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The real danger from Paris: Fear, Media and Reality
The events of the Paris terrorist shootings shocked us all. One of the commentators called it an attack on "normalcy".   The sad fact is "shocking news" stories get all the attention. What is even more dangerous, these news stories shape our view of reality. Fear sells. So in the world where news is connected to revenue for the media our reality is in jeopardy.
Add to this the human response to fear. Watching the footage and hearing the accounts of the attack in Paris scares us. It also makes us feel helpless. The typical reaction to theses two emotions is anger. Many of you have heard me use the example of someone who almost hits our car and we react with anger though anger is not our first emotion it is fear.   Anger as a "cover up" emotion is not just an interesting psychological phenomena it is extremely dangerous in how it will shape our behavior and reaction in stressful situations. It can make us stupidly reactive and blind to bigger problems that are in reality, far more dangerous.
Lets follow how many people appear to be reacting to Paris and terrorism in general. We want to strike back; meet violence with violence. Totally understandable. We also react with hatred. But I fear not simply hatred of ISIS but all Muslims. We seem to learn nothing from past acts of terrorism that we have overcome. The strife Northern Ireland as an example. Hatred breeds more hatred and the cycle continues. Generalizing our fear of the ones we should fear to ones we need not fear cuts off our path to solving the problem. If we hate all Muslims we will have created the holy war ISIS wants! If you now start fear and hate all Muslims the terrorist act has been a success.
In the movie, The Fog of War, an interview with Robert McNamara who was secretary of Defense during the Vietnam War makes the salient point. He said first you must meet force with force. Second understand how your enemy thinks and why they want to kill you and lastly take action to prevent creating new combatants. PREVENTION. Watch the Tom Hanks movie Charlie Wilson's War if you want to understand the lesson. We must work toward prevention of the supply of those willing to die in a Jihad or it never ends.
Polio was an epidemic when I was a child. It struck fear in the hearts of parents. We had terrible images of children having to breath with an "Iron Lung". The reason most of you reading this have never heard of an Iron Lung is because we got to prevention of polio with a vaccine. Ultimately prevention is always the key. Prevention can't be driven by fear and hatred.
And now for what we are completely missing due to the media's love for dramatic bloody footage. According to recent US Department of Veterans Affairs research 22 veterans a day are committing suicide. Sorry no dramatic footage on this one. There were 6500 veteran suicide deaths in 2012 more than all the combat deaths in the Iraq War. Equally disturbing is women veterans are committing suicide at 12 times the rate of non-veteran women age 19-29. The same research indicates 23% of women in active duty are sexually assaulted. With only a tiny percentage of those assaults reaching trial let alone convictions. Here is a story that never gets 3 days of wall-to-wall coverage though the carnage is so much worse than the Paris attacks.
So what can you do? For us last Wednesday Susan and I went to the Interfaith Thanksgiving Eve Celebration last Wednesday. Five days after the Paris attack. When the Muslim Cleric got up to speak I will admit I got nervous at what he might say or how people might react. He quoted the Prophet Mohammad. I am paraphrasing but the quote was "no Arab should dominate any non-Arab and no non-Arab should dominate any Arab". I breathed easier.
You see I am as susceptible to fear/anger as anyone. I was so happy to be part of the standing room only crowd in Thousand Oaks, California and take a small step away from fear that night.
As always we welcome your comments.

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