Debt Is Available From A Variety Of Sources
Discussions with lenders indicate the credit environment is back to the high liquidity of levels of 2019. Securing debt, however, is different. Lenders are more stringent, and businesses should be proactive in evaluating their debt options. 
Be Proactive With Your Capitalization
Even with the low cost of bank debt and increased activity in the market by other lenders, the importance of a strong well documented financial presentation and process has never been greater. These are key to accelerating lender's interest and borrowing effectively.

There is a fluidity to debt financing, it is not a one-time event rather an ever-evolving situation based on the capital requirements of your business. Osprey Capital can help you engage with multiple sources of debt to ensure your access to financing is available when needed and tailored to the demands of your business, including:
Proactively reviewing and adapting your business's debt structure is important, it will help to ensure that you are well-positioned to achieve your objectives.
Options Are Important
Maintaining strong relationships with a variety of lenders including both traditional banks and alternative lenders is essential.

Different sources often offer flexible financing solutions including levels of funding, structure, fees, and repayment terms.

Costs varies depending on the source, but importantly capital is available for businesses with a good story to tell.
How Osprey Capital Adds Value
We have a proven track record of developing innovative financing solutions to enable our clients to achieve their capitalization objectives. Each mandate is unique to the situation and tailored to the need and goals of the company. Our process is designed to work with our clients to:

  • Review your financial package and determine the appropriate debt strategy;

  • Concurrently develop debt options tailored to your business; and

  • Competitively source the right solutions including available pricing and terms.

We look forward to learning more about your funding requirements and discussing the options available for your business.
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