December 2017 Edition

Don't Forget Senator Rhett!
District 33

Senator Rhett's Monthly Broadcast

Dear Friend:
This Saturday, November 11, is Veterans Day, and I ask you to join me in honoring our veterans and service members who have given so much to this nation. We are forever indebted to them for their willingness to serve and protect our freedom. 

For nearly a century, November 11 has been a day of appreciation for America's service members. On this day, communities across the country pay tribute to the incredible sacrifices that these men, women, and their families made in service of our country. It is also an opportunity to reaffirm our responsibility to take care of those who have given so much for our security. 

This is why I continue to stand up for our veterans and fight to ensure they receive the benefits they have earned through their selfless service to our great country. We must protect their access to affordable and quality healthcare, and provide them with the resources needed to pursue educational opportunities and quality jobs when they return home.  

As a Member of Congress, it is an honor to serve the great men and women who sacrificed their safety to protect our way of life. Since taking office, my staff has helped 2,533 veterans resolve problems with federal agencies and over $2,707,745 in benefits.

The mission of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is to care for those who have served. Unfortunately, some veterans are forced to wait too long to receive the assistance they need and deserve, and others struggle through unexpected hurdles when they seek care or compensation from the VA. When this happens, my staff is there to step in on your behalf and help you receive the benefits earned through your service.

As your representative in Congress, I am committed to ensuring that every veteran receives the benefits they have earned. Please do not hesitate to contact my office if you have an issue related to accessing your veterans' benefits or any other issue with a federal agency.

Congressman David Scott

Robert Trammell GA House Minority Leader  / Senator Doc Rhett
Around The Town: Democrat Priorities
Cobb Democratic Party
Mdj Source

HEALTH CARE, tuition-free technical colleges and a fair elections process are Democrat priorities for the coming legislation session in January, according to the new House minority leader, state Rep. Bob Trammell, D-Luthersville. Trammell gave Cobb Democrats an update on the coming session during a recent pow-wow at the Smyrna Community Center where he was accompanied by 
state Sen. Michael Rhett, D-Marietta.

The No. 1 priority for the Democratic Caucus is the expansion of Medicaid, he said. "It is the No. 1 point of obstinance in the Georgia General Assembly: the Republican refusal to consider the solution of taking the available Medicaid funds through Medicaid expansion and covering 600,000 of our fellow Georgians who will go to bed again tonight without health care insurance. We have hospitals closing," Trammell said.

Tuition-free technical colleges is another priority. "That idea is a Georgia Democratic idea.
It was called HOPE. And then the Republican General Assembly got into it and made it such that it wasn't automatic," he said.

Fighting for a fair elections process is another priority in light of the computer server that technicians wiped clean at the Center for Elections Systems at Kennesaw State University, which runs the state's election system. "Hopefully this is going to be a bipartisan initiative," Trammell said. "But if there's one thing we know in recent weeks, it is untenable to vote on technology and machines where you can touch a button and all the data disappears. All the backup data disappears. There's no verifiable voter trail. And we do not have a public record of what happened in the summer's election. And there is an easy fix for it, which is going to new voter technology with a verifiable auditable paper trail."

Many don't realize how important the statehouse races are, Rhett added. "Because whoever controls the statehouse writes the voting districts for school systems, municipalities, counties, statehouses and also Congress. That's a lot of power. And I'm just trying to encourage people to really pay attention to these statehouse races because that's where all the power lies," Rhett said.


Voters who live in the following jurisdictions are eligible to vote in any of the below locations.
  • GA State Senate District 6
  • City of Marietta Ward 1
  • City of Smyrna Ward 3
  • City of Austell Ward 1

Please call the Cobb Elections Office at 770-528-2581 to verify your eligibility. 

* Vote NOVEMBER 27th through DECEMBER 1st
 at these locations:
    Mon-Fri 8am-5pm
  2. Austell City Hall (AUSTELL) 
    Mon - Fri 9am-5pm
  3. Smyrna Community Center (SMYRNA) 
    Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
* NO VOTING On Monday, December 4th 

Where do I vote 
December 5th ??????

Runoff Election Candidates
your Community!
December 5, 2017

Jen Jordan  & Jaha Howard
State Senate District 6

Cheryl Richardson & Jay Davis
Marietta City Council Ward 1

Ikaika Anderson & Marlin Lamar
Austel City Council Ward 1

Maryline Blackburn & Travis Lindley
Smyrna City Council Ward 3

Thanksgiving in  State Senate 
District 33
Ron Anderson Recreation Center
Senior Thanksgiving Dinner
Servant Helper Doc Rhett

Penny Mitchell              Pastor Zollicoffer

Effie McCain

Turner Chapel AME Church 
Turkeys for the community (Marietta)

American Legion Post 296 Marietta 
Thanksgiving Dinners

Thanksgiving Day Run Walk for MUST Ministries 
Marietta, GA

MDJ Source
The Moore family of Mableton brought home a turkey and all the sides from state Rep. Erica Thomas' fall festival in Buy Now Austell. 
From top left, Mike Moore, Jessica Moore and Rep. Erica Thomas. Bottom, Isabella Moore and Dakota Rounds. / Staff-Ross Williams Ross Williams

Senator Doc Rhett 
Ride Along with local law enforcement

Faith leaders meet with Cobb Police to talk gangs and teen crime
MDJ Source
Marietta Councilman-elect Reggie Copeland and Cobb Police Chief Michael Register embrace during a forum between leaders in both the Cobb faith and law enforcement communities.

