Hello My Friends, 

Does absence make the heart grow fonder?   I surely hope so because I have been quite absent the last three months.   I had planned to go west on August 28 to my godson's wedding on the 30th.   I did do that and it was a glorious three days of wonderful friends, food (I genuflected before Chez Panisse but did not indulge - they had no reservations available until three months hence!), weather and a beautiful wedding.   A stroll down Shattuck Avenue surprised me by how dirty it is and delighted me by finding a terrific artists' co-op.   I planned to go east to the eastern shore of Maryland to visit my very ill college friend for ten days. I did do that on September 1st and stayed until the Emperor of All Maladies took her on September 29.   I promised Beth I would adopt her dog, an extremely timid three year old 17 pound "pocket" beagle.   We flew home on October 6th - Harper sedated in the cargo.   I should have taken the other half of the Xanax because I was a mess when we finally made it to sunny Aspen after a three hour delay in Denver due to fog, of all things!

And so I began, with The Boys, to regroup.   Liwu has been an absolute prince by welcoming Harper.   Watching them play while I write this fills my heart with both sorrow and joy - more joy as the days go by.   Being timid and not being crate trained, his separation anxiety continues to challenge me and his funny antics make me hoot.   I will subject you only this once to some photos.

Sunday I will put on my Big Girl Pants, drop The Boys at the kennel and drive in my brand new fire engine red Prius to Duchenes, Utah to meet Skip Bellock (coming from Salt Lake City) to pick up fifteen new pieces of wood turnings and carvings.   I will stop somewhere for the night and then drive on Monday south to Moab to pick up four of Ken Kolb's exquisitely carved dinosaur bone framed reliefs.   I will also meet Nick Eason who carves beautiful wooden wildlife sculptures similar to Tom Murphy's (who because of ill health is, at this time, no longer carving). I will return on Tuesday laden with goodies and learning if my choice of the Prius over the Subaru Outback was right.   Wow, a road trip!   I am excited.

Our Basalt holiday Art Walk is on December 11th from 5 to 7.   The gallery will be replete with new art - an embarrassment of riches - good food and fun.   Please join us.  

Liwu                                                                      Harper
The Boys

Cheers,   Lynne



Toklat Gallery, on Two Rivers Road at Riverside Plaza

(intersection of Two Rivers Road and Midland Avenue)