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For Unto Us a Child Is Born
President Ferlo to Retire...Search Begins for New President
Have You Seen Our New Website?
REFRESH Your Skills This Spring
Help Us Make a Difference
On and Off Campus
For Unto Us a Child Is Born
Christmas message from Presiding Bishop Curry

President Ferlo to Retire in Fall 2017
Search Begins for New President
As announced via email last week, President Ferlo will retire in Fall 2017 after 32 years of ordained ministry, including 5 years as chief executive of Bexley Seabury. As Board Chair Bishop Klusmeyer was quoted in the press, "President Ferlo has led Bexley Seabury with equal measures of imagination and pragmatism. I believe the Ferlo era at Bexley Seabury will be remembered as a period of innovation and restoration that laid a firm foundation for the seminary's next phase of service to the church." The public announcement, shared with the media, can be viewed here.

Our community has much to give thanks for as we prepare to celebrate President Ferlo's time with us. Watch this space for news of a summer gathering.

Since July, a board-appointed Search Committee has been planning our transition to new leadership. Nominations are now open for the next president of Bexley Seabury, and we welcome your suggestions. The search profile and steps for nominating yourself or other individuals is available here. 

We are deeply grateful for the fine work that the Search Committee is doing. Please join us in praying for them as they move into the next phase of their work: Cathy Bagot, John Denson (chair), Suzann Holding (faculty representative), Gary Manning, Melinda Rhodes-DiSalvo, and Dan Shannon
Have You Seen Our New Website?
Same web address, new look, and new features

Last week marked the debut of our new website. You'll find the site at with a fresh new look. You'll also find new features, such as: 
  • Improved viewing experience across a range of devices.
  • Home page social media feed.
  • Virtual showcase of downloadable brochures.
  • Online registration for credit, continuing education, and enrichment (audit/no credit).
  • Much more.

  We hope you'll visit soon...and often! 

REFRESH Your Skills This Spring
Five courses ... choose one or more! Register by Jan. 16. 

Explore the diverse range of theologies and ethics reflected in the worldwide Anglican Communion, including the work of "classic" Anglican theologians. Jason Fout leads this foundational course.

Using the 1979 Book of Common Prayer, its supplements, and supporting musical resources, participants will develop competencies in leading worship that is both expressive and formational. Victor Conrado and Milner Seifert lead this inspiring course.

Learn six strategies for teaching the biblical story in ways that lead to personal and communal transformation. John Dally leads this course, intended for lay and ordained teachers and anyone interested in learning about the Bible -- a great choice for learning and leading as a ministry team.

Anglican Spirituality & Ethos: Begins March 3-4, 2017
President Ferlo leads this challenging, experiential course. Participants explore Anglican spirituality and ethos in theology, liturgy, music, poetry, and the visual arts while examining the implications of global Anglicanism and assumptions about race and ethnicity, human sexuality, and social justice.

Immerse yourself in the innovative and highly successful mission and evangelism strategies at work in the Diocese of London, Church of England. Participants learn best practices from seasoned practitioners and explore how to apply those practices at home. Led by Jason Fout. Contact Jason Fout by email.

Making a Difference, Together
Helps us equip more leaders for bold inquiry in service of the Gospel and active engagement in congregational and community life 

WE GIVE THANKS for all the ways that God has guided our community and has blessed our work -- and for all the ways that you have sustained our efforts, financially and otherwise.
Your generous contributions have made a world of difference for our students, and for the church. Please renew your support for Bexley Seabury so that we may continue our work: forming the next generation of resilient, and imaginative leaders committed to serving the Gospel.
May you be richly blessed this Advent season and always.

President Ferlo 

On and Off Campus

Donne Puckle, SSC, (Bexley Hall '66) celebrates the 50th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood on the Feast of St. Stephen (Dec. 26). 
Lois Keen (SWTS '97) has retired from active ministry, and is looking forward to a new ministry assisting congregations as supply clergy. She wrote, " I love that 'my school' has remained true to its founding -- a merger of communities, merging once again. I am so proud of you and to be a graduate of Seabury-Western."
Staff and Faculty

What's redemptive about -- and why have Christians enshrined -- suffering and death? John Dally is writing a book in response to the centuries-long tradition of portraying Jesus as a beautiful young man who suffers unspeakable agonies. In weekly webcasts this fall, John has been sharing his creative process and his research into Christian beliefs and devotions linked to the Passion and Crucifixion. All nine webcasts, each about 10 minutes, are available on YouTube -- watch on your own schedule here.

Jason Fout organized two live-streamed preparation sessions for next month's General Ordination Exams (GOEs). The GOEs are national exams, a series of essay questions answered over three days, that are administered each January. The exams, known for their rigor, are taken by persons
Bexley Seabury GOE examinees last January, gathered around a photo of Philander Chase, celebrating their completion of the 2016 exams. Well done, everyone!    
seeking to be ordained in the Episcopal Church -- typically, seminarians in their final year of coursework.

The first session, hosted by Jason on Dec. 1, drew more than 80 students from multiple seminaries across the 
country. A second session, on Dec. 9, featured Duncan Ely, Executive Director of the General Board of Examining Chaplains (who create and assess the GOEs). Both meetings were recorded and can be viewed here .

On the Feast of St. John the Evangelist (Dec. 27), William H. Petersen , PhD, DD, Emeritus Dean & Professor of Bexley Hall Seminary, will celebrate the 50th anniversary of ordination to the priesthood. Dean Petersen served 26 years of that half-century with Bexley Hall. He has also served parishes, college chaplaincies, and seminaries in Iowa, California, Wisconsin, Ohio, and New York. Additionally he has been a member of many ecclesial commissions and agencies. In retirement he continues to be active in national and international ecumenical and liturgical academies, and through interim parochial ministries. He most recently taught Anglican Liturgy and Music on behalf of Bexley Seabury Seminary on the campus of Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School in Rochester, NY. 
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