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Crimson Sage
Happy Holidays!


Welcome to the holidays! You will do great over the holidays! You no longer crave sugar, you have put over-eating and bingeing behind you, you look forward to working out every day. You feel great! What a true holiday! Enjoy the newsletter and the insights into ways you can nourish yourself.


Nutritional Certification Seminar with  

Natasha Campbell-McBride MD


During November, I had the great honor of studying with Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride, author of The Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS). She is a neurologist and nutritionist in Cambridge UK who has been helping over 100,000 people worldwide with her diet for neurological disorders, auto-immune conditions and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. With my new certification in this diet, I plan to hold groups and receive clients.


The goal of the GAPS diet is to heal, seal and seed the gut walls. The source of many of the inflammatory, auto-immune and neurological conditions is the condition of the intestines! The gut wall is damaged and gut flora is abnormal. Both have to be 'fixed' to heal from something seemingly unrelated like psoriasis, asthma, allergies or epilepsy. The list of conditions the diet affects is vast.


Sugar is the gateway food to the bulk of health issues. The GAPS diet removes the complex sugars such as grains, beans, starchy roots, lactose, and all processed foods and additives. The whole program also removes environmental toxins especially cleaning supplies and other chemical products in the home and work place.


The diet includes among other foods organic meats, fish, fermented dairy and vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, honey. The diet has 6 stages including ending the diet. What I appreciate in Campbell-McBride MD is her inclusion of the 'natural' in her program. Bathing and swimming in natural waters, getting out into the sunlight, getting on the earth and using old natural remedies.


I have a Facebook group for all those doing the GAPS or curious about the GAPS program. I plan to have monthly groups to provide a forum to educate and share the GAPS information. I'll be contacting people via our Facebook Group! Please be in touch if you would like to participate, volunteer or find out more information. Call 520-325-9686 or email


Sheila Shea, Director
A View From The Tube!
What comes out!  
Night Blooming Cactus
Night Booming Cereus Cactus


What my clients eat and drink does affect their colonic. As you can well imagine, I have been watching the colonic viewing tube for 36 years. People ask me questions like, What is the weirdest thing you have ever seen come through the viewing tube? Do you see worms all the time? Some people think I can reconstruct the story of their life from what I see in the tube. Actually, I cannot!


The biggest event in the viewing tube from my perspective is the increased incidence of gas, bubbles and foam. Gas in excess and the bubbles and foam are all signs of 'microbial overgrowth.' Now what in heavens is that? I have that? Gosh, meet your microbes! Your intestines are filled with 1000's of varieties and species of virus, bacteria and fungi. Some are good and some are bad. 


Pathogenic microbes give off gases (and acids and other toxic metabolites)! The most active sign of overgrowth, perhaps attributable to a certain species, is a thick foam, like a beer or champagne head, that flows through the viewing tube floating on top. I spoke to a gastroenterologist who said that he sees that in endoscopy and pillcams of the small intestines. Sorry, sugar in one of its many guises is the culprit. Probiotics and fermented foods are called for.


Many clients come into the office and say they feel no gas. Fat or thin does not make any difference. When we start working, gas thunders out of them sometimes for 15-40 minutes. They feel greatly relieved. The gas has so stretched the gut walls they no longer perform as muscles. It is more like a stretched sack that fills up. Not good. Let's get back to core training and diets! Cleanse, remove the added sugars and grains, work out. If this is you, and you want to talk about a solution, call 520-325-9686 or email
Special # 1


Holiday Special!

25% Discount off Cranial and Colonic Combo Sessions!


People took advantage of this offer during November so we are offering it again so that you can take good care of yourself during holidays. You may also offer this as a gift to your someone special!


Rest, Relax, Release!

Calm your nervous system through cranial-sacral therapy (CST) and colon hydrotherapy. Receive a half hour session of cranial-sacral work before you receive your colon hydrotherapy session. The cranial work resets your nervous system. The colon hydrotherapy removes waste relieving the nervous system. The abdominal massage with a hot rock and the body temperature water calm the system. Treat yourself during this holiday month is such a way that you regenerate your batteries!


