in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis
December 19, 2019
CCCR-COB Newsletter
December 2019

Decision to End the Council of the Baptized
Lay Network Update -  
On Dec. 10, 2019, we held our last Council of the Baptized (CoB) meeting. The Catholic Coalition for Church Reform Board (CCCR) voted to end the CoB but it was a decision that was not made hastily. We thoroughly deliberated and respectfully went through a process by participating in a daylong retreat led by Chris Schenk. The conclusion was that the CoB has served its purpose and fulfilled its mission.  
A celebration and recognition of our accomplishments followed the last Open Forum. We are grateful to the people who had the vision to put the CoB together and to those that served on the panel. Catholics in the community brought forth proposals and well-researched position papers were produced. 2018 Open Forums were devoted to presenting key teachings on Vatican II and integrating them into our mission. The 58 pages Pastoral Recommendations Project was in collaboration with the wider reform community. We are grateful to all of them as well as the outside presenters that brought their expertise to Open Forums and encouraged our work.  
The Catholic Coalition for Church Reform is still intact and we are here to stay.
Our next CCCR Board meeting:
Jan 11, 2020
10:30 am to 12:30
St. Francis Cabrini
1500 Franklin Ave. SE, Mpls. MN. 55414
As usual, we welcome anyone who wants to participate in our Board meetings. We will be discussing the idea of joining forces with other reform organizations. Mary Rittan from The Catholic League of Women has reached out to us. We are also in conversation with Deb Rose-Milavec, the co-director of Future Church and Russ Petrus from COR (Catholic Organizations for Renewal). CCCR will take this time of winter discernment to review our purpose and get clear on our mission in light of the archdiocesan listening sessions and upcoming Synod.
We urge you to go to the archdiocesan listening sessions and express what is in your heart. It is important that Archbishop Hebda hear our hopes and laments, but even more important is the work at the tables - where we listen and use our Vat. II voices to claim our rights and responsibilities as the baptized, who have been anointed by the Lord, Himself, as priest, prophet and king. The bigger changes will only happen when the laity, as the People of God, speak up, insist on inclusion and demand a say in our future.

We appreciate your prayers and any financial support that will help make our efforts productive.

Thank you and Merry Christmas.

CCCR - Nancy Gotto, chair

Still living in joyful hope,
CCCR Board