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We have several binding (and brokerage) markets who are writing unique and "off the wall" Cargo and Inland Marine risks! 

Examples of coverages & classes include:   
- Motor Truck Cargo (including mobile home toters, boat haulers, oilfield equipment, etc.) 
- Contingent Cargo  (provides first-party coverage on a freight broker who contracts to deliver goods, but hire separate motor carriers to haul the loads, and do not actually own any trucks themselves)
- Scheduled Contractors Equipment (of all shapes and sizes, including specialty and/or high value equipment)
- Misc. Property Floater (including DJ's or other amusement performers' property/equipment, medical diagnostic equipment, golf course equipment, solar panels [both after installation and/or prior to], etc.)
- Installation Floater (can cover for a single project; or as an annual term to include many jobs) 
- Warehouseman's Legal Liability (provides coverage for public warehouse operators in the business of storing the property of others for a fee)
- Bailees Customers Goods (including lawn mower repair service, computer repair service or a furniture restoration type service, etc.)
...and more!
Let us help you with these hard-to-place/"odd-ball" Cargo and Inland Marine accounts today!

For more information call 800-241-9759, or send your submissions to for a quote today!
  Few "Fun Facts" about Brenda Clark... 

1.  My mother cried "mercy!" when she was in labor with me.  (I really wasn't that big of a baby, but I was born at Mercy Hospital in Oklahoma City.) 

2.  I have been in insurance (first on the agency side and now on the MGA side) for 18 & ½ years.  I really enjoy the continuing education and have completed my CISR and CIC designations. 

3.  I have visited Dracula's castle in Transylvania, Romania.  Creepy, huh? Actually, it was during a mission trip with the Singing Churchwomen of Oklahoma.  We also traveled to Hungary and to Brazil, and we sang on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry - at the Ryman Auditorium.

4.  I love to sing, and I am the music leader at Northwest Baptist Church (where my husband is the Pastor).

5.  My son has a theatre degree and lives in Chicago.  He works in the theatre in the Chicago area, and has numerous credits in acting, singing, designing, and directing

6.  My daughter taught English in China, and is currently working as a Feeding Program Coordinator at the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma while applying to PhD programs in English Literature for the fall of 2016.

7.  One of my favorite volunteer positions is working with the "Lunch Buddy" program at a local elementary school.  I really enjoy eating lunch, visiting, and reading with my little first grade buddy.  She is a sweetheart!

8.  If you stop by my desk, you will probably hear Christmas music coming from my headphones!  There are so many great Christmas songs, and we only hear them for a couple of months during the year!  Jesus is the reason for the season, and I wish you all a blessed Christmas!

Try CIU for your Transportation/Garage driven Excess business
We can write Monoline Excess over carriers (with an AM Best rating of A-6 or better); and we c an offer up to 5,000,000 limits for most classes!
Targets for  Auto Accounts :
Truckers (i ncluding Long Haul, Fuel & Oil Haulers, Flatbed Goods, Delivery, Household goods etc.
Contractor's Vehicles
- Cement Mixers
- Garbage Trucks
- Dump Trucks
Targets for Garage Accounts
- Non Franchised  Auto and/or  Truck Dealers
- Auto/Truck Repair
- Car Washes
- Detail Shops (including mobile operations )
And please note t hese  lists 
are not all inclusive!
Call (800-241-9759) to speak with an underwriter, or send your submissions directly to today!!
We can help RENOVATE your profits!
We have been seeing a LOT of dwellings that are undergoing renovations lately (and we would love to help you with these)!

We can write a vacant/ renovation policy on a DP-1 (Named Perils/ACV) basis for the 1, 2, 3 or 4-family dwellings.

These are rated for the completed value (Current ACV + Cost of Renovations).

Premises liability can also be offered if a licensed contractor is doing the "major work" (wiring/heating/plumb./roofing).

So whether your client is just making cosmetic updates or doing a full "gut" rehab, let us help you write these policies to RENOVATE your bottom line.

Contact Marsha Peck, Ext 236,  
for a quote today!
CIU's Holiday Hours!
Please note CIU will be closed all day Thursday, Dec 24th and Friday, Dec 25th (resuming normal business hours on Monday, Dec 28th); and we will also be closed all day Friday Jan 1st.  
We wish you and your families a safe and wonderful Holiday season and a very happy New Year!! 
Commercial Lines:  
Biochemical Manufacturer- $863k Prop TIV (PC 9, Frame Const; Spcl Form; w/ $1k aop/$2,500 w/h dedts). $5,925
Truck & Trailer Repair Shop- New Venture (w/ experience).  $1mil/$2mil Garage Liab. based on $13,000 payroll; $200k GKLL w/ $1k comp/coll dedts; and $25k BPP w/ $1k dedt.      $3,560
Race Car Hauler- $200,000 MTC (any one truck) w/ $2,500 dedt. 600 mile radius. $3,000
Classic/Muscle Car Dealer- New Venture (w/ experience).  $500k/$1mil Garage Liab. w/ $1k dedt; $150k DOL w/ $2,500 dedt. $4,890
C-Store- $1mil/$2mil GL (based on $1,900,000 GR); $1,115,000 Prop TIV (Special Form, $10,000 dedt). $19,835
Nightclub/Lounge- $1mil/$2mil GL (based on $300,000 GR); $1mil/$1mil Liquor (based on $150,000 liquor receipts); $1mil Prop TIV (Special Form, w/ $5k dedt). $15,610
Detergent Manufacturer- $1mil/$2mil GL (based on $2.3mil GR); $1,983,000 Prop TIV (Special Form, w/ $5,000 aop/2% W/H dedts). $21,855
Directional Drilling Contractor- $1mil/$2mil GL (w/ blanket AI, WOS & Per Project Agg); $290k Inland Marine (w/ $1k dedt). $9,370
Commercial Building Owner (Lessors Risk)- tenant is a restaurant. $1mil/$2mil GL (based on 9,900 sq ft); $710k Prop TIV (Special Form, w/ $5k dedt). $8,340
Garbage Roll Off Service- $1mil CSL Auto Liab.; $110k Auto Physical Damage (based on 2 units); $1mil/$2mil GL; $188,800 Inland Marine (w/ $1k dedt). $16,318
Student Resident Transportation/Shuttle Service- $1mil CSL Auto Liab; $75,100 Auto Physical Damage (based on 3 units).  $7,430
Personal Lines:  
HO 3- Monoline Property.  $595,000 TIV. (Farming exposure on site.)  With prior losses. $2,775
DP 3- Vacant.  $270k TIV.  Deeded in name of a trust.  Annual term. $1,790
Contents in a mini storage- $142k TIV.  Named Perils + Burglary.  Annual term. $1,290
HO 4- Tenant Occupied PKG.  $16,500 TIV. With prior losses. $540