December, 2020 - FMEC in Focus
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2020 FMEC Highlights
Integrative Health Learning Community Launches
We partnered with Wayne Jonas, MD and the Samueli Foundation to launch a learning community that is helping 17 practices/clinics to implement Integrative Health services

DPC National Summit
We co-sponsored this two day Summit with the AAFP and the ACOFP. The FMEC remains a proud supporter of the DPC Movement

Hot Topics in Family Medicine
New This Year – We sponsored 10 one-hour presentations that provided a venue for medical students and Family Medicine Residency Program to discuss topics of mutual interest

2020 FMEC Annual Meeting
We held our first highly successful virtual meeting with an attendance of 344 medical students and 545 faculty members and residents.
FACTS conference
The FACTS project celebrated 10 years of service with a two day conference that attracted more than 100 participants from around the world. Course Director – Marguerite Duane, MD, MHA

Responding to the Primary Care Workforce Challenge
We offered a 4 hour conference that continues the FMEC’s long term effort to increase the numbers of medical students choosing careers in Family Medicine/primary care. Course Director – Stacy Potts, MD, MEd

Building Your Organization’s Research Capacity
We offered a three hour workshop that helped organizations learn how to increase the production of scholarly activity. Course Director –Anton Kuzel, MD

Podcast Channel
The FMEC launched a podcast channel this year. The channel includes interviews with healthcare innovators, Family Physician book authors and a range of interesting guests. Be sure to subscribe to the FMEC Podcast through your podcast app.  Search for "FMEC Podcasts". Click here to view on Apple Podcast Preview.
CoreWellnessTM is the first comprehensive, standardized, online wellbeing curriculum designed to provide trainees with the practical skills they need to manage stress and adversities typical of medical training.

Learners will:

• Identify the impact of stressors on cognitive, emotional, and physical wellbeing

• Practice skill-building exercises that improve resilience

• Increase training in proactive, self-care measures

New users can receive a 15% discount (expires December 31, 2020.)
for more information.
We Recommend
Books by Family Physicians

If Your Heart is Like My Heart
By Scott Morris, MD, DIV

The second book is by Scott Morris MD who is the Family Physician from Memphis who came to our innovators network last year. He tells the story of how he came to Memphis following his residency training and began developing the “Church Health” model of care. It’s a remarkable story of vision and determination that culminates in the creation of a powerful model of healthcare that is serving one of the poorest areas in the United States. Read More
New FMEC Initiative

When was the last time you saved someone's life?

That’s a question I asked of Hans Duvelt, MD who blogs at a Country Doctor Writes. If you haven’t found his blog site I invite you to check this out (This takes 2 minutes):

Family Physicians save lives, if not every day, at least, every week. I am not referring to the preventive medicine that saves years of people’s lives, I am talking about saving lives here and now. If you read Dr. Duvelt’s blog posting above you will understand what we mean.

Here is the challenge:

  • Take a few minutes to reflect on the patients you have seen in the last few weeks. Find one or more whose lives you touched at a deep level and identify what you did that made the difference. Then write about it (one page or less could do it) and send the writing to Make sure it is HIPPA compliant.

  • When I say something like this to most Family Physicians, they respond by saying “I don’t want to brag”. My response is “then don’t brag just describe the story and share it”.

  • In the coming months the FMEC will share these stories with students, residents, faculty members and the general public. It’s time that everyone knows what you do that has a powerful impact. If you believe Dr. Barbara Starfield was right, if you add more Family Physicians to a community’s health outcomes improve, then it’s these stories that explain your collective impact. Do not blame others who do not and cannot value your work, if you hide your light under a bushel.

DPC Summit 2021
July 16-18 | Kansas City, MO 

This premier event brings together direct primary care physicians and enthusiasts
for innovation, inspiration, and patient-centered solutions. 

For more information, visit:
Exciting news! The new Public Service Loan Forgiveness Employment Certification Form (ECF) was released this week. This is your friendly reminder that if you have not sent in an ECF in the last 12 months, do so as soon as you can. Download the form here. You will notice a new paragraph on the form. See the snippet below:
Check the first box if you want to receive an update on your count of qualifying payments.
As always if you have questions or think some of your qualifying payments are missing, reach out to us. We are happy to look into it with you.

Student loan repayment is complex and specific. Note: The information offered here is general advice and may not apply to your situation. Click here to set a time to get your questions answered by the Student Loan Guides at Navigate. Brought to you at a reduced price through your membership with FMEC.