December 16, 2019
All Saints Catholic School, a regional faith-based community, focuses on academic excellence while ensuring the dignity of each individual. While modeling Gospel values, the school incorporates a STEM approach to teaching and learning in order to prepare its population for the challenges of a global society.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God…And the Word became flesh and lived among us, and we have seen his glory, the glory as of a father’s only son, full of grace and truth.” (John 1:1 & 14)

This is not the scripture we typically consider as we anticipate Christmas and the Nativity of our Lord. Usually, we focus on the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, in which we hear of Mary and Joseph traveling to Bethlehem, Jesus being born in a stable because there was no room in the inn along with the stories of angels, shepherds and wise men.

John’s Gospel is quite different. While it reflects the coming of Jesus historically, it is the image of God as “The Word” that causes one to consider Jesus’ presence in our world today. As an educator, avid reader and some might rightly say talker, words are important to me. We are surrounded by words…they are the very essence of our relationships with one another. We hear words from those with whom we share life and work as well as strangers on social media and in the news.

Are the words we hear and speak, words of “grace and truth” that make God present in our world or are they filled with criticism and gossip, discouraging and tearing others down? Too often, we are careless with our words.

John the Baptist was the voice of one crying out in the desert, “Prepare the way of the Lord…Repent, for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand.” (Matthew 3:1-3) 

Many might associate the word repent with regret but if we trace its meaning to its Latin roots, we discover that it means to “rethink”.

In her book, The Power of Our Words, Paula Denton, Ed.D challenges us to “rethink” the words we use with children .  Denton offers five basic guidelines for speaking with children:

Be direct and genuine
Convey faith in the child’s abilities and intentions
Focus on action
Keep it brief
Know when to be silent

These guidelines would serve us well not only with children but with all those with whom we speak.

In these final days of Advent, may we come to know the power of our own words. May we commit to “rethinking” our choice of words as we speak to and about one another. Let us choose words of grace and truth that allow Christ’s presence to shine in our world.
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Important Dates!

December 18
Breakfast/Lunch Menu
Opens for 1/06/2020 to 1/17/2020

December 19
Elementary School
(Grades PK3 - 5 & All Instrumental Music Students)
Christmas Program
Corpus Christi Church
10:30 a.m.

December 20
Noon Dismissal (NO Aftercare)
Last day of school before Christmas

December 23
Breakfast/Lunch Menu Closes for
1/06/2020 to 1/17/2020

December 23-January 3
Christmas Break - No School

January 2-3, 2020
Faculty and Staff Professional Development Days

January 6, 2020
School Resumes for Students, Faculty and Staff

January 7
Math League Meet
4:00 pm at Red Lion

January 8
Breakfast/Lunch Menu Opens for
1/20/2020 to 1/31/2020

January 11
HSA Hispanic Dinner

January 13
Breakfast/Lunch Menu/Orders
Close for 1/20/2020 to 1/31/2020

HSA Meeting
5:30 p.m.

January 14
1000 Degree Pizza
Community Night

January 18
Future Cities Competition

On behalf of the Pastors of our supporting parishes, the Board of Directors, Faculty and Staff,
I wish you the blessings of Peace, Joy and Love this Christmas.
May you see and believe in the Glory of God incarnate in our world!
School News
Delaware Day Fourth Grade Competition
Delaware may be the second smallest state in the Union, but it has great significance in our country’s history, as the first state to ratify the Constitution on December 7, 1787. In 1933, then Governor C. Douglass Buck proclaimed December 7 th as Delaware Day to recognize the actions of George Read, Gunning Bedford, John Dickinson, Richard Bassett and Jacob Brown, who were the First State’s signers. In addition, each of the state’s three counties had their own ratifiers who signed the Constitution. 

An important part of a fourth grade education at All Saints Catholic School is learning about Delaware history, and why Delaware Day is such an important aspect of our state's history. Recently, Mr. Dougherty’s fourth grade class created posters submitted in the Delaware Day Competition, organized by the State of Delaware archives. 

The contest encouraged our students to learn about Delaware history and the federal constitution, involved the students in gathering data, research, analysis and interpretation, within a cooperative learning experience that included in-depth writing and artistry.  For their efforts, ASCS’s fourth grade class earned honorable mention. 
One of ASCS fourth grade class entries for the 2019 Delaware Day Competition.
The State of Delaware flag is proudly displayed in Mr. Dougherty's classroom.
A Visit by St. Nicholas!
Students Jordan (left) and Avery (right) in Mrs. Boyles' PreK 4 A class show off their St. Nicholas' masks, complete with beard and miter.
During nap time on Friday, December 6th, the PreK 3 and 4 classes were treated with a visit from St.
Nicholas who filled their shoes with goodies and treats.
Will, a PreK 4 student, checks out his tennis shoe for treats.
An icon of the beloved and kindly
St. Nicholas of Myra .
One of the most treasured Christmas traditions is a visit from St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, whose generosity and love for children was known and celebrated worldwide.

