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Iowa 4-H Foundation Scholarships
February 1, 2014

Application Deadline

Central Iowa 4-H Gala
February 22, 2014
The Meadows at Prairie Meadows, Altoona

March 1, 2014
The Celebration Farm,
Iowa City 

Holiday Office Hours  

Monday, Dec. 23: 9am-4pm
Tuesday, Dec. 24: Closed
Wednesday, Dec. 25: Closed
Thursday, Dec. 26: 9am-4pm
Friday, Dec. 27: 9am-4pm
Monday, Dec. 30: 9am-4pm
Tuesday, Dec. 31: 9am-12pm

Wednesday, Jan. 1: Closed
Thursday, Jan. 2: 9am-4pm
Friday, Jan. 3: 9am-4pm

To reach us outside of these hours please call:
Kris- (515) 520-1990
Albert- (515) 509-4478

Gala Volunteer Opportunity   

Interested in joining our Gala planning team? We are looking for volunteers to assist with event planning and day of support for both events. Contact Brooke Young, Administrative Specialist and Gala Event Coordinator for more information at (515) 294-1537 or 
Scholarships Now Available 
During Christmas break when classes are not in session is a great time for students to apply for scholarships. College scholarship opportunities through the Iowa 4-H Foundation are now available!  Visit our website to learn more and to apply online!

Scholarship applications must be submitted online by February 1, 2014 to be considered for 2014 Iowa 4-H Foundation scholarships.

This year the foundation will be offering 69 scholarships valued at $63,200!  Scholarships are made possible by the generous donations of Iowa businesses, families, 4-H alumni and friends.
New CEO Named to National 4-H Council
National 4-H Council's Board of Trustees appointed Jennifer Sirangelo to Chief Executive Officer of the organization.  Sirangelo joined the council in 2006 to increase support for the worldwide 4-H movement.  On January 1, 2014, she will take the position of Donald T. Floyd, Jr., who will be retiring after 22 years of dedication to the National 4-H council. 

In her 7 years serving within National 4-H Council, Sirangelo more than tripled annual fundraising and led the process to develop the organization's new strategic plan.

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Funding Opportunities for Iowa's Youth
Kris's Korner 

Inspiration of Christmas Spirit


It is difficult to pinpoint just exactly what motivates us to be a little kinder, take a few more minutes to interact, attend something we might not

otherwise go to, take treats to

work or a neighbor, do the things we might not ordinarily do any other day, but at Christmas time, seems just the thing to do...  At a recent Christmas party, I heard a story from a fellow PEO sister relating an experience that transpired in her family.  The inspiration take-a-way compelled me to share the story with you, too...


On Christmas Eve many years ago, Jan and Jim (who owned a fast food restaurant on the edge of Des Moines) made the decision to stay open until 8 pm for hungry travelers coming in and leaving the city for their Christmas destination.  While Jan took the children to church, Jim stayed at the restaurant to help the teenage workers clean up so they could get home to their families.  Jim called Jan to tell her he was ready for her to come and pick him up.  "What happened to the brand new red pick-up truck, Jim?"  "I'll explain when you get here, Jan..."  Jan knew from experience, that statement NEVER had a good outcome.  Fully expecting to see a damaged or totaled vehicle, she bundled up the children and off they went to pick up Dad.



New! 4-H Clover Buddies 
You may have a 4-H bear on your shelf, but do you have a 4-H chicken or 4-H goat?
We invite you to meet our new 4-H Clover Buddies. The Iowa 4-H Foundation has partnered with Glory-Be to offer this year's bear as well as unique 4-H Clover Buddies to raise funds for Iowa 4-H.

Nine 4-H Clover Buddies are available to choose from including Percy the goat (pictured).  Individual 4-H Clover Buddies are $12 each and orders of 15 or more are $7.50 each. 4-H clubs, county councils, and endowment committees can resell the Buddies as a local fundraiser.
For more information about our 4-H Clover Buddies program, visit our website.  A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Iowa 4-H Foundation.
A Christmas Gift for the 4-H Fan on Your List    
Looking for some last minute Christmas gift ideas? This Christmas, honor a family member, friend, 4-H club leader, or extension staff member by making a tribute or memorial gift to the Iowa 4-H Foundation.

There is an option to designate each gift to a specific 4-H program including county endowments, 4-H recognition opportunities, and the Iowa 4-H Center.  To make a donation online or to find out more, visit our Memorials & Tributes page on our website.

Every donation to the Iowa 4-H Foundation is tax-deductible, so now is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of year-end tax deductions. Gifts must be made by December 31, 2013 to be eligible for 2013 income tax deductions. 
Iowa Delegates Attend National 4-H Congress 
Nineteen 4-H'ers were chosen to represent Iowa as delegates to the 2013 National 4-H Congress in Atlanta, Georgia. 
The Iowa delegates set out on November 29 for a five day adventure. During the event, delegates had the opportunity to listen to keynote speakers, tour the city of Atlanta, provide service work around the city, take part in workshops, and attend an international banquet and formal gala.

Major donors supporting the youth delegate's trip to National 4-H Congress include the estate of Marvin Walter, Ames; Iowa Farm Bureau; Iowa Poultry Association; and Bryan and Allison Whaley; and donors to the Iowa 4-H Foundation National 4-H Congress Endowment.

National 4-H Council Welcomes ISU's VP of Extension and Outreach to Board of Trustees  
Iowa State University's Vice President of Extension and Outreach, Cathann Kress, joins the National 4-H Council's Board of Trustees.   

At the Iowa 4-H Foundation, Kress sits as a 
member of the Board of Trustees and an adviser to the Iowa 4-H Program's current and future aspirations. Kress works across Iowa State University to provide outreach programs that share cutting edge information and technology to educate and innovate.

ISU Extension and Outreach published a news release announcing the election of Kress. "I'm deeply committed to 4-H and youth programs," Kress said. "My whole career has been about how we turn things over to the next generation better than we found it. My intention is to continue to strengthen 4-H programs, which offer safe, high quality and exceptional learning experiences to our young people. Taking the resources of our land-grant universities to our youngest citizens is vital to our nation's future."

Kress held senior level positions at the U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. Department of Agriculture's Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service prior to joining ISU Extension and Outreach in 2011. 

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