December 19, 2016, Florida Cultural Alliance Agenda and Materials
for Advocacy and Information-to-Use Statewide Conference Call

December 19, 2016, Advocacy & Information-to-Use Statewide Conference Call Agenda and Materials
     Thank you for registering to participate on this month's statewide call organized by the Florida Cultural Alliance (FCA).  Each month, FCA organizes these calls to keep you informed and engaged in state and federal issues and other information that matter to you and Florida's arts, arts education, and culture industry.

Who registered to participate on this call?

Here is a list of

Number 1
Who is today's guest speaker?

Dr. Jim Zingale

Dr. Jim Zingale, a Florida budget expert and the new lead lobbyist for the Florida Cultural Alliance, will briefly update us on

1. the financial outlook for our state for 2017-2018 and 2018-2019;

2.  share with us what the Florida Department of State requested in its Legislative Budget Request (LBR) for the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs (DCA) 2017-2018 grants' programs, and briefly review what the Legislative Budget Request Process is and how it works; and

3.    briefly review the Florida House's new rules and how they might impact our funding issues.


Number 2
What is our statewide ask of the 2017 Florida Legislature for the 2017-2018 Florida Division of Cultural Affairs (DCA) grants' programs? 


  2.a.  The table below reflects the number of 2017-2018 DCA qualified grant applicants for the 2017 Florida Legislature's funding consideration: 

Division of Cultural Affairs (DCA) Grant Program Categories -- click each program to access ranked list:
Number of Total 2017-2018 DCA Grant Applicants Recommended for Funding:
Total 2017-2018 Grant Appropriation Requests:
Cultural and Museum Grants for General Program Support   
Culture Builds Florida Grants for Specific Projects 
 110  $2,320,109
 36  $11,591,554
 12  $2,880,000

DCA County by County Grants List Graphic
2.b.  Is there a county-by-county list that includes all 638 recommended grant applicants organized under the counties they are based?  Yes, and each applicant's website is linked to make it easier to access information on the applicant. Access to county-by-county list.

2.c.   What is the difference between what was appropriated for FY 2016-2017 for these grants' programs compared to what is requested for FY 2017-2018?  Access to

2.d.  Is there a document that shows a quick look at which counties have which specific 2017-2018 DCA grant-funding requests? Yes.  Access to the numbers of recommended DCA 2017-2018 grants by counties.

2.e.  What are our advocacy plans to help secure the appropriations?  See agenda item number 3 below for review and discussion on call.  


Number 3
What are a few short-term advocacy questions to ask and take action on before the end of 2016?

3.a.  Do we have one unified document that we may use in our statewide advocacy "ask" to help secure state appropriations to fund the 2017-2018 DCA recommended grants?

Yes.  Together, let's review the DRAFT 2017 Florida Legislative Platform for Arts & Culture -- this is a draft copy and will be revised before it is posted and shared for advocates' use.

and the  Florida Department of State 2017-18  Grants Book

Many thanks to FCA board member Earl Bosworth and Andy Royston with Broward Cultural Affairs Division for their in-kind contribution of graphics in the development of our platform.

3.b.  How does the Florida Legislative process work to determine what the 2017-2018 appropriations will be to fund these 638 recommended DCA grants and other issues that might be introduced during the 2017 Florida Legislative Session? Briefly review.



3.c.  Who are the key state policy makers and committees who will review, discuss, and determine what the recommended 2017-2018 Florida Division of Cultural Affairs (DCA) appropriations will be?

3.c.1.    2017 Florida Legislative and Appropriations  Leadership Excel worksheets

3.c.2.   Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation, Tourism, and Economic Development  ( Senate TED )

3.c.3.    House Transportation & Tourism Appropriations Subcommittee ( House TED )

3.c.4.   Combined list of TED subcommittee members

 by counties represented and how many DCA 2017-2018 grant requests

     3.c.4.b.   contact information by counties represented and

      3.c.4.c.     by pictures, counties, and quick emails

3.c.5.  Your state senator and representative --   access here.

3.c.6.     Senate Directory and  House Directory in Excel format with staff contacts and emails, links, telephone numbers, addresses, and committee assignments

What are easy and quick advocacy steps I
can take before the end of this year?

     We know that you are busy with the holidays and end-of-year activities; however, before the end of this year, we suggest you do the following in preparation for the upcoming  legislative committee meetings scheduled throughout January and February and the 2017 Florida Legislative Session from March 7 through May 5.

1.  Add the names and emails of your representative and senator in your address books.
2.  Check to see if you have representative/s or senator/s that serve in Florida Legislative Leadership or one of the House or Senate TED appropriations' subcommittees.  If so, add those individuals and their staff members to your address books, too.
3.  Learn about your representative and senator -- their occupations, education, family, interests, committee assignments, etc.
4.  Invite them to a local arts or culture event.
5.  Find out if your local arts agency plans to make a presentation that includes the "ask" for support of the DCA 2017-2018 grants at a local county delegation meeting.  If so, see if you and other arts advocate can attend as a group.
6.  Follow your senator and representative on Twitter and FaceBook to learn what is important to them.
7.   Make sure that is an acceptable email on your system.

8.  Please look for an email from at the beginning of the new year.   Specific tailor-made advocacy materials and suggested action steps for your county will be emailed to you.  Please follow through on the suggested actions recommended for advocates based in the county where you live and work.

Number 4
Quick Updates
Live Updates

1.  Federal funding for NEA, NEH, and IMLS

2.  Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) -- states receive final regulations

3.  Mark your calendars and plan to participate in arts and culture advocacy days:

     Wednesday, March 22, Arts & Culture Day in Tallahassee
     Monday, Tuesday, March 20 & 21, National Arts Advocacy Days
4.  Register for the 2017 Convening Culture Conference in Gainesville, February 22 and 23.

5.  Other quick updates from you?

Number 5
What are future dates for FCA Advocacy and Information-to-Use Statewide Calls?

Please mark your calendars and plan to participate.

All Calls are on Mondays from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. EST:

January 23
February 13
March 13
April 10
May 8
June 19 

The Florida Cultural Alliance wishes you,
your family, friends, and colleagues 


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