Checking Your List
Happy New Year
Frosty Morning
Welcome to our newsletter. Looking for a New Year's resolution? Pick one with Subarashii style and share it with friends or family. Share a pear for the New Year!
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The Pear Speaks:

Our family LOVES your product..and received your pears as a gift from our daughter last year.  

-  Penny, Minnesota

December 2016


Checking your list.

Dinner for New Years
Forgetting someone on your holiday list even tho' you checked it twice?

Or looking for a hostess gift for a New Year's party?

Festive ideas via our online store:

Artisan's Choice Asian Pears -finished your box of pears over Christmas? Order some more for New Years!

Large Gift Basket - get your thumb green with this clever gift to welcome 2017 - comes with seeds or bulbs to plant - start off the year with something fresh & green!

Asian Pear Blossom Honey - traditional token of joy for the year ahead! Share something sweet and joyful at a New year's gathering or to top off your New Year's Day brunch.

Adopt a Tree - now is the perfect time to adopt - you can experience the life cycle of the orchard from the very beginning! Shipping included with your adoption.

Shop now and use discounted shipping code: givepears when you order online:

Happy New Year.

Hard to believe 2016 is almost over and 2017 is upon us!

We hope you've enjoyed a splendid year of Asian Pears as much as we have! We are looking forward to the growing cycle to begin anew in a few months' time.

Check out our own style of New Year's fireworks we'll be seeing in the orchard very soon.

Frosty Morning.

Frost in the Morning


While we've been wrapping and packing gift boxes of Asian Pears indoors; outside our orchard is falling asleep for the Winter months ahead.


Festive Dish, Casual fare:
Take a brake from dining out, eat in with friends & family and serve up festive sandwiches...Subarashii Sandwich #17 is certain give any holiday table some sparkle. Taste this clever combo of fresh Asian Pears & scallions from Chef Lesle.

Visit our recipes page for more Subarashii cuisine to create at home.

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