Keep the Lawn Clear!
December 2015

Getting ready for winter? Here's a tip!  
Rake the Leaves!

The National Wildlife Federation's 2014 blog post " Leave the Leaves for Wildlife" has gone viral this year on social media and on television. Unfortunately, the qualifier seems to have not been emphasized: "A leaf layer several inches deep is a natural thing in any area where trees naturally grow".  Therefore, the advice not to rake the leaves is about woodlands, not our lawns!  The article goes on to say "Remember, the less time you have to spend doing the back-breaking work of raking up your leaves, the more time you have to enjoy the gorgeous fall weather outside and the wildlife visiting your garden!" Yes, but come spring you will have dead grass to deal with.  This article ended up turning forest management advice into really bad lawn care advice.   Mold occurs when moisture is held in. It is important to try to keep leaves off the lawn for this reason. Keeping the lawn free of debris will help moisture to evaporate and help keep the lawn free of disease and pest infestation. 

Show Us Your Lawn Contest Grand Prize Winner!

2015 Grand Prize Winning Lawn
Congratulations to Kirt of Chicago, Illinois! He is our 2015 Grand Prize Winner! Kirt's gorgeous lawn was chosen as the grand prize winner among the eight monthly winners from March 2015 through October 2015. Kirt will receive a New American Lawn product kit and a $500 Gift Coupon to Alsip Home & Nursery in Frankfort, IL. Beautiful job Kirt!

Check out our Facebook page for this and other photos of this year's winners! Thank you to everyone who submitted photos this year. Enter next year beginning in March 2016!

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Jonathan Green

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