On Friday, December 6th, the students learned about St. Nicholas of Myra, on his actual feast day (December 6th). Born around the third or fourth centuries in Asia Minor, St. Nicholas is the Saint on which the traditions of Santa Claus and putting up Christmas stockings for Santa Claus to fill, are based. One of the most famous stories about St. Nicholas is when he threw bags of coins through the window of a needy family's house, and the coins fell into the stockings drying by the fire and saved the family from terrible hardship. Over the centuries, children have celebrated St. Nicholas' feast day by putting their shoes by their doors, so that St. Nicholas can fill them with special treats!

Our students created St. Nicholas masks featuring a miter and beard, and right before nap time, put a shoe outside of their classroom doors for St. Nicholas!
Mrs. Dzielak's students show her what St. Nicholas left in their shoes.
"Sea" What's Going on in Sea Perch
By Maksym Pohorylo

The Earth’s oceans are left unexplored in today’s world, leaving an entire world of life unbeknownst to humans. One of modern marine biologists’ hopes is for future generations to find a way to fully explore the sea. A competition sponsored by the US Navy is looking to seek the minds in this “future generation” that will fulfill modern marine biologists’ hopes. Sea Perch is a competition that takes place every year in major US cities where middle school students have to create a functioning underwater ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) and “sell” it to the US Navy. This year, All Saints is taking part in this competition and is hoping to achieve a victory in Philadelphia.

The new technology coordinator at All Saints, Ms. Small, has had more than five years of experience with Sea Perch, which was created in 2003 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sea Grant College Program. This year, with the help of Dr. Muir, she opened up the competition to ASCS middle school students. The team currently consists of 13 people, all from sixth to eight grade. The team works multiple days a week with Ms. Small and Mrs. Denhof, the fifth grade teacher, to build an underwater robot using the standard SeaPerch robot building kit. After they successfully build and test their robot, the team must create a mock company where they will make a presentation for their robot which they have to then “sell” to judges at the event.

 The official event takes place on March 6, 2020 in Philadelphia, PA at Temple University. Over fifty schools will be at this event, and the Philadelphia competition is just one of many regional competitions that are held in multiple cities throughout the country. The winner(s) of each competition then go to the national competition at the University of Maryland in College Park, MD on May 30, 2020. Ms. Small and Mrs. Denhof hope to make it to the national competition, but even just going to the regionals is one of the coolest things middle school students will ever experience.

Maksym Pohorylo, an award-winning writer, is an eighth grade student at
All Saints Catholic School.

While creating the structure for their underwater robots, the students learn many scientific concepts. One example is creating an electromagnetic field, which helps create movement. Here is one example of creating an electronic magnetic field (EMF) by making an EMF generator, using a battery and copper wiring. Please click on the photograph for a short video on a spinning circle propelled by an EMF generator.
STEM/STREAM Programs at All Saints
In addition to Science Olympiad, Math League and SeaPerch offered at All Saints Catholic School, we also have Future Cities, where students build a future city - virtually and with a three-dimensional model. These STEM programs at All Saints help equip our students with important critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration skills, while utilitizing and strengthening their innate creativity.
Future Cities

Students have learned about the critical components of a city and are now designing their own smaller replica, preparing for an important competition in January 2020. Here, Sarah Ross prepares wood for a structure.

Future Cities is a project-based learning program where middle school students imagine, research, design and build cities of the future.
ASCS's student team of budding structural engineers and city planners with a virtual design of a future city.
Library Learnings
Library lessons, which occur weekly for students in grades PK3 - 5, not only incorporate how to select and find a book, but also art, writing, and presentation skills. Recently, our fifth graders created a "book report" on plain white T-shirts, describing the books they selected. They were to list characters and their favorite parts of their chosen book. Each student then modeled their own T-shirt creation while presenting a summary of their book.

First graders created a comprehensive report on whether their chosen book was fiction or non-fiction.
The first graders' work on fiction or non-fiction books.
A hallway display of the fifth grade T-Shirt 'book reports.'
First graders also learned the parts of a book during their project.
The Significance of the Jesse Tree
A Jesse Tree in Mrs. Haller's classroom.
A Star of David ornament representing King David, ancestor of Jesus Christ.
An image of a lamb, which was a highly prized animal in biblical times, is also symbolic of Jesus Christ, who is the sacrificial Lamb for the sins of humankind.
Christmas tree decorations can have a variety of appearances – they can be themed, with matching bows, balls and lights, or be traditional ones with handmade ornaments that have been handed down from family member to family member over many generations. Even churches may decorate a tree with religious symbols, such as crosses, stars, fish, and other items that represent Christianity, and place these trees in their sanctuaries, social halls or narthexes.

