Best wishes to the E8 community these vital days, and we welcome you with new Decarbon8-US impact fund deals for all, Sept. 10 presentations and stories, and philanthropic (and personal) investing opportunities, on top of fall Member events. These fun learning and impact investing opportunities are open to all - please share!
First D8 investments in
EV charging, carbon capture and hydrogen
Decarbon8-US, a philanthropic investment fund from E8 angels and Realize Impact, is thrilled to announce its first investees, representing the decarbonization and investment potential for electric vehicles, carbon capture and hydrogen power. Xeal, Earthly Labs and Steelhead Composites exemplify D8's goals: to surface and accelerate high potential decarbonization technologies that are on the market and ready to scale. There are 4 ways you can actively participate:

  1. Join us at noon Pacific Sept. 10 for presentations from each; this session for sharing and stories is open to all.
  2. Explore the value prop, traction and potential for each in our Investment Brief.
  3. Contribute Decarbon8-US to have a share in and to boost these investments; all donors are welcome, and all gifts and grants are tax deductible (including appreciated securities), with philanthropic returns for larger contributions.
  4. Accredited investors can consider the two deals open for personal investment, Earthly Labs and Steelhead Composites, pending your own due diligence and review.

These opportunities are made possible by the Investment Committee, our first donor-investors, the Stolte Family Foundation, Cleantech Alliance, Craft3's financial review and the E8 community. Contact Mike Rea, Executive Director, with all questions and ideas.
Xeal, Zander Isaacson and Nikhil Bhardwaj. Xeal offers a software platform for EV charger networks, connecting multi-unit properties and workplace customers and their drivers. Using AI and accumulated data from drivers, utilities and buildings, Xeal’s patent-pending software optimizes energy management for chargers, especially in the presence of demand charges. Together with the driver scheduling and management app, the platform saves energy and money for building managers, creates a new income stream from charging, saves drivers time and money, and improves the user experience for this amenity that will speed EV adoption. Dig into the video and a recent article.
Amy George and Dr. Eric Chen.
Earthly Labs gives small craft breweries and other industrial facilities a chance to capture and recycle (and resell) carbon. Craft breweries are a perfect starter market, with 20 pilots and customers such as Austin Beerworks, Icicle Brewing, and ABinBev. Their refrigerator-sized tech captures and cleans CO2 offgas and makes it available for resale to greenhouses or for conversion – and for reuse by breweries, for whom the cost of beverage-grade CO2 has skyrocketed; they also report that “green CO2” suds taste better, on top of boosting customer loyalty. Earthly Labs has decarbonization technology to scale and adapt, and they can also build momentum and acceptance for circular economies and sustainability. Check the video intro and recent CNN Business article.
Andrew Coors.
Specialized vessels for storing hydrogen make up about 75% of Steelhead’s pipeline, with projected 2020 revenue of $4.25M. You can find their tanks in use or testing in automobiles (e.g. Hyundai), maritime ships (e.g. HySeas ferries), and stationary and backup power (e.g. Microsoft data centers), and even in space (SpaceX). With competitive advantage from patents, trade secrets, certifications and early traction, Steelhead complements other technologies and earlier stage companies in the D8 portfolio.
Curious and want to learn more about the possibilities of investing in cleantech enterprises? Visit; check out our midyear wrap up; and contact Mike.
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