Volume 1 | December 3 2017
Dec 2017 into the New Year 2018
A most extra-ordinary time!
An amazing December is here!

And what we all need to know and do right now through the end of December will definitely make a much easier transition into 2018. This is the "end of the world as we know it" on yet another level.

The world as we know it is splitting into two, two levels of consciousness: Those who wish to believe that the way of the world is only that of lack and struggle, and there are those who are ready to be in a world of plenty. This splitting is called a birfurcation. In the world of plenty, it's important to know that there is a zero tolerance zone for lack of any kind in this world, which is a dimension that will be made available to all of us in 2018. If you've been reading my newsletters and enjoying our weekly broadcasts, " Soul Chat with Michelle and Faith ," you know all about this! If you're new to my newsletter, then enjoy the news that this "world of plenty" is here now for those of us ready and have received the call!

This is yet another level of ascension that no one has ever experienced before, and before I explain more about this, it's important that you truly know you are not alone--ever , and if you think you are, that's where you can start destructing that belief system or default behavior that "takes you into that space." It's a false space, and there are many who wish to see us fall and want us to believe this.

First, it is with deepest compassion that I acknowledge that this is no doubt one of the most challenging years for many emotionally, mentally, intellectually, physically, and spiritually. The intensity for some has been so deep that it makes the dark night of the soul feel like an easy ride.--The dark night of the soul is "a period of spiritual desolation suffered where all consolation is removed," or, in other words, it feels like you've been abandoned by God, by Jesus, by your teachers, and guides...When I first experienced this, I felt like someone had ripped my spirit out from the bottom of my feet! Ugh! Just remember: it's temporary and is serving an extremely important purpose!

As I've often written and shared with my colleague, Michelle Manders , in our " Soul Chat with Michelle and Faith ," the many systems that have permeated and enshrouded Mother Earth have been systems to keep us down, to remain in the lower realms of poverty consciousness, victim consciousness, conditional love, etc., anything that breaks or keeps our spirits down. Anything that keeps us from having a joyful and thriving life.

Secondly, if you or someone you know is struggling in any fashion, especially if it's in some sort of life-shattering event(s) or crisis, these periods are also known as initiations, which I referred to above as being more difficult than the dark night of the soul. It's adding the dark night of the soul TO the most challenging time in one's life: it can be a chronic illness that has become severe, a severe loss--including one's home, the loss of a relationship, etc., and these events are created by the soul's need to leave a level of consciousness the individual has been "stuck" in because it's ready for that next evolutionary step.

When one is in the throes of experiencing an initiation, it's hard to make sense of anything, but once it's been maneuvered, the hindsight will show where the thinking, the consciousness, had to change, so now living differently has to occur. One is forced to make different choices. It's important that if someone you know is going through one of these intense initiations, you are not to interfere by butting in and trying to help by resolving things, trying to fix the situation.

Initiations are a soul necessity. They are often dramas and distressing events because they are meant to shift our thoughts and perceptions that have kept us trapped in something preventing our growth, and the soul's natural state is to ascend and grow.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate.”
Carl G. Jung

In fact, our last "Soul Chat" of November 28 provides very easy and practical advice on the proper handling of these spiritual-crisis situations you may be observing regarding your loved ones--see below.

At the beginning of 2018, there will no longer be the matrix that allows/keeps these lowest forms of consciousness any longer. The door to that realm which the beings of the dark agenda keep active is shutting for good, forever, but these beings are not letting go without a fight. It's important we remind ourselves that when people are acting out, angry, fearful, etc., not to react and remember what is actually going on.

Technically speaking,
What's happening to all of Mother Earth is that the lowest level of the 3rd Dimensional World, also known as the Personality Matrix and Density One, or Harmonic Universe #1, will no longer be the base-level consciousness here on Earth as our School of Spiritual Learning.

This means there will be large masses of people who are used to living in the 3D World (that they only have this physical life with no thoughts of being a soul having a physical life), and they will be pushed into the world of the Monad Matrix, the 7D world. (The 5D world of the Soul Matrix was infiltrated, so the Tara Matrix is no longer.) Those in the 3D World consciousness, their subconscious mind and autonomic processes, their lower emotional body/desires/addictions, the lower ego that they are just this physical body and personality, will no longer have this platform from which they will be able to live. It simply won't exist any longer after the end of December 2017.

Another part of this shift means we have another level of ascension available to us! That next rung in the ascension ladder is offering us the truth of the real Source of life, and that all of our needs can and will be met. We need to learn how to manage this next step, which is a very exciting time!

It's exciting once you know the truth of what's going on!

This next rung is known as the Avatar Matrix. It's Density Four. It's also known as Harmonic Universe 4, the 12th Dimensional Blueprint. The Mother Earth Matrix will be known as the Aramatena or Aurora Earth Matrix.

The learning is:
To understand and to practice being in a balanced flow, to be present and to truly BE in the moment, to live organically vs. living in the anti-Christ (anti-human life), inorganic, suffocating systems now ending as a result of the end of the last Ascension Cycle of the last 26,566 years.

The angelic host has been training us to prepare for this massive shift, and we are now in these times we've been training for! Our Christ Mind, our Buddhic Mind, our Avatar Mind, all of these higher frequencies require us to "dial in" by our own frequency match.

So, in keeping this very simple, as the first of many communications to come as we wrap up this month and year, it's is extremely important for you to know what's going on so you can manage through the next few weeks ahead. This is not meant to alarm or scare you. It's meant to empower you!

