December 18, 2019
From the Manager
Teresa Herrera
SVCW Manager

With the year and the decade closing, it seems particularly meaningful to look back on what’s occurred and to look forward to what’s coming. I’m particularly proud of this agency's accomplishments over the past decade. I appreciate the people who work so hard to make SVCW the stellar agency that it is.

This past decade has seen an enormous amount of change in how we operate within all aspects of the agency. I continue to be awed by the flexibility our staff has shown. We’re making significant progress in rehabilitating our facilities, and those activities have touched every process and support facility within the treatment plant. We changed the way we perform our accounting and financial processes as well as the system we use to track our maintenance efforts. We moved staff into a new control building. We embraced the design-build project delivery method -- with great success -- and we’ve responded to numerous regulatory and legislative changes placed upon us. 

Every decade brings about significant change; ten years is a really long time. As the world seems to change quickly in this day and age, we continue to be flexible and adjust as new information arrives.   

Looking forward, our emphasis will shift from large construction projects to operating and maintaining our new facilities through process optimization and preventative maintenance. We’ll have an ongoing, robust capital improvement program to maintain our assets, and when construction is complete and we’ve returned to normal operations, staff will be able to sharpen their focus on optimization of those assets.

I’m looking fondly and appreciatively upon the past, and anticipating a fulfilling and evolving tomorrow. 

Best wishes to all! I hope your holidays and the New Year brings you safe and rewarding experiences.
Happy Holidays from SVCW
From left, SVCW Chief Operating Officer Monte Hamamoto, Commissioner George Otte from West Bay Sanitary District, CFO and Assistant Manager Matt Anderson, Authority Engineer Kim Hackett, Manager Teresa Herrera, and Commissioner Warren Lieberman, Mayor of the City of Belmont.

'Tis the holiday season,
And here at the Shores,
Excitement is building
As tunnels are bored.

RESCU moves forward
With new infrastructure,
The latest equipment,
And pipes that won't rupture.

Wastewater treatment
For new generations,
Preserving our planet
Through good sanitation.

To our partners and friends
Of which there are plenty,
We wish you the best
In year 2020!
Holiday Safety Tips
Living Our Motto: Safety Always
SVCW is committed to providing a safe work environment and promotes safety in the community. In that spirit, here are some safety tips to consider this holiday season:

  • After cooking your holiday feast, let oil cool before putting it a glass container for disposal in the trash. Don't pour it down the drain.
  • Leave the fireworks to the professionals. Even with the recent rains, our region is still on fire alert.
  • Be sure to remove dead branches, leaves, and needles from your roof and gutters. Creating defensible space around your home is key.
  • Water your Christmas tree daily, and unplug the lights at night.
  • Last, and certainly not least, please don't drink and drive. Grab a ride share or take a taxi. You can save a life by being responsible.
Have an eco-friendly holiday!
Reduce holiday waste by reusing gift wrapping materials and other packaging.