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The Classic Lost Rankin Thriler
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A crime writer turns spy in Occupied Paris
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Former Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig sign it here
December 7 11 AM
Please order ASAP as we sold this book out at the Authors Luncheon November 16
(later printings but a terrific gift)

A Heist Novel
(think Donald E Westlake)
Signed December 3

A country house mystery
for Christmas
Due in soon

1930s Winchester Cathedral
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UK Edition
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A History/Mystery Book of the Month introducing the Bronte sisters as sleuths

Our December First Mystery Book of the Month

Jack Reacher

Signed by bestseller Hilderbrand
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Signed for us November 16
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A Few Remain in stock

Stories include Mary's wedding to Holmes and a Christmas story plus a
war diary

Bess Crawford in post-WWI Paris
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A Thriller
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Signed UK Edition
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The Brighton Mysteries
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Railway Detective Mystery
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Inspector Banks
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We are mad Hoffman fans

Hello, sorry this is late. I was waiting to confirm that Jeff Lindsay can fly here from the east coast Tuesday. He can.

What a wonderful end to November. 

We hope everyone had a delicious Thanksgiving. 

And we thank everyone who shared Small Business Saturday with us -- it was a warm, wonderful, record day, the 10th SBS.

Here's Dana Stabenow in bookselling mode recommending James R. Benn's latest thriller, When Hell Struck Twelve (Soho $27.95), a Signed copy of Billy Boyle's post D-Day march towards Paris. 

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Jeff Lindsay
Tuesday 7:00 PM
Publication Party
TUESDAY DECEMBER 3 7:00 PM Book Launch Party
Jeff Lindsey  signs Just Watch Me (Dutton $26)
A heist novel targeting Iran's crown jewels  

This terrific series launch, our December Surprise Book of the Month, from bestseller Lindsay opens with master thief Riley Wolfe, an antihero Dexter fans will relish, using a helicopter to steal a 12-ton statue in broad daylight during its installation ceremony in Chicago. Wolfe also abducts the honoree, a greedy pharmaceutical mogul who developed a cancer treatment he only sells for $500,000 a dose, before pushing him to his death from the aircraft. 

But vigilante justice isn't enough of a rush, so Wolfe seeks "a heist that was beyond impossible, something ridiculous, unthinkable, stupid, totally out of the question," and finds one after learning that the Iranian crown jewels are scheduled to be exhibited at Manhattan's Eberhardt Museum. He sets his sights on the exhibit's prize, the Ocean of Light, a diamond valued at more than $15 billion-if he can get past the formidable array of security, both electronic and human. 

His crafty multistep plan is a pleasure to watch unfold. Having warmed readers up with Dexter, it's no surprise that Lindsay reveals that that Wolfe is capable of killing without any pretense of a moral justification. 

Lindsay is the bestselling author of Darkly Dreaming Dexter and its sequels that spawned the TV series.

Mark De Castrique
Paige Shelton
Wednesday 7:00 PM
Publication Party x 2
WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 4 7:00 PM Double Book Launch Party
Mark De Castrique  signs Murder in Rat Alley (Poisoned Pen $26.95/$15.95)
A Blackman Agency Investigation set in Asheville, NC

Dana Stabenow writes, "Murder in Rat Alley starts off on a personal level, with the discovery of the remains of a long-lost uncle and brother, which then morphs into a history of international espionage and murder. De Castrique's novel reminds me of James R. Benn's Billy Boyle series in the able way both authors meld fact with fiction, allowing for pointed commentary without interrupting the narrative..." 

Which gets going when the skeletal remains of a body are found near Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute, once a NASA tracking station but now a weather research center, outside Asheville, N.C. When the bones are identified as those of Frank DeMille, a software engineer who disappeared in 1971 while working on the Apollo space mission, the FBI is called in to handle the case. Cory DeMille, Frank's niece, approaches her PI friends, Sam Blackman and Nakayla Roberson, and asks them to investigate, as she's certain that the FBI will stonewall her. Sam and Nakayla agree to assist. 

The subsequent murder of Loretta Case, who was Frank's girlfriend and the secretary for the head of PARI back in 1971, raises the stakes."

