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Thanks for your amazing support in 2016!
This has been an incredible year of growth for us at Texas Home Improvement! We have had the opportunity to help so many Texans and people throughout the country on the radio show, at events, and online through our website, Facebook, Twitter and more. Keep listening and reaching out to Jim whenever you have a home improvement question or need to find a trustworthy contractor.
The highlight for the year was our Overhaul For A Hero: The Garcia Project in Houston. With the help of the Houston Police Officers Union, THI listeners, and over 25 contractors we were able to transform the Garcia's home. Officer Ramiro Garcia was injured in a car accident and requires around the clock care from his family. The Overhaul For A Hero team was able to update the home to allow for the care he needs. A video detailing the project can be found on YouTube. We invite you to watch what is possible when a community pulls together!

Your Questions - 
Jim's Answers

Howling Toilet
Mel's toilet is howling at random times...Jim tells her what to check to get it working correctly.

Transplanting Trees
Arborist Matt Latham shares the basics for successfully transplanting trees including hole size, watering and feeding.

Preparing For A Freeze
When the bitter cold comes through remember to:
Cover the hose-bibs and outdoor pipes. Don't have fancy covers? In a pinch wrap a towel around it and even if it gets wet the pipes will be insulated against freezing temperatures.
Protect temperature sensitive plants in your yard. Burlap or even a blanket is preferable to plastic or a tarp.

Where to find Jim in January:

January 14
Las Colinas Home & Garden Show
Irving Convention Center broadcasting live Noon-4pm.
January 21, 28 & February 4
The Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo broadcasting live from the WBAP booth in the Exhibit Hall Saturdays Noon-4pm.

Thanks for listening!

Jim Dutton

Video Now Available
Winter Tree Pruning

Jim spoke with arborist Matt Latham on Facebook Live about pruning the trees on his property this winter so they will thrive come spring.


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