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Dec 2020 Newsletter
Legislative Agenda 2021 !!!
The 2021 Legislative Agenda for Safe Streets is here! We will soon schedule a Zoom call for anyone interested in discussing our 2021 agenda, including time for full Q&A. Let us know if you're interested!

Also, stay tuned for more info about Virtual Lobby Day for Safe Streets.
SCDOT advocacy updates:
-Complete Streets policy
PCC and partners with our SC Livable Communities Alliance will engage with SCDOT's Secretary Hall in early January 2021 to negotiate some outstanding elements that need improvement in her draft Departmental Directive for Complete Streets. On the plus side, the current draft of this Complete Streets policy is evidence SCDOT is truly ready to work much more closely with local planning bodies, to integrate state road planning with local needs. SCDOT has drafted this policy to include policy implementation, because they are clarifying how various funding streams should integrate complete streets planning.
-Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety Action Plan
Recall that SCDOT will take 12 months to develop this Plan, which will aggregate all that crash data and drive conclusions on what will ultimately fix our state's systemic problems in pedestrian and bike safety.

We are cautiously optimistic. SCDOT developed a committee of key stakeholders to create this long term Plan, that will be a combination of 3 E's: Engineering, Education, and Enforcement. Many of those leaders come from the SC Department of Public Safety and other local leaders. PCC serves on that key committee. January is the first meeting.
SCDOT Road Safety Audits (RSA's)
PCC served in the Road Safety Audit for the 5 Points area in Columbia, SC. Read about these proposed changes here

RSA's are multi-stakeholder audits of SC's most dangerous roads. The process is incredibly valuable because it's comprehensive; but they often require follow up, especially to make sure all engineering and funding options are considered and put to action. In this Columbia RSA, PCC worked with stakeholders to pursue additional funding and negotiate local needs into the final report. An additional public input phase for this project will engage more local volunteer advocates, towards a more perfect set of safety improvements.
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