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2020 has introduced a lot of new words/phrases into our vocabulary. We all are quite familiar with the phrases "social-distancing" and "COVID protocols." The new buzz word in the art center world is "pivoting." This is a word that those of us who manage art centers love/hate. We hate it because it means we need to analyze and reinvent how we provide art experiences due to the pandemic, taking us out of our comfort zone. We love it because it presents a new spin (and a challenge) on how we deliver experiences to our community.

At a time when arts centers are wondering how they will sustain the pandemic, members of the LOLA Arts Community have helped us make a temporary pivot possible through our Giving Tuesday fundraiser. Many thanks to the donors who helped us exceed our goal, allowing us to present a variety of virtual program offerings free of charge to the entire LOLA community across the country.

We will continue to have a small number of on-campus experiences at LOLA, interspersed with virtual experiences. I have been partaking in virtual art experiences; concerts, art projects and, cooking classes. Last Friday I participated in an acrylic painting class fundraiser through the Center for Visual Arts in Wausau, WI. The experience ended up being so much more meaningful than I could have ever predicted, on so many levels. An art packet of supplies along with zoom instruction set me up for a memorable experience that left me filled with hope for virtual art experiences.

The photo collage below shows the steps from left to right that outlined my journey during the class which was entitled "Paint With A Purpose" ala Jim Dine's "Confetti Heart." The middle photo on the bottom is that of my husband's experience; a contrast to my work, exemplifying that art is a personal expression. I found that the final product did not mean so much to mean as the journey that I took to get there. Truly, an art experience that will stick with me for years to come.

Happy Holidays and cheers to many new art experiences virtual or in-person in 2021!

Jennifer Anderson
Executive Director
LOLA Classes
December 18 Zoom for the Holidays with Stefan Anderson
Join instructor, Stefan Anderson, as he shows class participants how to join a zoom meeting via computer, cell phone or tablet. The class will cover the basics of controlling your microphone, camera, viewing options and a tour of Zoom features.

December 21 LOLA SLEIGH BELL FÊTE - A Make Music Day Winter Event
Celebrate the shortest day of the year, Northwoods style outdoors by listening to a holiday music playlist pre-recorded by musician friends of LOLA.

Bring a camp chair and enjoy a campfire, cocoa donated by Forget Me Not Floral, cookies donated by Luoto's Fitness and LOLA board members, self-care gift basket raffle donated by Luoto's Fitness and Inspirational Touch Massage.

January 12 Virtual Photography Workshop Series with Mark Schermeister
This course will cover the entire spectrum of photography as art. We’ll study (and simplify) the sometimes-confusing technical aspects, focusing on what you need to know to get what you want. We’ll learn to use photography to produce art, how to use that art to make a creative statement, and how to display and send that statement out to your target audience.

January 15 Paint A Slate Cheese Tray or Your Own Glassware with Sue Schurch
Artist Sue Brucks-Schurch will guide you as you create your own acrylic design on a piece of provided slate which can be used as a cheese tray or choose to bring two pieces of your own smooth glassware. Select your own color scheme for the border and paint your own custom design on your glassware or the slate cheese tray.

January 16 Liven Up Your Winter Cooking with Sushi and Spring Rolls with Eleva Potter
Join Environmental Educator, Eleva Potter, to learn how to roll sushi and spring rolls using fresh ingredients. Sample edamame and tempura fried vegetables. Bring your appetite!
January 16 Persian Dinner Party with Arash Jamali
Come try all of the courses from a Persian feast, including Barbari (flat bread), beef and lamb kabob, Tahdig (fried rice), Fesan Juoon (chicken, pomegranate and walnuts), tea and sweets. Bring your appetite!  

Seeking Virtual Programming Instructors
For our 2021 Winter Programming Season (January - March), LOLA will have a variety of free virtual offerings.
These offerings will be done in the form of a pre-recorded video or a Zoom class. Sessions can be anywhere from 10 minutes - 2 hours. The programming will be free for participants. Instructors will receive a small stipend. LOLA staff are willing to travel up to an hour and one half to videotape at an instructor’s home/studio. Instructors also may elect to present their offering at the LOLA building and have staff record it there. Zoom classes will be hosted by LOLA. 

Questions? Contact Jennifer Anderson at jennifer.lolaarts@gmail.com
or call 715-547-3950.

Check Out These Virtual Art Experiences
A Big THANK YOU to the Musicians who Contributed to the SLEIGH BELL FÊTE Playlist!!!
Steve Kickert
Steven Hebert
Audrey Nudd
Jon Franke
Big Road
John Hebert
Decade XS
Northwoods Ukers
Jennifer Anderson
Karen Hassey
Woodland Strings
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