Tuesday, December 1st, 2020
Let's Lead By Example Mississippi

Hello Bolivar and Sunflower County Constituents, Friends, and Supporters.

This past election season has been one to remember. No matter what side of a campaign you were on, we must all admit that several races, initiatives, and outcomes captivated us to a point of fascination that many of us were daily watching the poll numbers. I am proud to be an American, and, more importantly, a Mississippian. While I know emotions are still high, we need to come together for the sake of our kids and our country. So whether you are a Democrat or Republican or somewhere in between, I am asking that we set this country and the Mississippi on a course of unification.
The Mississippi Legislature reconvenes Tuesday, January 5th, 2021. I am looking forward to serving on behalf of the citizens in House District 29 (Bolivar & Sunflower Counties). I pray we will have a productive year improving our state. #TogetherWeWill
Merry Christmas from the Mississippi Delta. We stopped by the Jim Henson Museum in Leland, Mississippi to hang with Kermit the Frog and the Muppets.
Before it got cold, I stopped by Clarksdale, Mississippi to visit Red Paden, Owner of Red's Juke Joint. He was outside eating and talking trash about the Green Bay Packers.
I am feeling thankful Mississippi chose a new flag and I am excited about 2021 and beyond in our state.
I am proud that Asya Branch represents Mississippi and now the USA. However, her platform is so powerful as you can read above. She is very interested in criminal justice reform. She and I, along with several others, visited Parchman State Penitentiary a couple years ago. It was obvious she has a real heart for the families of those incarcerated.
Visual artist, Thaxton "Abshalom" Waters, visited the Mississippi Delta for a few days to do research on old homes. We most certainly had to visit the I.T. Montgomery house in Mound Bayou, Mississippi. As you can see, he was inspired.
A few weeks ago, I visited Isola, Mississippi. This is a cool mural that was put up after a visit from musical artist Big Krit.
"100 Years Old” looks good on Brother Samuel Blackburn of my chapter, Epsilon Xi Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha, Incorporated. A few weeks ago, we celebrated his historic birthday in Cleveland, Mississippi.
Please wear a mask. That is all....Thank You in advance!!!
Recently, I went on a tour of the Bolivar County Regional Correctional Facility. Thanks to Warden Ora Starks for the informative visit. During my 3 hour tour of the facility, I learned how important their relationship is to the state of Mississippi. I am eager to continue discussing ways Mississippi can truly rehabilitate people behind bars in a safe, cost effective manner.
Dave Alford owns Adventure Frames in Cleveland, Mississippi. I recently caught him outside his shop walking downtown.
Please text me at 662-522-1400 for additional questions or inquiries.