Volume 100 | December 1st, 2021
Reflections from Amy Schwabenlender, Executive Director
Reflections from the front lines serving individuals experiencing homelessness, during a global pandemic, a personal COVID experience, the loss of another friend, and living up to the legacy of a champion.
It has been 20 days since my last post. I was riding the Birthday wave, reflecting and being optimistic. And the Universe had another plan for my immediate future. On Sunday, November 14, I had a positive COVID test. Somewhat annoying cold/ laryngitis symptoms were more than that; I lost my sense of smell. And over the next four days I felt sicker and sicker. (Yes, I am vaccinated.)
Of course I isolated at home. The husband, who had COVID in September, isolated from me. I worked as much as possible from home until the self-talk of pushing through it was no longer possible. Maybe the Universe was telling me I needed to rest and have a break before charging into my 53rd year. [Read more...]
HSC Clients Looking Forward to Holiday Party on December 10th
It’s the time of year when we recognize that not everyone has home, friends and family, to share the joys of the holiday season. On December 10th, in the hopes of creating a few moments of holiday warmth and love, the HSC will continue our tradition of providing a special holiday meal for our clients. And this year, after soliciting feedback from our clients, we will follow the meal with games and activities on the Campus lawn. 
We want to celebrate with specific items for prizes and giveaways, including bikes, small bike pumps, tire repair kits, small flash lights, portable power banks for on-the-go phone charging, electric shavers, hats, ponchos; and Walmart/Target gift cards.
As an alternative to buying and donating the above items, you may make a monetary donation online, and we will purchase one or more of these items on your behalf. Be sure to select "Client Holiday Party" on the pull-down menu at our secure donation site: donorbox.org/hsc. Thank you for helping us create a joyous holiday season for all.
Episode 22 of
The McQuaid Mission
on the
What is being done to keep our seniors safe, housed and off the streets?

Older adults are reported to be the fastest-growing homeless population in the Phoenix area. We’ll look at the systems in place to help and discuss the major triggers that can play a role in leading to senior homelessness.

In the latest edition of McQuaid Mission Mythbusters, the panel discusses the myth that people tend to help those experiencing homelessness more this time of year because that’s when the need is real.

Special guests include Wendy Johnson, Executive Director, Justa Center; Nathan Smith, Chief Program Officer, Phoenix Rescue Mission; and Krickette Wetherington, Project Manager, ASU Action Nexus.

Episode 23 will air on Monday, December 6th! Click Here to View All Episodes.
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