"De Castrique skillfully entwines the reasons for the two deaths and provides a fascinating motive that spans the decades. Intelligent, kind protagonists and an eye-opening historical background help make this one winner," affirms PW

Paige Shelton  signs Thin Ace (St Martins $26.99)
Our PP blogger Lesa Holstine reviews this series start: 

"Renowned thriller writer Elizabeth Fairchild was kidnapped by a crazed fan but managed to escape after three days. Now, under her real name, Beth Rivers, she's run as far as she can, to the isolated village of Benedict, Alaska. Her kidnapper hasn't been caught yet. With only a few memories of her ordeal and the man's name stuck in her head, she's going to hide until either the police or her determined mother find the man. She attracts attention as a newcomer, but everyone in Benedict seems to be hiding or escaping from the past. The police chief knows who she is and recruits her to use her skills to help with a murder investigation. The case keeps Beth occupied, while she tries to remember her ordeal and looks over her shoulder with every unusual sound. 

Known for her cozies, most recently the Scottish Bookshop Mysteries, Shelton turns thriller author for this riveting story with an unusual setting and cast of characters. Fans of strong amateur sleuths will admire Beth's struggle to build a new future in a remote location."

 I am reminded of Kelley Armstrong's Casey Duncan thrillers set in the Yukon, another community of people seeking to live under the radar.
Greg Iles
Thursday 7:00 PM
At last!
Greg Iles  signs Cemetery Road  (Morrow $28.99)
We've held on to first prints since March!

The NY Times writes: "There's something about Bienville that rings true, something about the plight of small towns all over the South struggling to remain relevant in a modern economy. In fiction, if not in life, all they need is a hometown hero like Marshall McEwan to revive them. 'I'm a good Southern boy at heart,' Marshall says, explaining why he has returned to care for his aged father and rescue both the family newspaper and the town itself.
Former Baseball Commssioner Bud Selig
Saturday 11:00
Pick up that gift!


Selig, who served as the ninth commissioner of Major League Baseball from 1998 to 2015, delivers a straightforward, insightful account of his life and how he dealt with challenges in a quickly changing sport

Foreword by Doris Kearns Goodwin
Jennifer Roberson
Saturday 3:00 PM
SciFi Saturday
Jennifer Roberson  signs  Life and Limb  (Daw $26)
December SciFi/Fantasy Book of the Month starts the Blood & Bone modern western fantasy series

Two sort-of angels, one a cowboy, the other a biker, reluctantly join the fight against the forces of hell. Gabriel and Remi were raised separately with the same purpose in mind. Their Grandaddy, who wasn't really their grandfather by blood, promised them both they'd grow to become soldiers with "the fate of the world" on their shoulders. Still, when grown-up biker Gabe meets Remi for the first time and hears he's going to partner up with a cowboy, he's skeptical. 

And when Grandaddy tells the two of them they've got to start killing demons disguised as werewolves, black dogs, and other mythical creatures, he's downright incredulous. And horrified that their mission involves sacrifice. 

A lot of worldbuilding sets up a planned series 
Stocking Stuffers
Conundrums for Book Lovers
Somerville, Neil. The Literary Pocket Puzzle Book (Skyhorse $9.99). 

Conundrums for book lovers, a literary challenge and escape just right for a stocking stuffer. 

And for more fun, Kate Jackson's Golden Age of Detection Puzzle Book ($12.95), 100 puzzles based on the British Library Classics series: word searches, anagrams, snapshot covers, and crosswords, fun for all levels. Add a classic to go with it for a delightful package.

Denise Mina Is the December Rees Witherspoon Pick
Reese Witherspoon has picked Conviction (Little Brown $27)    by Denise Mina as the next title in Reese's Book Club. 

In her  Instagram post revealing the pick, Witherspoon said, "Get cozy because you won't be able to put this one down...This story combines suspense, international intrigue and the murder of an entire family aboard a ship... following the one woman who may just have all the answers."
No, these are not first printings nor autographed.
Our December Books of the Month
Please see the December Booknews for changes to our Books of the Month Clubs including a six month subscription option as well as pay as you go. There will be fewer clubs to join.
British Crime Club One unsigned hardcover or paperback per month
To Be Announced
Cozy Crimes Club One unsigned hardcover or paperback per month
Dumas, Margaret. Murder in the Balcony
Discovery Club  One paperback or hardcover per month
Singh, Nalini. A Madness of Sunshine
First Mystery Club  One Signed First per month
Harnetiaux, Trish. White Elephant
Hardboiled Crime Club  One signed First per month
Coyle, Matt. Lost Tomorrows
History/Mystery Club  One Signed First per month 
Ellis, Bella. The Vanished Bride
History Paperback  One per month
Modern First Editions  One Signed First per month
Morgenstern, Erin. The Starless Sea (Signed copies sold out)
SciFi/Fantasy/Horror Club  One Signed First per month
Roberson, Jennifer. Life and Limb
Surprise Me! Club  One Signed First Per Month
Lindsey, Jeff. Just Watch Me
Thriller Club  One Signed First per month
De Castrique, Mark. Murder in Rat Alley

