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Calm for the Holidays

 December, 2014

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"The holidays stress people out so much. 
I suggest you keep it simple and try to 
have as much fun as you 
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The holidays are upon us and there is so much to do.  We feel as though we might not get it all done.  We are unclear what our priorities are during this time of year, so we tend to think everything is our priority. 

It is unrealistic to think we can be all things to all people.  The calmer we are towards dealing with what is thrown at us during the holidays, the better we will be at getting things done.  So how do we calm ourselves down?  Read below for some ideas to help calm yourself so you can actually enjoy the holidays.


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Stay well and have a joyous and fulfilling holiday season.




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From The Positive Perspective.......


Take a few moments every day to focus on your breathing. Close your eyes and actually listen to it.  Go to a quiet room or just sit in your parked car before a stressful event for a few moments.  Listen to the rhythm of your breathing.  Allow yourself to feel each breath and be calmed by it. 

Listen to country music. OK, so if you are thinking of skipping this one, hear me out.  I was flipping radio stations last week to find some new music to listen to when I came upon a country music station.  After listening for a while, I began to realize that most of the songs have slower and easy paced melodies.  After a few days, I began looking forward to listening to the radio on my way to work. I also noticed that the easy pace of the songs allowed me to feel more relaxed and not so hung up on the traffic or bad drivers around me.   If you need something to calm you down....don't knock this til you've tried it. 


Before you go to sleep at night, write down everything you need to do the next day, or for you electronic guru's, put the list in your phone or in your electronic calendar. Note what errands you need to run; what your priorities will be; what engagements you need to attend, etc.  Empty your brain before you go to sleep.  This can create a better night's sleep and help you to actually fall asleep faster. And if ideas continue to pop into your brain once you are in bed, keep a notepad and pen by your bedside so you can write things down without having to get up.


Acknowledge the traditions that you want to focus on for the holiday. What are the most important memories and experiences you want to have?  Be sure those things are the top priorities and eliminate anything else that you can. 


Simplify   Simplify   Simplify  You do not have to say yes to everything. Choose what is most important and focus on that.

I hope these ideas have been helpful.  I welcome your input for more ideas that help you to stay "low-stress" during this busy and joyous time of year.


Have a wonderful rest of your holiday season and I look forward to sharing more ideas with you in 2015.


Thank you for your interest in my monthly newsletter and for looking at the topic of holiday stress ...... From The Positive Perspective.


Stay well.


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I wish you well...