Sunday, December 23rd
Single Worship Service at 9:00 am
(Recognition of Cindy Gruett  Arne Ranta)
Reception following Service

Blessings to All
St. Paul Lutheran Church

Gentle Reader,
Location matters!  As we race toward the 4th Sunday of Advent, many of us are finalizing preparations to host family and friends in our home, or to take to the road over the river and through the woods.  Location and gathering together means a lot over Christmas, and it did the first Christmas as well.  Mary goes to spend time with her cousin Elizabeth and sings a song of praise, hope and transformation.  Mary and Joseph find themselves summoned to a far off town as Mary's baby comes due.  Location matters, especially around Christmas.  Come this Sunday to locate yourself here, among your brothers and sisters in Christ, to pause, to praise, to celebrate the love of God that is so much bigger than any place or time, yet comes to meet us where we are.  Come this Sunday to locate yourself deeply in that love.  It may just change your life!

Pastor Grant Applehans

Recognition for Their Service
Recognition of Service to
St. Paul Lutheran Church
On Sunday, December 23rd, during our 9:00 am worship service, the council will recognize Arne Ranta for his long-time service to music within the church. Arne's last performance as choir director will be December 24th during the 10:00 pm service.

Also recognized will be Cindy Gruett.  Cindy has served many years with our Altar Guild.  Cindy continues her service with altar guild but recently stepped down as the lead.  Claudia Nelson and Jaime Fraley have jointly taken over this important position.

Please help us in recognizing both Arne and Cindy's contributions to St. Paul Lutheran this Sunday, December 23.

Arne Ranta
Cindy Gruett

This Sunday is your Last Chance to buy Scrip Cards for 2018.  
Looking for last minute Christmas Gifts? We have a large variety of a gift cards available for IMMEDIATE purchase this Sunday, December 23. Don't forget your cards for everyday purchases during the holidays -- gas, Target/Walmart, Cub, Applebees -- we have it all!  


All Christmas Poinsettias can be taken home following our 10:00 pm Christmas Eve Worship

Friday, December 21
8:00am Straighten Pews
Sunday, December 23
  Choir Singing 9:00am
  Traditional Worship Service
Monday, December 24
Tuesday, December 25
Friday, December 28
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Sunday, December 30
9:00am A Lesson in Carols (Trad.) Worship
6:30pm (L)Bible Study
Monday, December 31
Tuesday, January 1, 2019
iHeart Radio - UGMTC - Fundraiser 12/27


On Thursday, December 27th we are partnering with iHeart Radio for a 12 hour fundraiser (6AM - 7PM). UGMTC will be promoted across 9 different radio stations that day, and we're looking for volunteers who would be interested in answering phone calls and taking donor information. Our phone bank will be at the Naomi Family Residence, 77 Ninth St. East, St. Paul, MN.

We have five shifts available on Dec. 27th. Each shift is 2.5 hours long. This is our first time partnering with iHeart radio for this type of fundraiser, and we're not sure how big the response will be. If you are interested in volunteering, please sign up through the link below. There's more detailed information at the top of the registration page.

We hope you can join us on Dec. 27th!

Josh Windham
Manager of Volunteer Services
Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities
77 Ninth Street East
Saint Paul, MN 55101
Phone:(651) 789-7645
Fax: (651) 209-1693

Our Mission is Changing Lives

Sunday, January 6
Unity Service at 9:00 am 
The first Sunday of every month is being designated as Unity Sunday. We will worship together at 9 am with Sunday School following at 10:00 am.

Be sure to ear your name tags so we can all get to know each other.  
Who's Who in the Pews?
Starting with our first Sunday in the New Year, SPLC will begin using
Who's Who in the Pews.
A clipboard will be placed in each Pew. Every individual and family will write down their name and whether they will commune during worship.
This NEW process
will not replace our usher counts, but will provide members and visitors the opportunity to let us know if they have current needs with prayers, visits, membership, or other requests found through the form.
This process will also assist the church in gathering pertinent information for annual reporting to the Synod.
Who knows?  It may even provide some new ways to get to know each other and share stories of our Christian Faith. 
We appreciate everyone's compliance with the process beginning in January.

Extra Calendars?
Are you like me and you receive 3-4 calendar's each year from the wonderful people who do business with you?

If you do, please consider bringing calendars you will not use to the church office so we can give them away to others that might need them.

January 9 
- 11:00 am

KEENAGERS at Village Inn

January 15th - 6:30 pm Council Meeting
January 19th - Monthly Food Truck (Donations are always greatly appreciated).
More details coming soon!
January 27 - 9:00 am Service, Annual Meeting and Pot Luck

On the website, you can find the monthly Council Minutes, the church constitution and how to contact members of your church council. Hard copies of the minutes are also available at the Welcome Center; just ask, and we'd be happy to provide you a copy of the minutes.  
Look for the events and be sure to scroll to the bottom and click on "See More" to see all that they are offering in education, community, and special events
Check us out.  We're on a Mission of
Sharing Christ's Love With Joy!