In-person worship every Sunday with Rev. Laura Stratton, Pastor
9am at Mt. Zion UMC & 11am at Scottsville UMC
Due to the substantial spread of Covid in our area, we encourage everyone, even vaccinated individuals, to wear masks in worship.
Upcoming Calendar Items:
Sunday, December 19th: Christmas Caroling at 2pm
Tuesday, December 21st: Blue Christmas Service at Scottsville UMC at 7:00pm
Friday, December 24th: Christmas Eve Service at Scottsville UMC at 7:00pm
Every Thursday from 10-2: Skippers Senior Club meets in the SUMC fellowship hall.
All seniors are welcome!
Prayers & Praise of the People
The Week of December 5th
·        Joy for the decorations of both sanctuaries!
·        Joy for the Walk to the Nativity and Scottsville festival activities! Big thank you to
everyone for their help and cookies!
·        Joy for Staci's mom’s birthday and for all December birthdays!
·        Jennie Tapscott, who has Covid
·        Jack Hamner who had several tests on Dec. 6th
·        Ann Hamner, who has a procedure on Dec. 13th
·        Ginny Haney's daughter's friend, Eric, who is in the ICU with Covid
·        Connie's coworker, who was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma 
·        the family and friends of Billy Cookenhour, who died
·        David and Rose's daughter-in-law, Emma, who has Covid
·        Bob Warring's friend, Chuck, who is battling cancer while still working
The Week of November 28th
·       Joyce Jarratt, who has vertigo
·       Connie's coworker, who has medical issues and is awaiting test results
·       Madelyn Critzer, as she mourns the death of Jane, her lifelong friend
·       Emma Schlichting, for travel mercies and a good end to her semester
·       Mary Curtis' sister-in-law, Anne Conrad, whose brother Tom died on Sunday
The Week of November 21st
  • Praise for the Senior Skippers group!
  • Velma Townsend, who had a knee replacement on Friday
  • John Pace's oldest son's father-in-law, Tom Briggs, who has Stage 4 liver cancer
  • Ginny's sister's boyfriend, Jim, who had surgery to remove the masses and who will probably start chemo soon. Joy that he feels better after the surgery and will get to be home for the holiday
The Week of November 14th
  • Praise for Bill and Ellen Pitts' 50th wedding anniversary!
  •  Praise that Ruby Willis sends her love and is doing well!
  • Ellen Pitts, as she begins her radiation treatments
  • Ginny's sister's boyfriend, Jim, who has lesions on his liver and a mass on his colon and will be having surgery
  • Bob's friend, Charlie, who is having health issues
  • Ruby Willis, as she mourns the death of her son, Smitty, and also Smitty's wife, Marie, who is Tillie's friend
  • Jerrell Penn, 26-yr-old in the hospital with cirrhosis of the liver
Long Term Requests
  • John Smith & his mother Katie
  • Bev Butler, Ellen Pitts' brother
  • Joyce Jarratt
  • Tillie Adcock's Family
Our Shut-Ins
  • Margaret Hughes
  • Mary O'Connell
  • Ruby Willis
  • Agnes Johnson
Additional Requests
  • The healing of our nation, physically, socially & spiritually.
  • All afflicted by COVID-19
  • Hope Beyond the Bars prison ministry - volunteer & participant list below
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Blessings, Staci
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