Save the Date!
Dear generative somatics (gs) community,

These days ask a lot from all of us. There are critical victories that deserve recognition and celebration, right next to loss, violence, and spin aimed to harm. This year you have shown us the depth of your commitment, amidst so much complexity, be it in courses, movement partnerships, or resourcing gs. This has been a year that required courage. In all of it , we at gs are humbled by the work we get to do with so many of you. 

We're excited to invite you to an open webinar on December 10th --  Get To Know gs: 2018 Year In Review Here gs teachers and staff will share stories from 2018 programs. We will also reflect about the impact we see gs having, and the need for both personal and systemic transformation in social and environmental justice movements.

Who is this webinar for?

Do you want to know more about the impact gs is having in movements? 
This webinar is for you!

Were you part of gs programming this year and want to reflect together?
This webinar is for you!

Are you one of the almost 300 people who have donated to gs this year? 
This webinar is for you! Come 
learn more about the work you helped make happen!

Are you considering joining the awesome list of gs donors by making a year-end contribution?
This webinar is for you! T o meet our 2018 fundraising goals, we still have $85,000 left to raise. Please join this December 10th webinar  to learn more about our work, and please be a part of it by making a contribution.

Thanks for being in it together,
Staci K. Haines, Executive Director 
Photo above: Somatics & Trauma in Oakland, CA (2018)