December 2015 Newsletter
Our most popular event of the year, this seminar will provide you with the latest information on tax, compliance, employment and payroll, and operational changes you need for 2016.
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San Jose
Crossroads Bible Church
Thursday Jan 14, 2016

Cornerstone Fellowship
Friday Jan 15, 2016

EPIC Bible College
Thursday Jan 30, 2016

Reno - TBD
Friday Jan 31, 2016

Registration information coming soon!
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   As a not-for-profit, the California Cham ber of Commerce (CalChamber) is a business advocate and HR compliance resource for California employers.  Our legislative presence means we know California employment laws inside and out. We monitor, analyze and report changes as they happen.

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From the President
    Where has the time gone!  It seems like only a few days ago that I was enjoying the long, warm days of summer and the myriad of outdoor activities that go along with the season. Now fall is here, the weather has turned cold and most everyone's thoughts are turned towards the upcoming Christmas season. But it's also a time for wrapping up the year, helping donors with those year-end gifts, and planning for the changes a new calendar year will bring. Included in this month's newsletter are several articles that you'll find helpful with those year-end activities.
    December is also the time for renewing your annual membership with CMA ( n ot currently a member? Now is the perfect time to join) so that you can continue to have access to all the great resources we have to offer.  The challenges in 2016 are expected to be as significant as ever for churches and ministries seeking to stay current on events and the ever changing compliance regulations. At CMA we will continue to offer invaluable information on tax, compliance, governance, and employment issues throughout the coming year to keep you informed. To that end, we are offering all three membership options once again so that you can choose the plan that makes the most sense for your ministry. 
    A new feature in 2016, available as part of the "Premium Plus" and "Resource" Membership plans, is our "Conference Call Connection" (CCC) forum where you will be able to participate in discussions centered around current issues of interest. Offered throughout the year, the forum is intended to supplement the luncheon seminars and offer opportunities to share information, ask questions, and gain insights on topics of interest. For more information and to join or renew your membership I encourage you to visit our website today and sign up.  ( Website ).
   Finally, as a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt organization, CMA relies on both membership fees and charitable donations to fund the ministry. I don't often talk about it, but like most organizations we are continually looking for ways to keep our program costs affordable to all. A gift to CMA is one way you can help underwrite the costs of these programs so that we can keep them accessible to as many churches and ministries as possible. Donations can be made on our website (Donate) or by sending a check to our office. No gift is too small and all are appreciated.
Wishing You a Blessed Christmas Season,

Steve Boersma
Charitable contributions -
Year-end planning
There are a number of important tax law provisions that have taken effect in recent years which should be remembered when making or receiving year-end gifts to charities. Some of the changes to keep in mind include:
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Timely Reminder Regarding the Movement of Funds Overseas Post 9/11/2001
Since September 11, 2001, the IRS has been looking for ways to stop charities that raise money in the U.S. from illegally sending the funds to terrorist organizations. Churches, ministries, and other charitable nonprofits need to be aware that there are specific IRS rules which govern foreign activities. Any failure to comply with these rules could subject the organization to criminal and civil sanctions. (read more)
Public Disclosure Requirements
Internal Revenue Code Section 6104 established the guidelines by which all tax-exempt organizations, including churches and religious nonprofits, classified as "public charities" are required to make certain information available for public inspection.  The Notice also gives guidelines of when the information must be available and when you are required to provide copies to any public inquirer.  The Pension Protection Act of 2006 amended section 6104(d)(1)(A)(ii) to require organizations to also make available for inspection and copying IRS Form 990-T for a three year rolling  period. ( read more )
Employment Law
A Checklist for an Effective BYOD Policy
by Fallon Niedrist in Focus on Law

   "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) workplace policies can offer a lot of benefits to both employees and employers. Employees get the satisfaction of using their preferred device and not having to carry both a personal and work-issued device, and employers can enjoy the benefit of shifting costs to employees.
   However, a recent survey shows that the BYOD trend has waned. Even compared to two years ago, more employers are providing employees with devices and banning the use of personal devices for work. (read more)