Pastor Santiago, Pastor Mark Harkness, & Senator Doc Rhett

Pastor Brown
 Greater Community COGIC

MARIETTA - There are 129 gangs in Cobb County with an estimated 1,429 associates, according to the county's Criminal Apprehension and Gang Enforcement Unit.
Speaking at a Monday forum with leaders of Cobb's religious communities, Cobb Police Chief Mike Register said it will take everybody's help to deal with Cobb's gang problem.
Register invited the local faith leaders to the Cobb Civic Center to discuss ways they might help the police keep Cobb's children out of gangs. He said he hopes to hear what they are doing to alleviate gang issues and potentially partner up or emulate the programs.
Marietta Councilman-elect Reggie Copeland, who is the pastor of House of Hope Church International, caused some friction when he criticized a previous faith forum in which he said religious leaders were cut off before they finished speaking.
Copeland rose from the audience and spoke after the comment section had ended and the closing prayer was about to begin. He said many pastors were offended by the previous meeting and chose not to attend because of it.
"If you look around the room today, there are a whole lot of pastors who are not here, and there is a reason why ... I think it's terrible if you invite pastors to come be part of a dialogue, a robust discussion, and then you cut off the discussion at the end and what needs to be heard is not heard," Copeland said. "So I'd like to suggest to you and the pastors here, next time, come to the community. Let's go to one of the churches."
Register, who was previously police chief in Clayton County, said he has an open-door policy at his office and welcomed Copeland to visit, but he did not agree to hold the next forum in a church.
"You pastors are the hardest people to get along with sometimes," Register said with a laugh. "I'm going to tell you why. I went to a church in my time in Clayton. Everybody got mad because I went to that church and didn't go to the other church."
Register said he thinks he and Copeland are in agreement about the need for dialogue between the police and the community. After Copeland spoke, Register came down from the stage and hugged Copeland.
At several points during his comments, Copeland compared the relationship between the police and the faith community with a romantic relationship. Copeland said he feels the police want to rush into marriage, but Copeland feels the relationship needs a longer dating phase, which he said requires honesty on both sides.
"I don't want you to feel like everything I'm saying is negative, but if we can't heal the relationship, there's not going to be a marriage," Copeland said.
The two men spoke at length after the meeting. Copeland said afterward that he was heartened by listening to Register.
"Chief Register said that he is open, and we're certainly here together," Copeland said. "I've been to every one of the faith forums, and he's a good man, and we're here to support."
Read more here


T.N.T. has restarted with the new 2017-2018 school year.  Join our tutors on Tuesday from 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm at the Cathedral.  Tutors will provide homework support with Math & Science.  Tutors are available for 6th grade Math, Algebra I & II, Geometry, and/or Science.  If your child is in need of assistance other than what is offered, please contact:
Philip Norris at or 
Nathaniel Howard at

Turner Chapel AME Church Marietta, GA

CCRPI Scores Move Up Again at Clay Elementary School

Clay Elementary School announced recently that they moved from 65.9 CCRPI score in 2016 to a 71.7 CCRPI score in 2017 ( up 12.5 since 2015). CCRPI (the College and Career Readiness Performance Index) is a comprehensive school improvement, accountability, and communication score that reflects students' college and career readiness. For our community, this trend is an important indicator of school improvement. This accomplishment is due to the efforts of students, staff, parents, community and school district.

If you need electric bill assistance contact Tallotoona at 770-817-4666 

Tallatoona provides low-income children and their families with education, special education, health, dental, mental health, social and nutritional services


Holiday season schedule changes for Cobb Link 
bus routes

With the holiday season quickly approaching, Cobb Community Transit staff wants you to know about upcoming modifications to CobbLinc's commuter service. There will be no bus service, Paratransit service or Paratransit reservation service on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day or New Year's Day. For a detailed look at operating dates and times surrounding Thanksgiving,  click here . For a detailed look at operating dates and times surrounding Christmas and New Year's,  click here

'Mature' students invited to college and career fair at Osborne High

According to Forbes, 53 percent of Americans are not happy in their current employment. A better prepared workforce can help improve our country. Osborne High PTSA and the Healing Stations, Inc. will host the Mature Student College/Career Fair 10 a.m.-2 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 2, at Osborne High School. This event is tailored toward people 18 and older who desire to further their education and/or careers. There will be three workshops: workforce readiness, financial literacy and what is your purpose. Various colleges and universities will also be in attendance, along with several businesses from the metro Atlanta area. Vendors, entrepreneurs and representatives from the branches of the Armed Services and Veteran Affairs will be on hand. Participants are encouraged to bring their resumes, biographies and transcripts, if they have them. Osborne High School is located at 2451 Favor Road SW, Marietta. For more information,  click here

Churchwide Christmas & 
New Members Fellowship

Sunday, December 24
{Immediately following the Worship Service}

You are invited to join us for a time of food, fun, and fellowship at our Annual Christmas Dinner as we celebrate our Lord & Savior and recognize all our new 
members who have joined us this year!

Cobb S C L C

transportation bus

American Legion Casino Trip to North Carolina
Saturday, January 27, 2018
Cost: $45 
$10  and a food coupon will  given to you upon arrival

Funds will support  the Willie Pitts Fundraiser

Meets every 1st Monday at the South Cobb Recreation Center in Austell

Powder Springs Task Force
Meets every 4th Monday at the Ron Anderson Recreation Center in Powder Springs

Cobb Democrats 
Cobb Democrats

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Community Calendar

Thursday, November 30,  Internet Basics , South Cobb Regional Library, 3pm.

Friday, December 1 - Sunday, December 10, Christmas House Arts and Crafts Sale, Mable House Arts Center, 10am - 6pm daily, except Sundays 2pm - 6pm.

Saturday, December 2, Candy Cane Hunt, Mable House Complex, 10am to noon.
Monday, December 11,  MIC Board Meeting, Quick Tax Professionals, 6108 Mableton Parkway, 7pm. 

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