Formerly Good Beginnings of Sullivan County
Still promoting the optimal health and development of children and families in our region of New Hampshire and still at 109 Pleasant St, PO Box 1098, Claremont, NH 03743  
603-542-1848.  Our new website will direct you back to the old one for the time being.

 Donate Now              December 2015

As all the airlines say: "We know you have a choice in airline travel and want to thank you for choosing us!"  Here at TLC Family Resource Center, we know that you have a choice of worthy organizations in which to invest your charitable giving.  We know you are trying to make a difference with whatever donations your budgets allow you to make.  

Together we can make a difference not only for a parent or a child today but for their children and grandchildren.  We help families draw on their own strengths to be the best parents they can be inspite of risk factors like poverty, mental illness, domestic violence or drug misuse.  In so doing, we help them break cycles of child abuse and neglect.  This is what changes the generations to follow!

Please consider donating now. You can help make safer and happier holiday memories for children in our area.


Maggie Monroe-Cassel
Executive Director
Return on Investment
Research suggests that every dollar invested in expanding early learning yields $8.60 in savings for our communities.  (From "A Matter of Equity: Preschool in America." US Department of Education, April 2015) About half of the return on investment originates from increased earning for children when they grow up. 
Chi ldren who have high quality early learning experiences do better in school, are less likely to need special education services, are less likely to repeat a grade and are more likely to graduate from high school.  For more information on the state o f early learning in New Hampshire, check out Raising New Hampshire: Changing the conversation about the early years. Click here  to view the documentary. 

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin was quoted in the December 1, 2015  Eagle Times.  He wrote: "The math is simple: It costs a staggering $62,000 per year to lock up an inmate in Vermont.  Instead of continuing down the path of rising incarceration rates and spending massive amounts of money to lock people up, we are taking a different path.  This year, Vermont will become the first state in America to guarantee access to pre-k education to every three and four year old.  That's progress and a much better use of taxpayer money."    Click here for a PDF copy of the paper.

What would it take for New Hampshire to explore a similar path?
Decking the Halls!
Melony, David and Dalilah Williams, Liza Draper and Maggie Monroe-Cassel decorated the tree we entered in The Common Man competition.  In addition to little lights, we added tiny books onto which staff, friends, clients and children have added the title of their favorite children's book. Inside they wrote why it is their favorite.  Please drop by The Common Man in Claremont to see the tree. And please cast a vote for our tree as your favorite. We may win first
prize:  an appetizer parter worth up to $500! We would love to invite our donors and volunteers to be part of that party!  Our theme is Treasured Memories. You can also fill out one of the tiny books with the title of your favorite children's book and why!  Join in the spirit with us!
Rite Aid Kids Cent$ Program
The easiest fundraiser in the world comes to us from Rite Aid's Kids Cent$ program. We were chosen as one of many across the county to be eligible to get grants from $5000 to $20,000.  All we have to do is ask supporters to go to Rite Aid and sign up for their Wellness+Plenti card AND designate Good Beginnings of Sullivan County (Yes, we have to use the old name here!) to recieve a grant.  The more people we sign up, the bigger the grant.  So, please help out if you already have a card or not.  Call us if you have any questions about it.
SHINE Sessions Starting Throughout the School Year
Find out more about our SHINE program here.  We provide comprehensive sexual health information for young women 16-21 with the goal to lower teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease rates in the county. Email to find out more or to register for a class.
Visit 2nd Beginnings, our gently used children's clothing store supporting our mission.  109 Pleasant St, Claremont, NH. Tues-Sat, 10-4. The store is open to the public and soon will be sporting a new sign.
In gratitude and with best wishes for the holiday season,

Maggie Monroe-Cassel 
(603) 542-1848