Issue No. 89  December 2016
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Happy Holidays from the team at S1! 

We will be closed from December  23rd to January 2nd.

S1 will reopen in the New Year at 8am on January 3rd.

Happy New Year to all our wonderful clients and suppliers!

See you in 2017...

Andrew Soule shoots the Roots Holiday Lookbook

Toronto fashion photographer Andrew Soule packed up and took a trip to stunning Prince Edward County to shoot the 2017 Holiday Lookbook for Roots. 

S1 Supplied: Lenses, Lighting, Grip, Electrical, Production Rentals and Van Services

  Andrew Soule Website
Judy Inc. Website
Steve Wilkie shoots A Nutcracker Christmas for the Hallmark Channel

Steve Wilkie shot the gallery and promo for "A Nutcracker Christmas", a holiday TV movie shot in Toronto for the Hallmark Channel in the US. 

S1 Supplied: Capture Service, Lighting, Grip, Van Services

A Nutcracker Christmas 
Steve Wilkie Website
Jake Chessum shoots the stars of La La Land for Variety

While in town for TIFF last September, New York based photographer Jake Chessum shot the lovely stars of La La Land, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, for Variety Magazine. The winner of the TIFF People's Choice Award, La La Land opens in Canada December 16th.

S1 Supplied: Lighting, Grip, Expendables, Van Services

La La Land for Variety
Jake Chessum Website
Supervision New York
Christos Kalohoridis shoots gallery for Murdoch Mysteries

Local photographer Christos Kalohoridis, shot the gallery for the newest season of the much loved Canadian show Murdoch Mysteries. Season 10 is currently on CBC Mondays at 8pm.

S1 Supplied: Capture Service, Lighting, Expendables and Van Services

Christos Kalohoridis Website
Murdoch Mysteries on CBC
Lily & Lilac shoot for Globe Style Adviser

Fashion photography team (and twins) Lily & Lilac shoot this lovely spread of the newest knits to wear this winter for the Globe Style Adviser. 

S1 Supplied: H&M Winnebago, Camera Support, Lighting, Grip, Expendables and Van Services

Globe Style Adviser - Cold Comfort
Lily & Lilac Website
Judy Inc. Website
S1 provides Capture Service and Rentals for Snapshots on CBC

Over this past summer, S1 was proud to be involved in the production of Snapshots,  an unscripted live-action photography competition series where kids compete to take the best photo. Snapshots aired on CBC this past September, but you can still watch all the episodes online.

S1 Supplied: Capture Service, Camera + Lenses, Lighting, Expendables and Van Services

Watch Snapshots Here
Pricing & Negotiating

Jess Dudley, Executive Producer at Wonderful Machine, shows an example of a quote they submitted (and were awarded) for a shoot for a premium liquor brand. Helpful to know how others are quoting in the lucrative US market.

Click here for more info
Peter Lindbergh shoots the 2017 Pirelli Calendar

The 44th edition of the legendary Pirelli Calendar was shot this year by the renowned photographer Peter Lindbergh. The 2017 calendar "conveys personality, sensitivity and the guts to be yourself", Lindbergh explained at the international press launch of the new calendar in Paris, emphazing how his aim was "not to shoot a calendar about perfect bodies but to capture sensitivity and emotion, laying bare the souls of the women in the images". 

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Werner Herzog Wants to Take You to Cuba to Make a Movie

Black Factory Cinema is now accepting applications for a 10-day workshop in Cuba led by Herzog, in which filmmakers will develop a project under the director's guidance and supervision. The workshop will be held on March 6-16 at EICTV ( International School of Cinema and Television) in San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba.
Applicants will be selected based on the quality of their previous work, authenticity in narrative research, technical autonomy, personal motivation, and the importance of the workshop to their career as a filmmaker. 
Deadline for entries is December 20th.

Click here for more info
What's Your Niche?: Liz Lutz, Fighter Jet Photographer

For 13 years, Liz Lutzhas worked for Lockheed Martin's multimedia group as a camera operator, video editor, director, producer, and still photographer. She talked to PDN about her favourite job perk: photographing fighter jet test flights from the back seat of an F-16.