A Christmas tree that is special to our faith tradition is the Jesse Tree, which is adorned with scenes and verses from the Old Testament that highlight figures from the old testament who awaited Jesus’ birth. It is called a Jesse Tree because of Isaiah 11:1, which is “A shoot shall come out of the stem of Jesse, and a branch shall grow out of his roots.” Jesse was the father of King David, who was an ancestor of Jesus Christ. 

Mrs. Haller’s sixth grade classroom has a beautifully decorated Jesse Tree, with handmade ornaments created by her students, reminding all of us that Jesus’ birth was predicted long, long ago. 

A star will come out of Jacob; a scepter will rise out of Israel. Numbers 24:17
Elementary School Christmas Program - December 19th

All Saints Catholic School joyfully presents its 2019 Christmas Program
Students in PK3 through fifth grade
and our Instrumental Music students
Thursday, December 19th
10:30 a.m.
Corpus Christi Church
For an adorable video of one of our PreK 4 classes practicing with Mr. Colligan, please
click on the photo above.
St. Matthew's seeking students to be in
Children's Christmas Nativity Pageant Christmas Eve
Calling all children PK-8th grade! 

St Matthew's will host their annual Children’s Christmas Nativity pageant  before  4 pm Christmas Eve Mass. 

It is similar to a pantomime. Younger ones dress up in costumes and silently act out as the Holy Family, Angels, Kings & Shepherds while the older children read the story of Jesus’ birth. Parts are speaking and non-speaking ones. 

Event: St. Matthew’s Children’s Nativity Play
When: 3:45 p.m. on 12/24 Christmas Eve
Where: St. Matthew’s Church 

Dress Rehearsal Practice: 12/24 at 3 p.m. St Matthew's Church basement 

Event: 12/24 arrive at 3 p.m. at St Matthew's Church basement (event is BEFORE 4 p.m. Mass starts). 

Please contact Lisa Cosner ASAP if you are interested at 302-584-2356 or her email is

Even if you can’t stay for Mass the day of, your children can still participate because it is held before Mass. 

If you know of other children who are interested, but do not go to ASCS, please feel free to forward. All children are welcome!
The Gift of Warmth Drive
Many thanks to all those families, faculty, staff and students who donated coats, gloves, hats, scarves and socks for our Gift of Warmth Drive, organized by our Student Council in collaboration with the Newark Empowerment Center.
Thank you Mr. Colligan - Good Luck and God Bless!
Thank you to Mr. Bob Colligan for his service to All Saints Catholic School! Mr. Colligan has accepted a full-time teaching position at
St. Anthony of Padua.

A new music teacher is actively being sought to join the
All Saints Catholic School Community. 
Box Tops for ASCS!
Box Tops for Education has entered the digital age 

Historically, families have helped All Saints by clipping the Box Tops for Education off of products like cereal boxes and sent them to school.

Now, however, the program has launched an app designed to eventually replace the old system. A new smartphone app, simply called “Box Tops for Education,” allows users to scan their receipts whenever they buy participating products at any store. With each valid receipt scanned, the program donates 10 cents to the school of your choice. 

The most popular items will have the new branding on the package by August, 2019.

The Box Tops for Education app is available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play store .

While traditional Box Tops clips are being phased out of production, they may continue to be found on many products throughout the store. You can still clip and send them to school. 
Every valid Box Tops clip is worth 10¢ for our school. Make sure each one has a clearly visible product acronym and expiration date.

Box Tops for Education will continue to honor all clipped Box Tops until they expire, so please continue to send in your clipped box tops to school. Simultaneously, please download the app to your phone and start scanning your receipts as you identify All Saints as your school to support!
Our School Community
Home and School Association
Hispanic Dinner January 11, 2020
1000 Degree Pizza Night in January 2020
Join us for oven-fired pizza ( at 1000 degrees no less!) , wings, salads and more at
1000 Degrees Restaurant
January 14, 2020
4 p.m. - 9 p.m.
4526 New Linden Hill
Wilmington, DE
Grottos Community Pizza Night December 10
The Pecou family enjoys dinner at ASCS's Grotto Pizza Community Night.
Mrs. Ryan (PK4 Teacher Aide) enjoys an
evening out with granddaughter Emma (first grade).
Fifth grader Brayden has dinner with grandfather Dennis Skirvin.
Eating out with friends and family is always a treat, but even more so when it benefits something or someone else. All Saints Catholic School’s Restaurant Nights, organized by our Home and School Association, are great ways to do something fun with your family and friends, while supporting our school. Our most recent Restaurant night, held at Grottos Pizza was well attended by families, faculty and staff from All Saints.

