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December 29, 2014 

Happy Holidays! We have a lot to be thankful for, and have made some great progress this past year! Here's a look back at where we've been and how far we've come.

NOV 2012 - FIT inaugural members first meet and decide to work on trail improvements on the Incline Flume and Incline Lake trails.

Winter 2012/13 - we meet with a USFS rep to find out the process to improve the Incline Flume and Incline Lake trails. Contact is made with other land managers regarding the Incline Flume trail. 

Spring 2013 - volunteers start to explore terrain for rerouting the Incline Flume trail to connect up to the TRT and avoid private property.  GPS documentation of the existing trail is done for mapping and government studies.

Summer 2013 - thanks to a generous donation from the Rubin Family Fund - the initial Heritage Resource Pre-field  (Phase 1A)  study is completed for the Incline Flume.  This lays the frame work for further study and identifies the known heritage resources that may impact trail planning and improvement.

Fall 2013 - further exploration is done of the terrain above the Incline Flume to connect to the TRT, with flagging and mapping done for possible routes.  The terrain is challenging but we believe we've found a potential layout.

MAR 2014: the Ponderosa Ranch proposes a "land swap" that would put the private portion of the Incline Flume into public hands.  This kicks off a flurry of activity for us with Washoe County and the Ponderosa Ranch.  Public access to this part of the trail would mean a better trail and a cheaper and more expedient Incline Flume project.

AUG 2014: while Washoe County is still researching a potential land deal, the Ponderosa Ranch donates the funds needed to continue with federal govt. required Heritage Resource Studies on the Incline Flume (on public lands).

Fall 2014: Heritage Resource Field Studies are done by an archeological consultant.  Initial findings indicate that heritage resources are unlikely to impact the feasibility of trail improvement.  However there are a number of features which may be protected and pointed out with "interpretive signs".
What's next?
The future is bright! While the disposition of the Ponderosa Ranch portion of the trail is still uncertain, we are confident that public access is in the future.  The largest hurdle for the Forest Service process of trail approval - the Heritage Resource Study is almost complete and fully funded.  Stay tuned for more news in the Spring of 2015.
Thanks for your support and enjoy this holiday season and have a very Happy New Year!

-- Sue Hughes, FIT president

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