry Hammond
As is my way, I usually dedicate the Spring or Fall concert at Peter Atkins Park to one of our local residents. The Spring show was dedicated to Roy and Alfreda Mouton. This Fall's show was dedicated to local drumming great Larry Hammond. Larry has played with the Zion Harmonizers at Jazz Fest and with Ben Redwine at Peter Atkins Park. The man can be-bop vocals like no one else I know.

L to R: Bo Elzy, me & Larry, chilling before the concert.
St. Paul's Celebrates 110th Birthday
President Cooper and Moi are Honored Guests
St. Paul's School recently celebrated a birthday. Brother Ray shared the history dating back to Dixon Academy and President Cooper shared some inspirational words. I addressed the boys who drive to school, suggesting in no uncertain tone of voice they Slow Their Roll. They responded by chanting at me to, "Slow Your Roll, Slow Your Roll." Good Stuff.

Pictured above, President Cooper and I lead the Marching Wolves and student body on a short parade back through the arch. More Good Stuff.
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