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Faster operation and new sharpening tools for Phase One Capture One Pro 10

Camera, lens and software manufacturer Phase One has introduced a new version of its image manipulation software package that it says improves the speed at which it runs and which adds a collection of new editing tools - as well as compatibility with additional cameras and lenses.

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Seagate Unveils a 5TB Portable Drive, the World's Largest Small Drive

Seagate has announced the world's largest capacity mobile drive. The new Backup Plus Portable can store 5TB of data in a small and lightweight case that can easily be carried around in a camera bag.
The new drive measures just 4.5x3x0.8 inches in dimensions, and it weighs 0.545 pounds (~0.25kg). Inside is Seagate's 2.5-inch BarraCuda platter technology, and the outside of the drive features a durable aluminum cover.

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This is the First Sports Illustrated Cover Shot with a Smartphone

Photographer Michael J. LeBrecht II was hired to shoot this Sports Illustrated cover. The catch was, he had to shoot it with the new Moto Z Smartphone with a Hasselblad True Zoom Moto Mod attachment. Check out the details and a behind-the-scenes video at the link below.

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New Fabrics

From Grid Cloth to Ultrabounce, Soft Frosts and Silks, we've expanded our fabrics in Rentals to serve your needs. From 6' x 6' all the way to 20' x 20', we have you covered for overhead fabrics.

Overhead Fabrics & Frames
White 5' x 5' changing tent

When you need a spot on location for a quick clothing change, this little changing tent will be just right. Fully enclosed, it provides privacy for talent. Great for indoors or outdoors.

Changing Tent
Steel Rolling Scaffold - 6'

A portable platform system that can be quickly set up and taken down. Good for raised shots and rigging. A solid system that has a 1000lbs capacity, 6' max height, and no tools required!

Steel Rolling Scaffold - 6'
Hard 90 ° Pipe Clamp

Also known as a Right Angle Grid Clamp, this fixed 90 ° pipe clamp is great when you need solid 90 degree point when rigging pipe overhead.

Hard 90 Pipe Clamp
Swivel Pipe Clamp

Also known as a Swivel Grid Clamp, this clamp allows you to attach pipe at any angle and rotation. Great for adding diagonal pipe for extra strength to a grid.

Swivel Pipe Clamp
4' and 8' lengths of pipe

At S1, we're always increasing our inventory to meet your needs. We now have 4' and 8' lengths of pipe available for all your rigging and slider needs! Lengths up to to 20', and beyond are also available.

Arri M18 Speedring - 13.5"

Love using M18's but want to throw a softbox on it? Well this speedring will allow just that! Use it with the Chimera Medium Quartz box for a soft light on a much loved HMI.

M18 Speedring
More APC 1500w UPS

We've added more 1500w APCs to Rentals so that your computer and data will always remain safe from power loss, spikes and lows while on set. Add one to your next shoot for piece of mind.

APC 1500w
The World's Largest Santa Convention Is Pretty Dang Jolly

"Playing Santa Claus is  a tough gig. Oh sure, anyone can stuff a pillow under a cheap red velvet jacket, paste on a fake beard and bellow "Ho Ho Ho." Such people are amateurs unworthy of the title Father Christmas. The best Santas take the role seriously. They bulk up. They exude jolliness. And they sport killer beards." Check out Dina Litovsky's amazing shots from Discover Santa 2016 in Branson, Missouri.

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OK Go's New Video For 'The One Moment' Is Another Mind-Blower

If you haven't seen this video yet, you don't spend enough time on the internet.  OK Go 's latest (and astonishing) video, for the song "The One Moment," took only 4.2 seconds to film. But the whole thing - a series of rapid-fire explosions - was slowed down to fill the four-plus minutes it takes the band to sing the song.
Sent in by Peter Bradshaw of K5600

Click here to watch the video
The Pablo App Brings Light Painting Photography to the iPhone

The new Pablo app  lets you use your iPhone as the camera, capturing light trails that mimic traditional long exposure shots. The app uses an algorithm to follow any light source in your image and trace light trails as you watch, live, on the back of your phone. The final product comes in two forms: a still image of your final light painting, and an HD video of the process.

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