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Dec. 2, 2015 

In case you missed the calendar flipping, it's December! It's almost Christmas! The holidays are almost here! It's time for shopping, and cooking, and visiting friends, and spending time with family. It's December! 

At Buddings, we're holding a month-long exploration of the season's celebrations, with crafts and lots of chances for the kids to make up special surprises and presents for their families! While they're busy, maybe you can get your your holiday surprises in order as well. And our surprise for you: this Friday is date night! We're open until 8pm, the first of our new monthly traditions. :)

Drop in care is there when you need it, and when preschoolers attend twice a week, it's also an amazing environment for social skill development. We're having a program Open House this weekend, on Dec. 6, from 12 - 3pm, with a chance to try the program for free, for everyone who attends.

There are only 22 sleeps until Christmas, and if your weekdays are already pretty full, a Saturday-care option might be just the ticket for quick and efficient holiday shopping. On Dec. 12, you can be even more productive! 

Our musical presentation by Alex Konyves at noon will have the kids jumping up and down, and you can pick up one of his CDs to give to a lucky kid on your shopping list. 

Whatever holidays you'll celebrate, we'll be wishing you the best of them, and through December, we'll explore them all! 

Join us!
Centre News
Make a Date! We're Open til 8pm on Dec. 4!

With holiday planning getting underway, and parties piling up, Sarah and the teachers at Buddings are inviting families to take a night off! 

Starting Friday, Dec. 4, we're pleased to introduce our new monthly feature - Date Night! We'll be open until 8pm!

You deserve a break, and when there's a special, kids-only macaroni casserole night happening at Buddings, Date Night is a special event for the whole family!

It's this Friday, Dec. 4, with only 3 spots left. To book your night off, send an email to  sarah@buddings.ca

Big Kids Club Open House - Dec. 6, noon - 3pm
Social skills, like any others, need to be practiced to improve, and the free-flowing program at Buddings is an amazing environment for kids to interact. We're open 8am - 6pm Monday to Friday, and 10am - 4pm on Saturday, with flexible care whenever you need it. 

As toddlers turn into preschoolers, developing language, patience, and an interest in each other, the Big Kids Club takes those interactions to the next level. Our program takes the research from UBC's Institute of Early Learning, and creates a special collection of classes and opportunities to foster their social experimentation. Find out how, on our blog!

This weekend, we're excited to highlight the program, at our Open House, running on Sunday Dec. 6, from noon to 3pm. 

The fall classes are on display, and families can get a sneak peak at the winter line up. AND! a chance to try the program for FREE! 

Everyone who attends will get a 3-hour voucher to attend any Big Kids Club in December, and if you decide to register for the Winter Season (Jan. 11 - Apr. 1), before we close on Dec. 24, you can get an extra 3 hours each month. We're also offering free memberships for Big Kids Club families! 

Sarah will be doing a demo of her new Budding Chefs class, where she'll lead the kids and parents in a healthy snack cook-off! The Open House runs Dec. 6 from 12 - 3pm.  
Drop-in Daycare for Shop-ing Schedules :) 

Buddings is open right up until Christmas eve, closing at 4pm on Dec. 24, with a month of seasonal celebrations for kids to explore and enjoy. We're looking for ways to demonstrate our love, and to make our spirits bright.

As always, we have art activities, fieldtrips, and treats to make, and our social environment means friends to share the days with, including on Saturdays. The best thing about holiday drop-in care is  wrapping up the errands (and presents!!), in double time. 

Lara and the Saturday-care crew are welcoming musical guest Alex Konyves on Dec. 12, for a special presentation for their mid-month get-together. Check out his Family Song on BandCamp! He'll have CDs and an iTunes link if you like it!

Aanndd... while Alex and the kids get their jam on, that mid-month weekend is also great time for you to take stock of your holiday preparations. 

Wrapping up errands, and presents, and shopping takes half the time (and stays secret) when you can do it solo.  
When you pick them up, kids will be full of stories and take-home surprises. And you'll have all the chores done already! Holidays are the best when you get to spend time with your family - but not at the mall. :)
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