December 2016 - In This Issue:
Woship Services
Christmas Eve Services: 12/24
4:00pm & 6:30pm
Christmas Day Service: 12/25
Sunday Worship
8:00 am Traditional
10:30 am Contemporary
9:15 am Adult Education
9:30 am Children's Sunday School

Holy Communion
Communion is served at both services every Sunday.
Lutheran Church of the Cross
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PO Box 2800
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P - 303-674-4130
F - 303-670-7987

Church Office Hours Rotating
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Pastor's Message
Giving yourself for Christmas

In life there seems to by cycle.  As a kid you are focused on the gifts you will get to Christmas, dreaming and hoping that certain things will be waiting for you under the tree.  As a young adult you continue to accumulate things, part of fulfilling that American Dream, to own a home and fill it with stuff.  Then there comes a point where you start looking forward to getting rid of a lot of that stuff.  Kids start living their own life and you mourn that they are moving on but rejoice that their stuff leaves the house.  This process continues until the day we die and our loved ones discern what has value of memory to keep and what can be sold or given away, but ultimately it all goes away.

This Christmas I want to encourage everyone young and old to consider how you will give yourself to others and to God's work.  We all have been blessed with so much to give, I'm not talking about the stuff we have acquired.  We have been given time, gifts, opportunities for experience to share with each other. What gift of yourself will you give to your kids this Christmas?  It is so much more important than what you might provide under the tree.  Do something special together, it doesn't have to cost of money just be together; play games, skate the lake, do Christmas eve worship as a family.

What gift of yourself will you give your church?  Which talents and how much time have you been hording to yourself?  Make a commitment in your heart to be more involved and present this coming year in the worship, fellowship, and work of your church. What gift of yourself will you give your community and world?  I know that many of our members give passionately and generously of themselves to many things.  Maybe you continue in those meaningful works, or maybe you take a step out and do something entirely new that will bring purpose and meaning to your live and the lives of others.

The greatest gift is not what we get, but what we give.  The example is so present in our God.  God is the ultimate example of giving.  God gives us more than we deserve.  God went so far as to even give us His own Son!  This was not with any expectation of getting something in return but out of complete love.  May we learn from this lesson and do the same; giving our lives for the sake of something greater.  Give yourself away this Christmas season!

See you in worship.

Pastor Philip
Bible Studies
Men's Bible Study

The group is studying in the book of Isaiah.

They are schedule for the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month at 6:30am.

Join us in the church fellowship hall.

All are welcome.
Women's Bible Study
The Armor of God - it is time for us to "Suit Up" - a study by Priscilla Shirer 
We are so excited to offer this Biblically-based 'self-defense' class to you this fall at our Tuesday morning Bible study at LCC. Together we can learn from scripture how to defend ourselves, and be 'armed' for our present and future challenges.  This study offers an action plan for making use of the armor God promises us in His Word. Bring a friend and join us.  Babysitting and study workbooks will be available. 

Questions ?? - call Eunice 303.883.1541. Tuesday September 13, 2016 9:15 for coffee, 9:30 for study
Lutheran Church of the Cross
26253 Meadow Drive, Evergreen

Welcome Visitors

We want to welcome last month's visitors. Thank you for worshiping with us!


LaNae Twite, Falls Church, VA

Spiritual Renewal Conference
February 24 -25, 2017
The ministry team met on Sunday, November 20 and plans are underway for the 2017 conference.  Please mark your calendars.  Speakers, breakout sessions, worship and prayer along with multimedia presentation for both days are planned.  Watch for upcoming news.  There may be further news and, if so, I will get it in to you after Sunday, Nov. 20th.  Thanks for all that you do dear one.
Prayer Warriors

We will reconvene on Wednesday, November 30.  Also, please note on  If you have any questions please call Gloria Owens or Cheryl Touryan.

The 2nd Wednesday of each month we are inviting members to join Cheryl Touryan and Gloria Owens for prayer. Wednesday, December 14, we will have a special Christmas gathering of prayer and all are invited. We look forward to seeing you.
Love Offerings
Each month we will highlight an outreach or special ministry. Loose cash offerings and designated offerings will be given directly to those ministry opportunities.
In October the funds that were collected $472 for Adult LCC Missionary. 
The December Love Offering goes to  Mt Evans Hospice 50% and Life's Options Pregnancy Center 50%.
Happy Birthday!
12/01 Janet Warner
12/02 Jeff Hansen    
           Ken Touryan
          Jeremy Walters
12/03 Benjamin Reimers
12/05 Al Veinberg
12/09 Suzanne Pecoraro
12/10 Kent Barnes
12/13 Paul Mohrmann
12/24 Bethany Reimers
12/25 Jerome Willisch
12/28 Kristi Leinen
Happy Anniversary!

