December 18, 2017 e-News
Rockford Rovers Wins Rookie Team Award

Our FIRST Lego League team, the Rockford Rovers, won the Rookie Team Award at the 2017 FIRST Rockford Illinois Qualifying Tournament on Saturday, December 2.
During our inaugural season we built and programmed a Lego Mindstorm robot which could perform three "missions" and could consistently score 50 points during competition table runs.
In addition to building a robot, the year's game challenge, HYDRODYNAMICS, asked to students to explore a  problem related to the human water cycle. Our project focused on improving the activated sludge process in a wastewater treatment plant.
WTVO featured the Rockford Tournament Meet in their weekly Education Matters report. Click on this link to their coverage of event: WTVO Video 
FIRST Robotics Competition Build Season
The FIRST Robotics Build Season kicks off on Saturday, January 6, 2018. Our shop will become a second home to students as they design, build, and program a robot to meet the game challenges.
This year's game is FIRST Power Up. Check out the teaser video. Any guesses as to what manipulations a robot will have to perform?
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