December 2014

Thanks for making 2014 a great year in the Upper Sugar River Watershed

Dear Members, Volunteers and Supporters,

As the year comes to a close, it's a great time to look back at what was accomplished in the past 12 months.  In particular, I would like to highlight the unsung heroes that work purely out of love for their watershed; the volunteers.  Here is a snapshot of the incredible work volunteers did in 2014:

- 226 volunteer hours on Board of Directors and Committee Meetings
- 216 volunteer hours on river clean-up and riverbank restoration days
- 126 volunteer hours on water quality monitoring at 22 sites around the watershed 
- 121 volunteer hours planning and producing watershed events

Those are just the really big numbers.  Even more volunteer hours were put towards fighting invasive species, helping with administrative tasks, bookkeeping, fundraising and more.  With that, I encourage you to take a look at our December 2014 newsletter which will be arriving in mailboxes soon.  It provides a sampling of what the Upper Sugar River Watershed Association worked on in 2014 along with some of the projects and events ahead in 2015.

For those that are currently members, thank you for your support.  For those that may be interested in renewing your membership or learning more about the Upper Sugar River Watershed Association, I invite you to check out our Membership webpage and poke around our website.  You will notice the multitude of projects we are involved in, the exciting events we already have planned in 2015, and much more.  

2015 already looks like a busy year for the Upper Sugar River Watershed Association.  Speaking personally, the support from folks like you is what makes this job so rewarding and a pleasure to be apart of.  Thank you for doing your part and continually advocating for a better natural environment in your watershed.


Wade Moder
Executive Director
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