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Call for papers: ICT Workshop
How does an inmate experience technology in prison? What are the areas for improvement? Do you have inspiring ideas or know-hows that would stir the audience to learn more about how technology is being used in prisons across Europe? Join us as a presenter at the next ICT workshop on 'The Inmate’s Digital Journey – Current and Future Solutions'. Apply by filling out a form on the event page, latest by 31 January 2022. The workshop is planned to take place on 5-6 April 2022 in Istanbul, Turkey.
EuroPris News
Newly elected President of EuroPris:
Caron McCaffrey
In October, Caron McCaffrey was elected as the new President of EuroPris. EuroPris interviews Caron to get an insight into her current position as a Director-General of the Irish Prison Service and her visions for being the president for the coming years.
What was your aspiration for applying to the EuroPris presidency?

I believe that the value of EuroPris has been realized and strengthened over the past two years as we have shared our experiences of managing the Covid-19 pandemic and learned from each other. I very much look forward to working will all our members to build on this success into the future and firmly believe that by working together we can improve our individual services delivering better workplaces for staff and better outcomes for prisoners.
Interview with Nick Hammond
In the coming period, Nick Hammond, the current Coordinator of the expert group of foreign nationals in prison and probation, will be leaving EuroPris, after working at EuroPris since 2013. With this interview, we would like to thank him for his great contribution to EuroPris, and share as well as highlight his rich background in working on foreign nationals in prison and probation.
What is the story behind you becoming the coordinator of the EuroPris/CEP FNPP expert group?

Working in the Probation Department of the largest women’s prison in Europe, HMP Holloway in the late 1980s, first introduced me to the issues facing foreign nationals in the criminal justice system and the challenges to prison and probation services. Leaving prison to establish a specialist probation unit working with foreign nationals that got arrested at Heathrow Airport, I then went on to work with offenders with a wide range of nationalities and immigration status’s probation & prison staff in London increasingly faced in their mainstream, day-to-day work.
Report: Children of Prisoners Workshop
On 11 November, we had the pleasure of meeting participants from 16 countries in Leiden, Netherlands for the Children of Prisoners Workshop. The first presentations were given by the EuroPris children of prisoners expert group members on how their jurisdictions have been implementing the Council of Europe Recommendation CM/Rec(2018)5 on Children of imprisoned parents. Next to this, tool and implementation methods were presented by Italian, German and Scottish experts in the field. Lastly, Catalonia and Cyprus shared their innovative work in the area of Children of Prisoners during the Covid crisis. All the presentations are available on the website, click below. A follow-up webinar will be organized in April 2022.
EuroPris is launching a new working group
European prison services shared many challenges during the first phases of the Covid pandemic. Each prison service needed to find innovative solutions to prevent the virus from entering facilities, maintain safety, and protect human rights standards. EuroPris is now forming a working group to produce a practice collection, showcasing reforms and innovations implemented in the last 1,5 years. The group will work on a number of subtopics and the process will be coordinated by Athena Demetriou, Deputy Director-General, Cyprus Department of Prisons. All EuroPris members are welcome to contribute to this work. An announcement with more details will be made shortly.
Other News
COVID-19 vaccinations for prison
populations and staff
Penal Reform International and Harm Reduction International are launching of the first ever in-depth review of policies and practices related to COVID-19 vaccination in prisons across 177 countries. At this online launch of ‘COVID-19 vaccination for prison populations and staff: report on global scan’, key international and national actors and human rights leaders will discuss the findings of the report and ways forward to ensure the prioritisation of people detained and working in prisons for COVID-19 vaccination and broader pandemic responses. The webinar will take place on Tuesday 14 December at 14.00 CET.
Global Prison Trends Report 2021
Global Prison Trends 2021 is the seventh edition of Penal Reform International’s annual flagship report published with the Thailand Institute of Justice, identifying the key trends and challenges in prison systems worldwide. Global Prison Trends 2021 exposes the impact of the global pandemic on prison populations and staff, showing that in the face of the COVID-19 crisis millions of people in prison have suffered as a result of preventive measures, at a huge cost to their mental health and human rights.
Highlights from KMS
EuroPris receives queries from member countries every week, and in this section, we will highlight several Knowledge Management System (KMS) reports from the last months. Click on the link to view each KMS report:

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