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June 2013
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A HUGE welcome to each one of our friends and associates to the debut issue of our online newsletter, "Bugle Calls"!

We hope you enjoy our brief and information packed monthly E-Newsletter. We have what we hope you'll find to be a terrific calendar of topics and even some guest authors already lined up for enjoyable, fast reading information on issues specific to our industry. That being said, we welcome any thoughts or advice from you, our readers on future content and topics! If you find value in receiving "Bugle Calls", please feel free to forward a copy to a friend, acquaintance or business associate so they can benefit from the information as well.

"A High Tide Raises All Boats" as the saying goes. As each of us work together to share our knowledge and experience, we (and our organizations) all benefit.

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Advertising Policy

New Business Development and a Written Advertising Policy Go Hand in Hand! 
June 2013, Bob Bugle, Editor

Let's face it, for the most part the traditional Catholic press advertisers and categories are covered. Most of the Catholic bookstores, cemeteries, hospitals, assisted care facilities, Catholic schools and colleges/universities, pilgrimage/tour operators and fund-raising  organizations already advertise to the Catholic community, either on a diocesan or national level. If we're going to generate the incremental revenue we'll need to meet rising costs and increased budget pressures, we'll need to aggressively pursue advertising from non-traditional business categories; banks, real estate, home improvement, automotive, entertainment, retail stores, etc.

At the same time, as members of Catholic media, we have an even greater responsibility than our brethren in secular media to ensure to the absolute best of our ability that any messages promoting products or services are truthful and that...

So, Thank you very much for taking the time to enjoy our newsletter and we hope you've already shared it with .  [hint!]

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Archbishop Lori Discusses Fortnight for Freedom 2013
Archbishop Lori Discusses
Fortnight for Freedom 2013
Fortnight for Freedom: June 21 - 24
The U.S. bishops have called for a Fortnight for Freedom, a two-week period of prayer and action, to address many current challenges to religious liberty, including the August 1, 2013 deadline for religious organizations to comply with the HHS mandate;  Supreme Court rulings that could redefine marriage in June, and religious liberty concerns in areas such as immigration and humanitarian services.
QR Code Best Practices:  8 Tips for B2B AND B2C Users!

How to get the best out of QR codes in your B2B marketing is a frequent question and often the answer is as unique as your situation!

For a short time, the QR code was the poster child of marketing. While the frenzy of discussion about them QR-CodeForBugleMediaServicesURL disappeared almost as quickly as it appeared, QR codes still have their uses in moving prospects from offline communications to online engagement.

If you are considering using a QR code in your marketing, make sure you bear the following in mind:

If you are considering using a QR code in your marketing, make sure you bear the following in mind:

1. Is there a reason for this QR code to exist?

For a short period of time, QR codes were being used anywhere possible. But, as with all marketing innovations, overuse erodes the value over time. QR codes should only be applied where they provide your prospect with a beneficial...
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