"If you take care of the birds, you take care of most of the environmental problems of the world."
Thomas Lovejoy
~News and Upcoming Events~

  • Thursday, December 1st: Program at CSI - Rob and Cindy Danielson - Birding in the Galapagos Islands

  • Christmas Bird Counts are coming! Volunteers needed!
Galapagos Adventure
with Rob and Cindy Danielson

Thursday, December 1st, 7:00 p.m.
Shields 201, CSI
This will be an IN-PERSON program

ZOOM link available for those who are out of town
or are COVID/seasonal flu/RSV hesitant. 

Rob and Cindy will present a chronology of their trip-of-a-lifetime in pictures and offer a few interesting and helpful tips to anyone who may be interested in putting the Galapagos Islands on their bucket list, or exploring the abundance of bird species in Ecuador. Please join us!

Rob and Cindy Danielson
Rob and Cindy Danielson have had the Galapagos on their bucket list since before they fully retired from teaching in Minidoka County in 2016. Finally, in May of 2022 they were able to make the trip. 
Rob and Cindy are avid bird watchers. Together they have birded in 28 states and in all but four counties in Idaho where they are currently
ranked 17th among Idaho e-birders! They began birding just eight years ago and began seriously e-birding in 2018. They are goal oriented birders who try to confirm their observations with Rob's excellent photographs.
Christmas Bird Counts are Coming!
Join a Team!
Jarbidge, Nevada
(Since 12/2002)
Thursday, December 15th
CONTACT: Karl Ruprecht
Very remote count, but very beautiful. Extensive riparian habitat with lots of Juniper as well as sage steppe uplands. Access to many areas depends on amount of snow. Often see Greater Sage Grouse on this count.
Twin Falls
(Since 12/1980)
Saturday, December 17th
CONTACT: Jeff Ruprecht
Observation times: sunup to sundown. Owling the previous night by arrangement. Tally rally at home of Jeff Ruprecht, 841 Rim View Lane East, Twin Falls, ID 83301 at 6:00 PM. Soup and bread furnished. Please bring a small food item to share.
Trapper Creek
(Since 12/2010)
Saturday, December 17th
CONTACT: Kathy Eklund
Count circle includes portions of Oakley community, portions of Trapper Creek, Goose Creek, Cold Creek, the Oakley Reservoir, Lower Bostetter Road, Wilson Pass, Ibex Peak, and many other local landmarks, elevations, and habitat types. Note: count circle access may be quite limited during or following winter weather events.
(Since 12/1974)
Wednesday, December 21st
CONTACT: Sarah Harris
The Hagerman Valley Count will begin at 8:00 AM at the Highway #30 Rest Area just west of the WMA. We will undoubtedly see 80 – 90 species, a rarity or two, and thousands of individual birds (mostly waterfowl). Our count circle includes a 15 mile stretch of the Snake River, portions of Malad Gorge, Billingsley Cr., Riley Cr., and the Hagerman Wildlife Management Area. At 5:30 PM we will gather at Karl and Jennifer Ruprecht’s home overlooking the Hagerman WMA, to eat, warm up, and compile our observations.
(Since 12/2006)
Sunday, January 1st, 2023
CONTACT: Bill Bridges
Count encompasses community of Buhl and Castleford, Idaho; Balanced Rock Park and Kanaka Rapids. Riparian, sagebrush steppe, rural, and suburban habitats.
Jim Sage
(Since 12/2005)
Tuesday, January 3rd, 2023
CONTACT: Wallace Keck
The Jim Sage Mountain count is predominantly inaccessible by vehicle, although much of the count will take place along county and BLM roads. Participants will meet at the City of Rocks National Reserve visitor center for carpooling. Bring food, drink and warm clothing. Birding will conclude at 4:30 PM and a tally will be conducted at the visitor center.
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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Prairie Falcon Audubon, Inc. believes that everyone has the right to enjoy birds, the outdoors, and a healthy and safe environment. In order to fulfill our mission to educate the general public about birds, bird watching, and preservation/improvement of the environment that birds and bird watchers share, we will work to include everyone, no matter their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, political affiliation, age, or disability. We are committed to building an equitable, diverse, anti-racist, accessible, fun, and inclusive organization that supports birds, and the people who watch them, in our community. 
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