In 1894, Ruth Livingston Mills (a member of the prominent Livingston family, which owned a large chunk of the Hudson Valley) inherited 334 acres and a Greek Revival house. With her husband, capitalist Ogden Mills, she commissioned architects McKim, Mead and White to enlarge and remodel the dwelling. The building was transformed into a 65-room Beaux-Arts mansion. After their deaths, Staatsburgh was inherited by their son, Ogden L. Mills, who served as Secretary of the Treasury under Herbert Hoover. The estate was donated to the state in 1938. Today, the home features original furnishings and objects d’art from Europe and the Far East. The 60-foot-long dining room boasts a marble floor while Baccarat crystal accessories adorn many of the mansion’s 14 bathrooms. Staatsburgh, which surmounts a large sloping lawn, is located within Mills-Norrie State Park. The mansion’s sloping western lawn is a popular spot for sledding.