Other Restaurant Nights held this fall have been at Panera Bread Co., and Buffalo Wild Wings. Our next scheduled Restaurant Night will be held on Tuesday, January 14 th at 1000 Degrees Pizza, located at 4526 New Linden Hill Road, Wilmington. Check our website for more information!
Ms. Still, Dr. Muir and Mrs. Swayne at Grottos Community Night on December 10th.
HSA Sip N' Shop Vendor Night
Lucky shoppers got some important Christmas shopping out of the way at our recent Sip N' Shop Vendor Night. Wines from Harvest Ridge Winery were available to sample or purchase, and vendors such as Mary Kay, LipSense Skin Care, and Origami Owl Custom Jewelry were on hand with fabulous selections from which to choose for gifts for loved ones and friends. Dr. Muir's brother David Muir had a wonderful array of handcrafted, custom-made candles, and Denny Skirvin had his popular novella, Jubal's Christmas Gift on sale.
Amy Harrington sells LipSense products at the Sip N' Shop HSA Vendor event.
Leila Rappaport and friend sell items from Leila's Lularoe business
David Muir sells his beautiful candles at the event.
Guest Bartending Event 02-20-2020!
Everyone enjoys a fun gathering at a popular watering hole...

and do we have a special place for you on February 20, 2020!

Join the All Saints Community for our Guest Bartending Event at BBC Tavern and Grill in Greenville, DE. We're calling it our 02-20-2020 event, and it is sure to be an evening full of fun with friends, family, and our All Star Line-Up of Guest
Mr. Dougherty and Mrs. Stinchcomb were members of the All Star Bartenders for BBC Night for All Saints May 2019!

Bartenders from our community of parents, faculty, staff and friends of All Saints.
Annual Golf Tournament May 4, 2020
Join us for our 8th Annual Golf Tournament and Dinner Auction
Monday, May 4, 2020
Hartefeld National Golf Course, Avondale, PA

Proceeds benefit the continued enhancements to the STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, Math) curriculum including art integration, computer applications, materials, teacher training, and curriculum resources.

Athletic Hall of Fame Dinner at St. Marks High School February 21, 2020
Alumni News and Advancement
Thanks to all those donors who gave to All Saints Catholic School on #GivingTuesday! We raised a little over $3,200!
Calling All Alumni!
All Saints Alumni and alumni from Corpus Christi, St. Catherine's, Our Lady of Fatima and St. Matthew's - Please send us your news! Contact Lisa Chase at with special things going on in your life. We are also looking to develop an alumni association; please let Lisa know if you are interested in being involved.
All Saints may benefit from
2019-2020 United Way Campaign

Our friends at the United Way of Delaware have assigned us a Book Number! If your company is hosting a United Way Campaign, and you are contributing to that fundraising effort, consider having All Saints Catholic School benefit from your donation. Our Book number is 13834 . Donors wishing to designate their contributions to All saints Catholic School should “write-in” our name (All Saints Catholic School) and full mailing address (907 New Road, Wilmington, DE 19805) and/or book number 13834 on their United Way of Delaware Pledge Form in the Specific Care area.  Online contributions are directed only for the United Way Community Funds, of which All Saints does not benefit.
Jubal's Christmas Gift Promotion
Perfect for Christmas Gifts!

Denny Skirvin, devoted volunteer and grandparent of All Saints Catholic School students, has written a gem of a Christmas story, with Jubal's Christmas Gift . All 2019 profit from sales will benefit All Saints Catholic School and St. Peter Cathedral School in Wilmington. The novella is available through Amazon. Please click on the photograph above or here , for the novella's Amazon listing.
Important Reminders and other News at
All Saints Catholic School
Shop on Amazon, and Support All Saints Catholic School

Shopping on Amazon through Amazon Smile helps to support All Saints Catholic School. When you shop on Amazon, please consider going through our website, and clicking here on Amazon Smile for All Saints Catholic School. We receive a percentage of purchases on qualified-only items.

Support All Saints Catholic School through our
Annual Fund Campaign

Consider making a financial contribution to All Saints Catholic School through the Annual Fund by mailing a check to: ASCS Annual Fund, 907 New Road, Wilmington, DE 19805, or click here to be directed to our secure giving portal. More than 330 individuals and families gave to the 2018-19 Annual Fund, raising about $53,600. If your company has a matching gift program, let us know and we can provide the information for the company’s match. If you would like to donate stocks or other investments to the school please call Lisa Chase, Advancement Director, at (302) 995-2231, ext. 108, or e-mail her at to receive more information.
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