And it's to help you understand that many will not have an easy go of 2018--they don't have this information, and if they're open and ready, they may be asking what is going on.

If you haven't already, it is time for you to put your own spirit first and foremost like never before, regardless of what is going on around you in your immediate environment, your home, with your children, your partnerships, your marriage, your work, your social networks, etc.

Do NOT let these very hectic times of the holidays nor others' reactions or negativity distract you from your inner world and your proper love-based power centering you. These can be diversion tactics, so govern your personal space accordingly.

Remember to have Faith and Trust on steroids!

The angelic host needs our help by our managing our own inner world and to focus on happy. If you can't seem to find happy, then turn your thoughts and feel, I mean truly feel , something your appreciative of, something to be in gratitude about, and let that help shift you. Your electromagnetic field is a very real part of you and that frequency you hold most of the time is your key to the higher dimensional doorways of your own Palace of Peace and Prosperity. Otherwise, remaining down and angry, sad, etc., is helping fuel exactly what it is the dark agenda is working so hard to keep fueling, that which you wish to leave.

Take the time each morning and connect with your Christ Light within, connect with and feel the Unconditional Living Love and Living Light always made available to all of us, to our true Divine Father and Divine Mother, and be conscious of your own actions and deliberate use of your own Free Will, to make these amazing ascension steps available throughout the month of December! This will make your transition into 2018 much easier, and therefore, easier to help those who will also be in need.

It's time to "get to work," to do what you asked to be here for at this time of humanity's spiritual and emotional evolution--congratulations! It's time for you to be selfish in this most loving and empowering manner! The time you've been waiting for is here and now, continuing on the ascension ladder one rung at a time!

Enjoy your life and enjoy being here!

This is a most exciting time for Mother Earth, Aramatena, and all of her inhabitants! And it brings me great joy to be walking this journey with you! We are doing this all together!

Faith xo

Rev. Faith Parent Hendrickson
Ascension Wayshower, Higher Consciousness Mentor, Spiritual Teacher
HeartLight Communications, Founder

And in collaboration with and an Aurora Ascension Academy Mentor at Palace of Peace and Prosperity
"Soul Chat with Michelle and Faith"
November broadcasts:

Nov. 21 "Countdown to the Bifurcation: What you need to know"   Lightworkers, Lightwarriors, et al, as we are now facing the end of the  birfurcation  timeline where the 3D Earth as we know it is no longer part of our world, you need to know what this means and what we're all needing to do. Humanity's consciousness is shifting, and those who are anti-humanity ascension, anti-Christ, are pulling out all of the stops to ensure they have as many souls as possible before the end of the year. Please listen to this important discussion as you'll learn more about what this all means, what to expect, and how to govern your actions accordingly. Be aware of how this anti-love energy will trigger you so that you then focus on anti-love behavior/thoughts. Live organically, which is the opposite of their inorganic ways and tactics. Don't get caught up in chaos around you. Those who are caught up in the Personality Matrix and unaware that they have a Soul are struggling as they don't understand what's going on. Listen and learn how to maneuver during this difficult times, live organically, be happy, and feel peaceful regardless of what's going on around you or in the news. We need you to join us during this most amazing time! And remember, you are NEVER alone or forgotten!

Nov. 28 "Stay the Course! And Mercury Stationing Retrograde"  There are 33 days left of this year, and with the 3D world coming to an end, the energies are INTENSE. Many of us are experiencing relentless harassment to suppress our personal power, and this is meant to distract us, to keep us frustrated, helpless, hopeless, etc., including the feelings that nothing is going our way. Keep in mind that this is a way for us to be "duped" into continuing to "donate our energies" to the dark force agenda's feed lines, which is in the process of being shut down. Many are also feeling like they're in a different world as nothing resonates with you at the moment. There are worries about our loved ones, family, children, grandchildren, friends, spouse/partner, etc. In this broadcast we explain more about this and what to do! You'll also receive a very important update as it relates to the upcoming Mercury stationing retrograde in Sagittarius on December 3rd...just remember, the angelic host is asking us to feel and be happy, no matter what and as much as we can!

Only two more broadcasts remain for December: December 5 and 12.

Upcoming Events
A December to Remember!

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A December to Remember!
Dec. 3, available now:  December Planetary Healing and Blessings , as well as what you need to know/to do as Mercury's stationed retrograde in Sagittarius with a Full Moon in Gemini on Dec. 3.

Dec. 5, 12: " Soul Chat with Michelle and Faith " Please join us for the remaining two broadcasts for 2017! Enjoy support and practical advice for these challenging yet exciting times!

And to achieve Peace, it requires us to reconnect and to understand our soul and our soul's needs, thus nurturing our soul.

And how do you nurture your soul? By nurturing yourself.

When we do this, we allow our soul needs to be fulfilled as we are in human form,  which is the key to living a prosperity-filled life.  

If we don't move into this new way of living, our current negative belief systems will keep running our lives. 

The systems we create in the world will either suppress or support us. 

Let's co-create this new world together, and the way it's done is from the inside out! It's time! Focus on being happy as much as possible--feel it! Hold this positive vibration for as much and as long as possible, taking actions based on unconditional living love instead of haste, fear, or anger. Your life will change before your eyes!

"As (Divinely) inspired, be so wired!"

If you need help, please remember to join us in Soul Chat or visit my website to book a private session . You're loved and supported, unconditionally!

Much love,
Rev. Faith Parent Hendrickson | HeartLight Communications | Faith@FaithParent.net