December 16, 2019 Edition

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Cheers, Eric Gilboord
Many businesses have a best before date to transition. It may be best to sell before:

  1. Your industry changes too much to keep up with.
  2. You're too old to have a choice about transition anymore.
  3. Your competitors decide to attack and drive your value down.
  4. Your competitors make the move to sell first which can negatively affect your value. READ MORE
Intimate Roundtable Discussion

If you have questions about growing and or transitioning from your company and would like to get answers in a safe and confidential environment. Take a first step now with WarrenBDC and join us.

Attend a private by invitation only, limited seating event. Get on the list for our upcoming dates now.
Grow Your Practice In 2020

Host a Roundtable for boomer age Clients and Prospects. Earn a seat at their transition table, before competitors do.

Our events are typically co-hosted with local trusted Advisors including Wealth Management, Financial Planners, Accountants, Insurance, Lawyers etc.

Maximum 6-8 Owners per event.

Exclusively for Owners
To Explore Their
Growth And Transition Options
In Confidence

This is not a networking event.
Thank you Eric. Your warm and candid stories obviously come from your genuine desire to connect with your clients and your years of taking the time to care for their businesses and their families. You discussed complex issues with ease by making them relatable from the point of view of someone who may be unsure of how to go about transitioning their business either to family or to a third party. Thank you for taking the time to educate us in a warm and humorous way. You made a potentially anxiety-ridden experience an actual pleasure.

Regards, Anthony (Financial Planner Co-Host)
This is just a note to follow-up on yesterday’s lunch and dinner events. You engaged the audience so well with personal allegories that resonated with each of them. And thank you for showing such nice solidarity with Maricel, Anthony and me. Much appreciated.

I thought the “Safe Room” setting for our guests was particularly effective: we’ll set up another one soon.

Regards, Jody (Financial Planners Co-Hosts)
Eric's Latest Book Moving Forward
Written specifically for Boomer Aged Business Owners. One of the biggest events they face today, is to sell or transition out of their company.

Moving Forward is about selling or transitioning faster and for more; without forgetting the emotional and practical struggles Owners face.

At the same time it serves to help the Owners Family, Friends, Buyers and Trusted Advisers to better understand these challenges from the Sellers' perspective.

Moving Forward is a great gift for your business owner family, friends or clients.
From the WarrenBDC Ebook Series
A 10 minute read f or seasoned business Owners thinking about selling their company. Includes key issues and concepts you need to know. Great for Trusted Advisors to share with their Owner Clients.
From the WarrenBDC Ebook Series
A 10 minute read f or seasoned business Owners thinking about selling their company. Includes timelines and key activities. Great for Trusted Advisors to forward to share with their business Owner Clients.
Interview for Financial Advisors

Eric Gilboord explains how financial advisors can help their business Owner clients when it's time to transition or exit from the business.

Often, bringing transition expertise and resources can help the advisor keep a seat at the table during and after the transition.
Interview for Business Owners

Eric Gilboord shows you how to get three times the return, three times quicker. Don't leave money on the table.​

Eric talks about the current state of transitioning businesses. Who's buying and who's selling. What Sellers need to know.