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The E-Pistle of Sunday, December 18th, 2022

Thank You For Joining Us Today

We are most grateful to welcome you to our Sunday worship. We wish you God's blessings and love for this day.


We hope that you can feel part of the Cathedral community wherever you are in your life's journey. Know that this is a place of welcome and love for all.


The church is so much more than a building or our Sunday services. At the core of the body of the church is each of you. God’s love and compassion which you carry out into the world from this place, is the living church.


Blessings to you.


Dean Shambaugh and the Cathedral Community.


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Sunday Morning Service Participants

Preacher: The Very Rev. Dr. Benjamin A. Shambaugh, Dean

Celebrant: The Rev. Suzanne Roberts, M.D. 

Assisting: The Rev. Rebecca Grant, Deacon

Music Leader and Organist: Randall Mullin

The Cathedral Choir

Ushers: Susan McCuller, Melissa Coy, Mary Linneman & Deb Marcoux

Advent Wreath Prayer Leader: Alec Thorne

Lector: Ray Murdoch Curry

Prayers Leader: Jonathan Radtke

The Healing Team: Sarah Schmaltz & Peter Carleton

Live Streaming: Jack Swanton and Sam Allen 

Acolytes and Vergers; The Flower Guild; The Altar Guild

The Flower Guild

The flowers today are a gift from David and Muffie Fernald in celebration of their 60th Wedding Anniversary.

Happening at the Cathedral on Sunday

Childcare and Sunday School

Sunday Mornings|9:45am

Location: Upper Hall

Contact: Sarah Dowling

 Our Sunday school and nursery are both open today. Sunday school begins in the upper hall at 9:45, with children returning to their families at the sharing of the Peace. The nursery is open every Sunday from 9:45-11:30. Families are always welcome!

Learn More About Childcare and Sunday School at St. Luke's

Christmas Pageant Rehearsals Continue Today

Dec. 18th|Following the 10am Service

Location: The Cathedral Nave

Contact: Sarah Dowling

We are excited to continue rehearsing our Christmas Pageant! All children and youth are encouraged to join!

A Christian Life of Faith:

Signs and Thresholds

Along the Way

Sunday Mornings| 9am-10am

Location: The Oratory

Contact: Dean Shambaugh

So much of what we do at St. Luke’s is designed to help others. What about nurturing and exploring our own spiritual lives? What about our questions and struggles of faith, our relationship (or not) with God? 

  • Lead by Dean Shambaugh
  • All are Welcome
Learn about how you can get involved with this group

The Cathedral Choir

Thursday Evenings |7pm-9pm  

Sunday Mornings|10 am Service

Location: The Cathedral Nave

Contact: Christian M. Clough

Each week we are blessed with the gift of music from the St. Luke's Cathedral Choir under the direction of our Canon for Liturgy and Music, Christian M. Clough. If you are interested in singing with our choir in future services, please contact Christian. 

Learn about how you can get involved with this group

Christmas with Renaissance Voices

December 18th | 2:00 pm

Location: The Cathedral Nave

Roots of Jesus Study Group

Sunday Mornings|8:45am-9:45am

Location: The Chapter Room

Contact: The Rev. Dr. Bob Hanson 

As Judao-Christians we have a rich tradition in Advent. In the Tanakh it was preparation for the coming of the Messiah, the one anointed to be King and to free us from any kind of slavery. In Christianity our preparation is both the fulfillment of the messianic prophesy, and the coming of our own Lord, YahVeh’s giving of Himself for our freedom from the slavery of our sinfulness, our consequent spiritual demise, and the always pending threat of physical or spiritual death. Our Hebrew inheritance also includes insights into the meaning of this preparation through prayer, and also in prayer.The Hebrew sages called this preparation the Kavanah. Kavanah means intention, direction or order. We worship a God who preexisted all creation We worship a God who demands justice for all, and who cares for this creation. We worship a God who made us in His own image! This Ruler, this Adonai, holiest of all holinesses, invites, no, demands that we be in a personal relationship with Him, both as a loving and caring God, but also a God who so loves so much us that he also gave us the massively loving gift of a Savior, a Son, a model. Thus as we approach God’s gift of prayer we do so mindful of the sacredness of this invitation, but also remember Who it is before Whom we stand. Kavanah gives us these guidelines: 1. Clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts or concerns. 2. Review your week, and if there are any persons you’ve wronged, in any way, amend those wrongs. 3. then go to that special place you’ve identified and name it as a holy place. At this point allow yourself some silent moments. Then our guidelines suggest five topical areas for consideration: a) praising God, b )offering thanks, c)`confession, d) accepting forgiveness, and e) petitioning for your needed wants. Advent’s worship needs to mirror God’s saving acts for His chosen people, Israel, even as Christmastide mirrors our own salvation. Advent’s recognition is another form of preparation.

Stewardship Update

Pledges for 2023 continue to come in. As of December 11, the Cathedral has received 128 pledges for $393,628.72, inclusive of 12 new pledging units. A full 50% of the repeat pledgers pledged an increase for 2023. However, the Cathedral has still not heard from 60 pledging units who collectively pledged about $81,000 for 2022. Our team of St. Luke’s Stewardship Ambassadors is being asked to send gentle nudges to those for whom pledging may have slipped their minds. As the Finance Committee and Lesser Chapter continue to work on a budget for 2023, please remember that every pledge is important. The Cathedral Staff works hard every day to help us enjoy having St. Luke’s as our spiritual home. We hope you are enjoying the wide variety of worship services and musical events taking place at the Cathedral this holiday season.  

Lesser Chapter and Finance Meeting Minutes

Please select the buttons below to access the minutes of the finance and lesser chapter meetings which were held this week.

Lesser Chapter Meeting
Finance Committee

Welcome to New Visitors

We are glad you are joining us today! We want to learn more about you! Please sign our register and give us your email address so we can contact you. Greeters at the door are available to answer any questions you might have about the Cathedral.

Any Additional Questions for us?

Please Visit our "I'm New" Page on our Website

Weekly Ministries

  • St. Elizabeth's Jubilee Center is offered every Tuesday from 8:30 am to 11 am.
  • The Food Pantry is open from 9 am to 11 am every Thursday.
  • Noon prayer is offered every Wednesday via Zoom.
  • The Tuesday 12:10 Eucharist gathers weekly in Emmanuel Chapel. Join via Zoom.
  • Contemplative Prayer is offered every Thursday at 4:30 pm via Zoom.
  • Compline is also offered weekly on Friday from 8-9pm on Zoom. For additional details contact Ray Murdoch Curry

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