12/22 Joe & Suzanne Pecoraro

Saints Alive!

"We have heard of your faith in Christ Jesus and of the love you have for all our saints..." Col. 1:4

We give thanks for the following people who have helped support our life together as a community of faith:
  • For all those who helped with decorating for Christmas.
  • For those who helped in November with the Wednesday Night Youth events.
  • Art Martin for taking down the dead trees behind the church.
Church Staff
Pastor - Philip Reimers
Ministers - All of our People
Youth Director - Open
Music Director - Patrick Stone
Choir Director - Elinore Quander
Office Manager - Robbin Sellers
Council Members
Nonie Willisch - President
Mark Selman - Vice-President
Mike Lofing  - Treasurer
Maggie Blake - Secretary
Open - Business Manager
Claire O'Brien - Education
Gloria Owens - Evangelism
Open - Fellowship
Eunice Bollinger - Outreach/Missions
Paul Mohrmann - Prop & Grounds
Open - Stewardship
Vicki Morrison - Worship & Music
Open - Youth & Family
New Website
Our new website for Lutheran Church of the Cross is up and running. We encourage you to open the website and see the new look.  It is a work in progress and still needs a few customizations and a tweak or two. The website address is
LCC Worship and Music
Pastor's Sabbatical
Pastor Philip will be taking a three month sabbatical April 17 through July 17. Sabbaticals are a part of Pastor's contract and LCC's policy.  John Bergen will provide the primary leadership and many others will be supporting by providing sermons, leading worship, and other areas.  A meeting will be held in January to put together a schedule if you would like to help.

The theme of the sabbatical is Beaks, Peaks, and the Holy Spirit Speaks.  The sabbatical will include 2 months in the US and one month in Africa.  During that time Pastor will be spending time in God's creation bird watching, climbing peaks, and spending time in God's Word to be refreshed and inspired to a renewed passion for ministry.  Please pray for Pastor as preparations are made and as the renewal takes place.
The Season of Advent
Advent is a season of anticipation of Christ's coming into the world, and as Christians, we think about this in three ways - past, present, and future.  We celebrate the fact that more than two thousand years ago Jesus came into the world as an infant - the Son of God and our Savior.  This was a miraculous event that fulfilled the prophecies of the Old Testament.  In the present, we worship Him as He works in our lives every day, bringing comfort, healing, joy, and abundant blessings.  And we prepare for that glorious day in the future when He will return to claim us as His own.

As we prepare for this busy season ahead, may we keep the true meaning of Advent in our hearts and minds.  It is a joyous time of hope, love, and peace.

The Advent wreath is a powerful reminder for Christians.  Its circular shape made of evergreen branches symbolizes the eternity of God.  The candles represent each aspect of our spiritual preparation for the coming of our Lord, and the white candle at the center reminds us that Christ is the light of the world.  Each Sunday in Advent, one candle is lit as we study and reflect upon related scriptures and devotions.

Second Sunday of Advent, December 4th 
The second candle on the Advent wreath is the Bethlehem candle.  This candle reminds us that the prophecies declared that Jesus would be born in Bethlehem and of the lineage of David.

Third Sunday of Advent, December 11th
The third candle is the Shepherd's candle to remind us that it was to poor shepherds that the angels first shared the joyous news of Jesus' birth.

Fourth Sunday of Advent, December 18th
The fourth candle is the Angel's candle, which helps us to remember how angels watched over Jesus throughout His life, and angels watch over us today.


Saturday, December 10th
Children's Program rehearsal
* All day rehearsal with lunch provided
* Parents have the day to relax, shop, etc.

Sunday, December 11th
Both Services    Children's Program
12:30 PM    Caroling at Life Care and Elk Run assisted living facilities
Volunteers are requested for:
* Before 12/11 - assembling small gift bags of cookies and cards for the residents
* We would love to involve our youth in this project
* On 12/11 - playing guitar and participating in caroling

Christmas Services
Christmas Eve
4:00 PM  and 6:30 PM   
* Pre-service music before both services
* Please contact Patrick Stone if you would like to perform a piece (instrumental or vocal)
* Communion will be served at both services
* Choir will sing at the 4:00 PM service

Christmas Day Service
10:30 AM    One service only

December Service Helpers

Mission Statement:

As people of Church of the Cross, we proclaim the Love of Jesus Christ in all we do for the Glory of God.