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Holiday Sale!!!
2 for the
Price of One Sale!!!!!

Register 2 people for the same workshop at the same time by December 19, 2019 and pay for only one! Applies to any of the following scheduled courses in Westlake Village, CA:

Women Moving Forward®,

Enabling Purpose through Relationships©

Advanced Women Moving Forward®

Managing Corporate Change©

Sale spaces are limited!!!

Sale does not apply to the Women's Leadership Retreat® or the Advanced Men's Course©
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2020 Public Workshop Schedule    

Enabling Purpose through Relationships©
March 3-5, 2020
Westlake Village, CA

Women's Leadership Retreat®
May 19-21, 2020

Women Moving Forward®
Postponed to 2021
Singapore $6,750

Women Moving Forward®
J une 10-12, 2020
Westlake Village, CA

Managing Corporate Change©
June 23-25, 2020
Westlake Village, CA

Advanced Women Moving Forward®
July16-17, 2020
Westlake Village, CA $3,250

Advanced Men's Course®
2020 Dates to be determined

Women's Leadership Retreat®
November 4-6, 2020
Four Seasons Westlake Village CA 
Only 4 spaces left!

What does Love look like?

On October 19 th  Susan and our daughter-in–law Megan Van Vleet were arriving at LAX  back from doing a  Women Moving Forward®  workshop in Geneva, Switzerland.  It was a tough flight with delays and bizarre passenger behavior that only added to the exhaustion of an already grueling flight.  For even more stress Megan is pregnant with their first child (our first grandchild YEA!) making Megan even more tired.

Charlie and I arrive in separate cars to escort our respective spouses home.  Susan and Megan show up at baggage claim and there is hugging and kissing and the regaling of stories of what was a harrowing journey home.  Charlie pulls out a beautiful bouquet of flowers and gives them to Megan and she beams with approval from the expression of love.  

Susan looks at me and we smile being in the presence of love of our kids.  I then pointed out that Charlie brought flowers and I brought the  luggage cart  from outside.  I said “well there’s the difference between a 7 year marriage and a 41 year marriage in a nutshell!”  We all laughed and Susan said, “Yes, the last thing I need right now is another thing to carry and then take care of after being gone for 2 weeks!”  She gives me the nod, you made the right call.

“Love” transitions through a continuum starting with teenage infatuation (purely hormones) to Romantic love (still a lot of hormones) to mature love (some hormones) but founded in:

-A pool of respect and appreciation for that person that you know so well.  
-A bond of years of shared hardship and triumph. 
-And an endless well appreciation you feel for sacrifices they have made for you like carrying your huge Van Vleet sons or recreating their business to include you when that was not the original design.

Don’t get me wrong I buy flowers too.  It’s just good to know I get whether the cart or flowers are the right call!

As always we invite your comments.

On August 16th we held the 40th Anniversary Celebration of SVVCI®. We know many of you wanted to attend but could not make it . Here are two VideoClips from the Summit:
Here is the Clip from the discussion On "Leaving Corporate". Roberta Teran gives a poignant answer to Susan's first answer "What lead you to the decision to leave corporate?"
How do you put 40 YEARS of living your Purpose in 10 minutes? Well, here it is...

Watch for our Youtube Channel with additional Videos, coming soon!
Women Moving Forward®
returns to Singapore in 2021!

Dates to be determined!
Advanced Men's Course© 2020
Contest #12

The 2019 AMC© was spectacular, focusing on building community using the Tribe book by Sebastian Junger.

Results of the 2019 session have already reached well beyond days of the course.

What magic will 2020 Bring? Let us know if you want to attend.
Dates: To be determined 2020
2019 Returnees
Newbies $4,950
Watch for 2020 Dates

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