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Simple Wishes

 December, 2012



I welcome the opportunity to help you work through current issues and to look at your future with a sense of hope and purpose.


Masters Degree - Applied Psychology from Seton Hall University


Post-Masters Degree-Marriage and Family Therapy from Seton Hall University


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


Private Practice 

since 2008


NJ work experience totaling 5 years


Married 24 years


Mother of 2 teenage daughters 


Lived in Indiana, 

New Jersey and Texas


Passionate about 

what I do




Just a simple wish that all of you have a safe and happy upcoming holiday season from my home to yours.  


I am thankful for my health and the well-being of my family.  I am thankful for the gifts that have been bestowed upon me that allow me to be of assistance to others in need. And I am thankful for all of the wonderful individuals, couples and families that I have met on this journey to private practice.


Please take a moment to reflect on the things that you are thankful for and let's look forward together to make next year even better.


I also have a simple request.  If you have received this email, please reply back to me at the email address listed below with a simple "Thank you for the newsletter." I have received feedback that some of you are not receiving this email on a regular basis.  By acknowledging receipt, I can then follow up with those that have not responded.


Thank you and have a blessed and enriching holiday season.




Maryellen Dabal, MA, LMFT

Southlake Counseling & Neurofeedback Center

420 North Carroll Ave Suite 140

Southlake, TX 76092




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I welcome feedback regarding the newsletter or questions about my practice.  I can be reached at maryellen@dabalmft.com.  I cannot, however, give advice through email. For more information on my practice please visit my website: www.dabalmft.com

I wish you well...