Our December Calendar
TUESDAY DECEMBER 3 7:00 PM Book Launch Party
Jeff Lindsey signs Just Watch Me (Dutton $26)
A heist novel targeting Iran's crown jewels
WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 4 7:00 PM Double Book Launch Party
Mark De Castrique signs Murder in Rat Alley (Poisoned Pen $26.95/$15.95)
Sam Blackman, PI
Paige Shelton signs Thin Ace (St Martins $26.99)
Starts a series set in Alaska
Greg Iles signs Cemetery Road  (Morrow $28.99)
We've held on to first prints since March!
Former Commissioner Bud Selig signs  (Harper $28.99). Foreword by Doris Kearns Goodwin

Jennifer Roberson signs  Life and Limb  (Daw $26)
December SciFi/Fantasy Book of the Month starts the Blood & Bone modern western fantasy series
Patricia Smith signs Remember (Polis Books $15.99)
Psychological suspense/social anxiety
Matt Coyle signs Lost Tomorrows (Oceanview $26.95/$16)
Carl Vonderau signs Murderabilia (Midnight Ink $16.99)
Please buy your copy from The Pen. Anyone welcome but remember you risk spoilers if you don't read the selection in advance. The clubs each include a Holiday Party with the regular meeting
Coffee & Crime: Saturday December 14 10:30 AM
Share your favorite book of any sort of 2019
SciFi Friday : December 20 7:00 PM
Wells, Martha.  All Systems Red ($16.99) & Gailey Sarah, 
River of Teeth ($15.99)
Croak & Dagger : Saturday December 21 10:30 AM
Soho Crime. The Usual Santas ($19.95) , a collection of Christmas crime capers
Hardboiled Crime : Thursday December 19 7:00 PM
Anderson, Kent. Green Sun ($16.99)  

Our New Year's Leadoff Calendar
Tarryn Fisher signs The Wives (Graydon House $16.99/$27.99)
TUESDAY JANUARY 7 7:00 PM Publication Party
Brad Taylor signs Hunter Killer (Morrow $27.99)
Our copies come with an exclusive: Pike Logan's passport
WEDNESDAY JANUARY 8 2:00 PM A New Year's Tea
Debra Goldstein signs Two Bites Too Many (Kensington $7.99)
Sarah Blair cozy #2 in Wheaton, Alabama
THURSDAY JANUARY 9 7:00 PM Publication Party
Thomas Perry signs Small Town (Grove $26)
SATURDAY JANUARY 11 2:00 PM Scream for Ice Cream
Publication Party
Dana Stabenow signs No Fixed Line (Head of Zeus $29.95)
Kate Shugak #22
SUNDAY JANUARY 12 2:00 PM Publication Party
Tasha Alexander signs In the Shadow of Vesuvius (St Martins $27.99)
Lady Emily in Pompeii

Karen Odden signs A Trace of Deceit (Morrow $16.99)
Victorian Mystery
We Will Miss....
Gahan Wilson, "whose outlandish, often ghoulish cartoons added a bizarrely humorous touch to Playboy, the New YorkerNational Lampoon and other publications in the era when magazines propelled the cultural conversation," died November 21, the New York Times reported. He was 89.
In a tribute, Michael Maslin wrote in the  New Yorker  that Wilson "was part of a  select group of cartoonists who own their style, who deliver on paper what seems to be a good piece of themselves. It is a distinction shared by, to name just a few, Edward Koren, George Booth and Roz Chast. The work is somehow inseparable from who they are, and that's part of what makes it so memorable.... Wilson's art is both the heart-thumping you feel when you dare look under the bed and the relieved inner laugh you let loose after he's scared the pants off of you."
Clive James, "who mined such a rich vein of wit in his writing--poems, memoirs, translations, novels, song lyrics, intellectual journalism and a deep body of criticism--that he was, to his admirers, almost endlessly quotable," died November 24, the New York Times reported. He was 80. "A sense of humor is just common sense, dancing," he wrote. "Those who lack humor are without judgment and should be trusted with nothing."

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