Dear THOTH community, friends and family,
As the winter/summer Solstice draws near, we know many of you will commemorate this auspicious time of the year along with Earth-honoring people worldwide. Whether you will be celebrating online, with friends, or by yourself, including medicine songs in your ceremonies and rituals can amplify your intentions, prayers, invocations and evocations. And singing can bring joy to your heart during this turning of the seasons, or anytime.

It gives us great pleasure to share with you, through the generous contributions of THOTH community members, five beautiful, PMT-inspired medicine songs you can use as you feel called. You can access these songs HERE.
You may also like to include the creation of a Despacho or Apacheta to your seasonal celebration. You can find demonstration videos with don Oscar along with written guidelines for these Earth offerings HERE.

With joyful gratitude for your service to Pachamama,
Cindy, Michele, Amy, Heather
Photo above courtesy of Virginia Voegler
NEW in the Writer’s Forum
The Apple of the Amazon: An Ethnography of Pijuayo Founder and Executive Director of Camino Verde Robin Van Loon contributes this fascinating article that ties together historic and contemporary Peruvian highland tradition with the products of the Amazon rainforest, in particular black chonta staffs (or varas), and a little-known but highly nutritious fruit from the same palm tree species.
We are publishing The Apple of the Amazon in 4 parts. Start reading HERE and be sure to look for Part 4 on December 7th.
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