Michael Pellegrino practices at my office at the Intestinal Health Institute. So you can go from his room to my room and have a very relaxing experience.


1 hour of Cranial Sacral Therapy (CST) with Michael Pellegrino


1 session of Colon Hydrotherapy with Sheila Shea


Cranial Sacral                     $80                     $60.00

Colon Hydrotherapy            $80                     $60.00

Total                                    $160                    $120 (Your Price!)


Please call or email Sheila to make an appointment: 520-325-9686,


Please contact Michael for questions about CST: 520-275-4888


Expiry: January 8, 2013


Special # 2

3 Colonics in 5 Days for $150!


Receive 3 colonics in 5 days or less over the month of December. One of the best ways to detox, fast, shift gears, take a break from the food train, release some gas, reset your system. For best effect, combine this with raw food, juicing, smoothies and herb teas.


Please call or email Sheila to make an appointment


 Expiry: January 8, 2013

Toren's Tips for the Holidays


Winter Health Tip: You might be thirsty!


My friend Toren is contributing a column this month. She is a student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she is training to become a Certified Health Coach. She wants to give us some info and tips on water for the holidays.


Water is MORE important to health than food.


You are what you eat and you are what you drink.


We are mainly water; bones 25%, muscles 75%, brain 76%, blood 82% and lungs 90%. Dehydration has many faces: headaches, backaches, aching bones, muscle cramps, allergies, asthma or high blood pressure. We know dehydration contributes to constipation.


In this season of food and drink indulgences, reach for water first when you crave sugar or feel hungry. Wait 10-15 minutes to see if the cravings pass. Drink water before reaching for the aspirin or pain meds and wait 15 minutes. Drink water as soon as waking before consuming anything else. It prepares the system for food and helps to improve elimination in the morning.


Body weight divided in half, using ounces, is the minimal daily water requirement to stay hydrated. More is needed when exercising, living in the desert or drinking caffeinated drinks or alcohol. When one is well hydrated urine will be clear and odorless. When one is dehydrated urine will be yellow and even darker when severely dehydrated. Unintentional chronic dehydration (UCD) contributes to and produces pain and many degenerative diseases.


Toren Lockerman, M. Ed.


"You're not sick; you're thirsty. Don't treat thirst with medication." - Dr. F. Batmanghelidj from

The Liver Trip


Many people are excited about the liver gall bladder flush. Moritz is the big liver gall bladder guru and apparently he passed away October 21, 2012 at 58 years old. He finished 4 books before he died that will now be published. His other writings are prolific.


So that's 


I just finished my first liver gall bladder cleanse with Sensible Health in Canada through Julia Chang. Tons of good articles by Chang. Four bottles of Chinese herbs taken daily for 3-6 weeks then the 2-day apple juice, citrus, olive oil program. The cleanse reduced the viral load of shingles in my body!


Go to


I love Dr Schulze and his liver gall bladder flush. I've done it strictly 2 times with the fasting and so forth. I was on day 4 of the 5-day, 1 day of fruits and vegetables, and 3 days of fasting. I forgot that I was scheduled to play a night time tennis match for my league! So there I was playing doubles, trying to win, drinking a liver tea and watching nighthawks fly over the court. Guess what? We were the only team that won!!!!


Go to


Many years ago, I did The Herb Finder liver gall bladder cleanse. They use the orthophosphoric acid in their program plus herbal formulas with the finale of citrus and olive oil. I like their program and they have an extensive herbal formulary. Turkey Rhubarb is one of their famous formulas. The Herb Appeal is the new name of the company.


Go to


If you want guidance, counseling, information or help with your liver gall bladder flushing call me 520-325-9686 or email 

Sheila Shea, Director
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A View from the Tube!
Special # 1
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Goal: work with the sugar addiction in its many guises, emotional, nutritional and physical.
More details to follow.
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